One Piece Fairytales

Fairytale 1:

People Pie (Our Version of Hansel and Gretel)

Today was a beautiful day in the land of fairytale, which is where this story begins. It was a gentle Spring day; the trees rustled in the gentle breeze, the scent of the surrounding flora in mid-blossom became fragrant and strong, and the birds twittered merrily through the sky. The enchanted forest seemed at tranquil peace.

Two young brothers, one of 7 years, the other of 5, frolicked through the trees, holding hand in hand as they skipped. Both had dark jet black hair, but it was easy to tell the two apart. The eldest had soft red eyes with dark waves of hair, freckles sprinkled along his cheeks and was slightly taller than the other. The youngest and big black eyes with his shorter hair. Both shared a pure innocence in aura and were both very naive.

Their names were Portgas D. Ace and Monkey D. Luffy.

"Ey, Luffy," said Ace, a curious look on his face as he gave a glance to his brother, "Where's the crumblies we were suppose ta leave for a trail?"

"Huh...? The crumblies?" He lowered his head and peeked through the small basket draped over his arm, "Umm...I ate 'em all...sorry…" Luffy gave a sad pout to Ace, who shook his head and sighed.

"Way at go, Luffy…I wanted some…I'm getting really hungry…"

"Yeah…me, too."

"Hey! At least you got crumblies!" Ace ruffled his hair as he moped, stopping their journey through the forest. Both were tired after being lost for hours, so they decided to plop their butts down on the ground.

"Hey, Ace…what if there are bears out here in the woods…?" Luffy shivered as he asked.

"Hmm…? Oh, bears? You mean like big ol' 'Smokey the Bear' bears~?" Ace gave a wide grin, "They won't hurt ya…they just wanna put out forest fires~" There attention was suddenly drawn towards a sparkly poof further in the forest. Ace and Luffy quickly stood and ran in the direction of the twinkling abyss. Their eyes widened as they reached the destination…

It was made entirely of sweets.

"WOW!" Both exclaimed, taking a look at one another before running to the sugary house. They laughed happily, Ace biting on the siding of the house and Luffy licking a lollipop larger than the boy himself. The boys felt as if they had reached heaven…but oh, how closer they were than they believed…

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO MY HOUSE!" The children jumped as their eyes darted to the door. In the doorway stood a man; he ran his caramel toned fingers through his short, shaggy black hair, a wild look in his dull grey eyes. A cautious fright filled the two boys, and they stopped. As soon as he caught sight of them, the dark look faded into one more gentle than before, a smile on his lips, "Well, look at you boys~ You seem to be hungry!" He motioned for them to come inside with the sickly sweet grin. Ace and Luffy, wary at first, smiled brightly and followed him inside…

"I just finished a few pies, so I'm still in my baking wear," The man said delicately to the children, pointing at the apron and oven mitts he wore, "I hope you don't mind. Feel free to eat all the candy you see in here! Just…not the house. I live here, you know." They nodded, staring around with wide eyes. He took a seat, lifting a glass bowl of candied delights. Luffy's eyes lit up brightly at the sight of the bowl, his tiny hands slowly reaching up.

"So you make…pies?" Ace asked, watching Luffy trying to grasp the candy dish, silently coaxing him to reach further out.

"Yes~ I just finished a batch. Working on another soon. I love baking them, and the flavor is to die for!" He chuckled, noticing the boy's desire for the candy and handing it to them. They gave happy smiles and feasted on the delicacy before them. "I will return. I have to finish my crust. Then it'll be about time to put in the filling!" The strange man stood, hurrying off to the kitchen.

"I wonder what kinda filling it will be, Ace!" Luffy exclaimed happily.

"Dunno…maybe it'll be candy filling," Ace shrugged, taking a guess. His brother gasped, a wide smile on his face.

"Candy filling!" He drooled as he thought of the pies that awaited them, Ace grinning widely as he, too, captured the idea in his head. The sound of footsteps made way into the room, and both brothers looked over excitedly for the man to reenter with the pie. Instead, a glint of fear filled their eyes as they stared face to face with a psycho wielding an axe…

It was the true face of Trafalgar Law

"The crust is finished…aaaall finished, boys!" A devilish grin played upon his lips, the gleam of steel shining as he stepped closer, "Time for the filling!" His fiendish eyes stared down at them as he inched closer.

The boys screamed with terror and began to run around the house in panic, Trafalgar darting after them in a malicious attempt of murder. Bloodlust filled his mind as he swung the axe towards them, slicing through the furniture of the candy house as they continued their escape. "The door!" Luffy pointed at the gingerbread door, Ace shoving a hand down on top his head to duck from another swing of the blade.

"Alright…let's go!" Ace jerked his foot up, kicking Trafalgar in the shin. The maneuver caught him of guard, causing him to pause. Taking this as their moment to run, the brothers hurriedly reached the door, sweet felt relief flowing through them. "We'll make it out of here!" Ace assured his brother, gripping the doorknob and beginning to twist it open. The nightmare was finally over…

Until they realized that the door was locked…and the unbearable pain of a thick metal blade sank into their throats and sliced through like a knife through butter. Blood splurted against the delicious walls of his home as their heads thunked to the floor, along with their lifeless bodies…

A smirk on his lips, Trafalgar lifted them, making sure not to waste more blood (it would lose the extra flavor for the pies) and placed them on the counter of his kitchen. After unclothing the corpses, he sliced the bodies into thin slices, mincing them and arranging the meat neatly into thickly crusted pie pans. He hummed merrily as he placed them in the oven, sucking the hot blood from his fingertips.

"Ah~ good~"

The End

A/N: I'm a horrible person...D: My friend, DancingFangs of Deviantart, and myself roleplayed this months ago...cause we both agree that Law is a psycho...who eats little kids in pies. I will be putting more up! The next one is "Them Bears". This one is not gory...but it is sexual~