One Piece Fairytales

Fairytale 6

Kid Food (Our Version of The Wolf and The Seven Little Kids)

In a field of flowers, deep in the countryside, lived a family of goats. It was a peaceful meadow, and the sky was clear and bright in the middle of this perfect day. Rouge, the mother of the many goat children, stood in the doorway of her cozy, little home, smiling admirably at her babies as she watched them at play and enjoy the wonderfully temperate weather.

Zoro, the eldest of the children, was enjoying the day by resting beneath a large oak tree by their home. Sanji, the second eldest, gave a glance to the sleeping kid, rolling his visible eye and muttering, "He's such a lazy dork." The comment made his little brother, Usopp, laugh at the lazy boy.

In a different part of the meadow, the youngest child, Luffy, gleefully sprinted through the flowers, yelling, "Leap Goat~!" before glomping his brother, Sabo, and giggling jubilantly. Sabo, startled by his sudden pounce, gasped.

"Gah!" he exclaimed, rolling over and falling on top of their other resting big brother, Ace, who wiggled around in the grass.

"Hey, you guys are smothering me!" He whined, trying to get loose from the younger boys atop him.

Rouge covered her mouth, softly humming a laugh as the boys horse played. "Now now, boys. You need to be careful." She made her way outside, sitting down gracefully on the grass and calling to her little ones, "I need you all to come over here to Mama for just a moment, my dears."

Sanji looked over as his mother beckoned them, "Coming, Mama!" He nodded, rushing to pick up Usopp and running over as quick as he could, the younger squeaking in surprise at the sudden lift.

"What about Zoro?" Usopp asked as he held on tightly to his big brother.

"Let him lie there." Sanji snorted, "He'll just have to miss out and get in trouble! Maybe he'll get a spanking!" The boys snickered, letting Zoro continue to sleep.

"Kay~!" Ace smiled as he heard his mother call him, standing with the younger two on his back and walking over. He happily sat beside her, nuzzling against her arm. She smiled and stroked his head, looking at the other two with a light smirk.

Sabo slid down Ace's back slowly, eventually falling off with a loud "Oof!". Luffy, the only remaining one who still latched to Ace, leaned over his head, grinning at his mother. Drake, one of the middle children, glanced over, slurping on a dragonfly and nibbling on it before swallowing it down. He gave a confused expression to her as drool dribbled down his chin, making her laugh once more.

"Come here, Drake, and please do Mommy a favor. Get Zoro over here, too, please~" Drake nodded quickly, standing up and making his way to the oak tree, grabbing his oldest brother's foot and dragging him over to their mother.

Opening his eyes, Zoro gave a loud whine, "Stooooop!" Drake sat amongst the others, smiling contently.

"Thank you, dear~ Now, gather around me, my loves. I need to tell you something important." The children inched closer to their mother, listening intently. "I need to gather us some food to stock up on. Can the seven of you be good little boys and stay home for Mama? I'm putting a lot of responsibility on you, so don't open the door for anybody unless it's me. I wouldn't want a big old wolf coming after my babies."

The littlest squeaked, gripping Ace's hair tightly, "A-a wolf! Where?" Clinging tighter to his brother's head, Luffy looked around, frightened.

Sabo snorted and laughed, giving a wide grin, "I ain't scared of no wolfeh, Mommy. Cause I'ma pimp, and pimps aren't scared!"

Rouge smiled delicately, patting the hat on Sabo's head. "That may be so, Sabo, but wolves are vile, cunning creatures…they'll do anything to trick you. Just be careful for me…please." They all nodded.

"We will, Mama!" assured Sanji, being the most responsible of the children, "I'll make sure that lazy butt has to help with the little ones." He glared at Zoro, making the other glare in return. "Everything will be under control."

After Rouge left to retrieve food for her and her little ones, the 7 goat kids made their own fun inside. Luffy, jumping on the couch, laughed happily, reaching out his hands and grabbing onto Usopp. "Whee~! Usopp, jump with meeee~!" He pulled him up on the couch, and the two jumped joyfully. Peeking from the kitchen doorway, Sabo grinned and walked out, yelling as loud as he could:

"Who wants some pimpin' mac and cheese!"

"Meeeeee!" squealed Luffy, while Ace slept in the chair beside him. The mention of the cheesy macaroni made Usopp look over, a happy expression on his face.

