So, I've been considering doing a second part to this story for a while, and then certain ~things~ convinced me that I should. Plus it's Remote Control Princess's birthday, so this one's for her ;-)

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Vanilla – part two

Gillian giggled. "Oh, you love vanilla, do you?"

"I do," he murmured, tracing lazy patterns on her back. "Which should make your… request, as you called it, easier to fulfil, don't you think?"

"My request?" She feigned innocence. "Oh… you mean to use my vanilla sugar body scrub on you? Yes… I do vaguely remember saying something like that."

"Well I'd be a bit worried if you didn't, love, it was only thirty seconds ago."

She laughed. "So… are you ready to smell of vanilla too, Dr Lightman?"

"Can you use that stuff in the shower?"

"Mm hmm."

"Fantastic." He kissed her quickly, then sat up. "So what are we waiting for?"

She jumped off the sofa and he quickly followed, grabbing her and pulling her to him for another kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss and pushing her body flush against his.

"Mmm," she breathed as they pulled apart. "I thought you were desperate to get in the shower?"

"I am, but you're bloody distracting." He grinned at her. "I see you and I just want to kiss you, you know? I don't know how I'm going to survive when we're out in public."

"Well, you've managed for the last eight years," she teased.

"I have," he agreed. "But for most of that time we were both married… and I didn't know what a bloody amazing kisser you were, either. Now I know… you expect me to be able to keep my hands off you? I reckon it'll be bloody difficult."

"I guess we'll just have to have lots of trips to the supply closet when we're back at work then, won't we?" She raised an eyebrow suggestively at him, then burst into laughter at the look on his face. "Just kidding," she said hastily. "You know I'm far too much of a good girl for that sort of thing."

"Oh, but you know I've never thought of you as the good girl…" He winked at her. "Now you've put that idea in my head, Foster, there's nothing on this earth can remove it."

She rolled her eyes. "Get up the stairs, will you? I'll get the towels, and you can get the vanilla. It's by the bath."

"Sounds like a plan."

She giggled as she watched him disappear up the stairs, then glanced down at their clothes scattered on the sofa and floor. She'd had no idea an hour ago when the doorbell rang that they'd have crossed this line; not only had sex, but admitted they loved each other. She smiled as she picked up his jeans and began folding them.

"Oi, Foster!" came the shout from upstairs. "Stop tidying up the bloody clothes and get up here, will you? The vanilla won't spread itself you know."

Her smile widened as she tossed the jeans onto the sofa, then headed upstairs. She could hear the shower running, and quickly selected two large fluffy towels from the cupboard and slid open the bathroom door.

For a moment, she just had to stop and stare; it had been a long time since she'd had a man in the shower, and for it to be Cal in there, Cal who was now not just her best friend and her business partner but her lover, Cal who was waiting for her to join him and continue what they'd begun not half an hour earlier, was just too much to take. She took a deep breath, placed the towels down on the chair, then slid open the shower doors.


"About bloody time," he said as she stepped in and closed the doors. He grabbed her face, pressed his body against hers and kissed her with full force and passion.

When they eventually broke away she took a small step back, both thankful that her shower was large enough to accommodate two people without it being too much of a squash, and thinking that she wouldn't really mind too much if it were.

"Right then." He gave her a devilish grin as he picked the tub of vanilla sugar body scrub from the shelf. "I believe this is the item in question?"

"It is indeed… but you need to be really wet before you apply it." She bit her lip as her eyes scanned his body. "You do look very… very… very good wet, you know that?"

"I didn't, actually, but it's always useful to know these things."

She laughed as she unscrewed the top and took a handful of the grainy substance. Meeting Cal's eyes, she felt her heart start to hammer in her chest at the look on his face; pure desire, and love. For her.

She started rubbing it over his chest, her hand moving in small circles. She added her other hand, continuing to rub it into his chest before moving to his shoulders. She smiled when he let out a soft sigh, and gathered some more of the scrub and applied it to his arms.

"That does smell good," he said as she covered his arms, then moved her hands back to his chest, stroking lower and covering his stomach in the small white grains. "Vanilla's a gender neutral smell, right?"

"Of course." She giggled, stepping closer to him and letting her hands travel to his back. She continued rubbing him with the scrub, making sure every inch of his shoulders and back were covered. He took a small step back so she was standing fully under the water, and when she moved her hands lower he grabbed her again, his hands in her hair, pulling her mouth to his. He moaned into her mouth when he felt her take him in her hands, squeezing and stroking him so perfectly he thought he might come right there and then.

"You don't have to do that," he mumbled against her lips.

"By my count, we're 2-1," she said, shooting him a sexy smile that only made him harder.

"True, but I'm more than happy to jump to making it 3-2."

"Oh… okay…" She wrapped her hand tighter around him and started moving faster. "So, you want me to stop?" She withdrew her hand quickly, and he growled.

"Don't you dare."

