Chapter 1

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Akatsuki isn't after the bijou. They're after their host. After the invasion at the Chunin Exams, the elders of the Leaf exiled Naruto because the summoned Kyuubi when it was only a minor transformation. The elders of the Sand exiled Gaara because he is a worthless demon since their plan to destroy the Leaf failed. The two end up running into Akatsuki. They travel collecting other host. Follow them on their hilarious adventures as a family.

Twinkle: There are many things in this story I should warn you about.

1. Sasuke is really OOC.

2. The Council has two parts: the civilian council and the ninja council.

3. When Naruto and Sasuke were younger, Fugaku wasn't such an ass and knew that Naruto's dad was Minato and took Naruto for the sake of his old friend. So Sasuke and Naruto are like stepbrothers.

4. Naruto knew Kyuubi even before he could speak. So don't be alarmed if he calls Kyuubi father somewhere in here.

NOTE: This first chapter is a prologue so… yeah.

(Naruto P.O.V.)

Sakura, Sasuke, and I were all in the civilian council's office giving our report of what happened with Gaara.

Once Sasuke finished, it was my turn. The council men and women looked at me with distaste and hatred. Before I could speak, the Haruno family head put her hand up. "I think we heard enough stories. It is evident that Shukaku of Subaku no Gaara was unleashed and you defeated it." She said. I nodded. "It is also clear that you summoned the Kyuubi as well."

My eyes widened in anger but I kept calm. "I did no such thing."

"Then how come we saw the beast in the same clearing you were in?" the Aburame civilian clan head asked.

"I had summoned my boss toad, Gamabunta and I transformed him into Kyuubi, as an illusion, to get a grip on Ichibi no Shukaku." I answered.

There was an uncomfortable silence. "Uzumaki Naruto, you are hereby banished from Konoha due to an attempt to destroy the village." My eyes widened. "Please return your hatai-ite."

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