"I do, I do!" He jumped once more before plummeting off the couch, landing on his butt on the hard floor. "Ow!" Luffy, still hopping up and down, pointed at him and laughed before jumping off as well, landing on his feet atop Usopp. He was squished against the floor, giving a sad look and groaning, "Eeeeehhhh…" Sabo gave the two of them a weird look, a sweat drop over his head.

"Yeah…I'll go put it on your plates, man…" He turned around and stepped back into the kitchen, Usopp giving a thumbs up with a pained "Ok". Gripping the wooden spoon in the pot of macaroni, Sabo smacked it loudly against the plates, macaroni slapping down and getting all over.

Sanji, giving an unamuzed look at all the noise, said in a warning voice, "You better not get the kitchen messy. I'll make you scrub a dub dub it all up before Mama comes home! Ceiling and floor and everything!" Sabo turned, looking at the cheese-covered kitchen.

"Uh oh…"

All their attention shifted at the sudden knock on the door. They stood in silence, looking around at one another before Luffy asked in a soft tone, "Who is it?"

The response was spoken in a soft tone: "Mee~" This made them even more confused. Drake peeked his head from behind the couch and asked, "Is it Mommy?" Luffy shrugged, reaching out for the doorknob.

"Luffy, stop it," snapped Sanji, "We don't know if it's Mama or not…" He lowered his eyes suspiciously.

"Yeah, we do, Sanji. Just watch…is it you, Mommy?"

They waited for an answer, the voice calling back with the same girly voice, "Uh…sure."

"It's Mommy~" He gave a bright smile, opening the door and looking up. In an instant, his expression changed from one of joy to one of fear, his happiness drained in a second.

In the doorway stood Trafalgar Law, a devilish, wild-eyed wolf who grinned from ear to ear as he lifted the tiny boy. "Hello, dinner~" he spoke in a deep tone, shoving the crying boy into his mouth. In one gulp, he sucked him down his throat, giving a glance to all the others. They all had a shocked expression, except for Ace, who was still asleep, and Zoro, wherever he was…

Usopp, taking notice that his big brother was still slumbering, hurriedly dashed over to him, shaking the chair with all his strength. "Wake up, Ace, wake up! There's a wolf who's gonna eat us!"

Ace jumped from the chair, crying out, "Earthquake!" His eyes darted around, realization hitting him that there certainly was no earthquake. At the sight of his brother waving his arms frantically, he gave him a look that said 'what's wrong with you?'.


His eyes widened, turning around slowly to peer out from behind the chair. Law, already preoccupied with chasing Drake, ran through the house after the screaming kid. Sabo, getting irritated at the other's screaming, yelled out, "Shut up, Drake! I'm trying to clean!" He pouted, smacking his rag on the floor.

Reaching the bathroom, Drake darted in and locked the door, looking around and rushing over to the towel cabinet. He sighed in relief and opened it, crawling in and hiding. When Law reached the door, he jabbed his nails deeply into the wood, snarling.

Zoro, without a clue of anything going on, gave a loud snore as he slept in the bathtub.

Gripping the doorknob tightly in his hand, Law jerked the door off its hinges with one sudden jerk, throwing it down the hallway and stepping inside. Drake, trembling as he heard his footsteps, covered his mouth to keep from screaming once more. He glanced around the bathroom, grinning as his eye caught sight of Zoro. Reaching in and carefully scooping him up, he stuffed the child into his mouth and swallowed him whole, just as he did with the first.

A scent still lingering around, Law stepped over to the cabinet and opened it, displeased of the only thing inside being towels. He stepped out, moving down the hall and into the kitchen. In the middle of the room, refusing to hide, stood Sabo, his rag in his hand and grinning as Law came in. "I'm not scared of you, wolfeh!" He began to swing the rag, almost as if it were nunchaku.

Law snorted at the humorous scene, "You better be, kid. I'm not one to play nice."

"Bring it, wolfeh. I'll smack you over the moon."

He rolled his eyes, reaching out to lift Sabo with the simplest grasp. The boy squirmed wildly, waving his arm out in front of him for the rag to smack the wolf in the face. Glaring, Law shook his head, the rag falling to the floor with a light plah. His bright grey eyes shifted upward at Sabo once more. The boy was silent, another sweat drop over his head.

Just as both his bothers before him, he was swallowed down, yelling, "Nooooo!" as loud as he could before being eaten. Law, content from eating three of the children, wasn't finished yet. He wanted all the children as his meal; therefore, he continued his search for the final four hidden kids. Now standing in the living room, another scent caught his attention. Hungrily licking his lips, he muttered, "Come out, come out, you little kids~"

Usopp, hiding beneath the couch, gave a low whimper from the wolf's voice, now so very close to where he hid. The small sound caught Law's ear, a frighteningly dark grin appearing on his lips as he crouched and slowly lifted the piece of furniture. His sharp eyes glistened as he peered down. Silence lasted for a minute…before the words escaped his mouth.

"I can smell your fear~"

Usopp gave a blood curdling scream as the man grabbed his leg, dragging him towards his mouth and mercilessly slurping him down into his gut. Standing, the now slightly chubby wolf made his way back down the hall, keeping an eye out for any of the remaining goat children.

In the corner of his mother's room, beneath her bed, was Drake, shaking like a leaf in his hiding spot. He could see a glimpse of the doorway, shuddering as the door began to open and the footsteps of the wolf became louder. When the wolf came into sight, he watched him, never removing an eye.

Staring at the bed, well aware that this was one place kids loved to hide, he crept closer and began to kneel down slowly. Drake, nearly in tears, moved further back into his corner, his lip quivering. Eyes shifted around through the darkness beneath the bed as he hunkered down, smirking and sliding underneath as he spotted Drake, making the boy scream. Moving quickly, he jerked forward towards the corner, nomming on the child and swallowing him.

Sanji, well hidden in his mother's grandfather clock, glanced over at the open doorway. Thinking of where his mother would be getting food, he opened the door and hurried out to look for her, inaudibly shutting the door. Down the hallway one last time, the sixth child's scent was found at the door of the coat closet. His complete satisfaction was only a child away, and with this, he jerked open the door.

Ace, as silent as death, sat on the shelf at the top of the closet. The scent of the boy lingered throughout the coats and scarves, making the wolf sidetracked to look there first. Swiftly and quietly, Ace hopped over him and onto the floor, tiptoeing out and towards the stairway.

His ears catching the soft steps, he quickly turned to see the boy making his way down the staircase. Ace looked back, alarmed that he had been spotted, and hurried downstairs. The wolf ran after him, and he put his hope into making it towards the door. He smiled as he opened it, looking outside at his chance of freedom…before getting eaten as well…

Law, smiling triumphantly and very full, walked out, going to the nearby riverbank to nap peacefully. He flopped down and sighed, "Best…meal…ever." He smiled, falling asleep in a matter of minutes, unaware that the final child had ran to retrieve his mother…

Sanji, finally locating Rouge on her way home with her large baskets of food, grabbed tightly to her dress, looking up with both teary, fear-filled eyes. "Mama, I'm so sorry! I was watching my brothers, and Sabo made a mess…then Luffy opened the door cause this girly sounding wolf was at the door…he thought it was you, Mama! He got into the house, and he ate all the others by now!" He sobbed into her apron.

Her eyes widened, "Ate them…?" She glared, lovingly stroking the boy's blonde hair, "He ate my babies, did he…? Well, I say we go find him and get them back, Sanji, my dear…don't worry, Mama will make everything all better." Rouge quickly walked off to locate the wolf, Sanji grasping her hand tightly and following after.

As she reached the riverside, the plump, sleeping wolf came into sight. She stopped and looked at her child. "Is this the wolf who ate your brothers?"

He nodded, gripping her hand tightly, "That's him, Mama…that's the wolf…"

"That's all I need to hear, love…" she whispered, stepping quietly through the grass to stand over him. She lowered her eyes at the chubby wolf and sighed, "This sickens me…no wolf should dare eat my babies…alright, Sanji, stand back, and don't watch…" He nodded, covering his eyes.

Reaching into her apron, she grasped a small pair of sharp scissors, mainly used for stitch work, and knelt beside the wolf, lightly prodding him with the blade to assure he wouldn't awaken from his nap. She gave a sigh when he didn't stir and smoothly slid the scissors into the skin, carefully cutting through and into him to open his gut.

One at a time, she pulled her children out and into her arms, drying them off with her apron. After stitching Law back up, she turned to embrace them, relieved that they were now safely in her arms once more. "My dears, you are so lucky that we could get you all back safe and sound…you should remember…don't ever open the door if you don't know who it is. You'll know it's me, my little darlings, if you look out the window…"

The End~!

A/N: Yay~! Happy ending~! Haven't had one of those before...XD By the way, I totally love Rouge...ACE'S MOMMY FTW~! It took us some time to think of who would be the mother, and it was only natural for it to be Rouge. I could see her being a really protective mother anyways...and if you mess with her babies, she'll kick your ass...=w= Roger, you really picked a winner~~~ Don't know which one will be next. Expect one soon, though~!