She laughed. "Mixed signals, Dr Lightman…" She took him in her hand again and he sucked in his breath as she stroked him harder. "You like that?" she murmured in a husky voice, and he fought to control his breathing.

"Hell, yes, love… you're very good at that."

"Oh, I'm good at lots of things…" She knelt on the shower floor, the water pouring over her back, and leant forwards to take him in her mouth.

"Fuck!" His hands moved to the back of her head, clutching at her hair as she swirled her tongue over the head of his penis, using her hands to stroke his balls. "That… feels…" His sentence was cut short when she took him completely in her mouth. "Foster…" he breathed, and she smiled against him. She dragged her teeth lightly down his length, then started sucking the head as she used one hand to rub his shaft and the other to lightly scratch his balls. He couldn't breathe; he'd had his fair share of blow jobs before, and damn good ones at that, but the way she was making him feel at that moment was better than anything he'd ever experienced in his life.

The water was pouring down her shoulders and back, and it registered briefly that it should feel uncomfortable kneeling on the floor of the shower, but it didn't. All she felt was exhilaration – Cal's hands in her hair, the way he was thrusting against her and the sounds he was making told her exactly how she was making him feel, and she loved it.

She slipped him further into her mouth, intensifying her rhythm, and he tightened his grip on her hair, twisting the locks around his fingers as she drew him closer to his release.

"Gill," he choked out, emptying himself into her mouth as she continued to swirl her tongue over him. She pulled her head back, swallowed, and smiled up at him. "Bloody hell, love." He pulled her up so she was standing again and buried his face in her neck. "That was…"

She moved her head to the side, enjoying the feel of his tongue as it trailed up her neck and latched onto her earlobe.

"That was… what?" She pulled back and gave him a coy smile. "Satisfactory?"

"Try 'bloody amazing'," he mumbled, and her smile widened.

"Now…" She turned them around so he was fully under the water, and began rubbing her hands over him again to remove the body scrub. She lingered over his tattoos, tracing her fingers delicately over the intricate patterns, and he couldn't help but smile at the look on her face.

"You really love me, don't you?"

She looked up at him in surprise. "You doubted me?"

"No… I just had no idea you loved me that much. But that look…" He pointed at her face, his head cocked to one side. "It makes me think you love me almost as much as I love you."

"I do." She ran her hands down his chest, stroked over his stomach, then looped her hands round his back, pulling him closer to her. "In fact, I love you more."

"Not possible, darling." He caught her face in his hands and kissed her so tenderly she felt a lump in her throat.

When they broke apart, she smiled at him, keeping her arms wrapped around his neck. "Guess we'll have to agree to disagree on that one."

"I guess we will."

She resumed rubbing her hands over him for a few more minutes, until every trace of the sugar scrub was removed, then gave him a beguiling smile. "Time to do me."

"Now there's an invitation I can't refuse."

She handed him the tub, and he grinned as he scooped some out and started slathering it over her body. He took his time, rubbing it carefully down her arms, across her shoulders and chest, then lower, rubbing gently over her breasts and down to her stomach. He spun her around, and rubbed small circles of the body scrub over her back, covering every inch of creamy skin. Working his way down, he let his hands roam over her ass, down her toned thighs and calves, then turned her around so she was facing him again.

"You're so unbelievably gorgeous. How is it that I've got you naked in the shower covered in vanilla sugar body scrub? Was I Mother Theresa in a past life or something?"

"Well, she died after you were born, so I doubt it."

"Ah. Good point." He moved his body closer to hers, and she shivered at the sensation created by his body rubbing the scrub deeper into her skin. "Florence Nightingale then?"

"Mmm… I can just picture you in one of those old-fashioned nurse's caps."

"I think it'd be quite becoming, personally."

She laughed, and he felt the same rush of love he always did when she smiled, or laughed, or pretty much made any expression at all. Stepping even closer to her, he pushed her back against the wall, took her wrists in his hands and dragged them above her head.

"Cal…" She let out an excited little moan as she felt him between her legs, hard and ready for her again. He deftly switched both wrists to one hand, and used his free hand to guide himself into her.

She mumbled a profanity as he slid inside her, and he grinned. "What was that, love? Can't have been a naughty word, can it? Good girls like you don't use naughty words…"

"Fuck," she said, louder this time as he thrust into her, and he smirked.

"My my… guess you're not the good girl I thought you were."

"I guess not… oh god." She closed her eyes, and when he released her wrists she quickly wrapped her hands around his neck, threading her fingers through his hair and pulling his mouth to hers.

He tasted himself in her kiss, and bloody loved it. He pulled her leg up over his hip so he could drive himself deeper into her, his arousal ratcheted up even further by the noise she made every time he thrust inside her.

He didn't know how he managed to hold on so long; with the water pouring over them, the expression of bliss on her beautiful face, the sounds she was making and the feel of her tight heat surrounding him was just too much to handle. He gritted his teeth with the effort not to orgasm, determined not to come before she was ready.

He kissed her throat, ran the back of his hands over her breasts, circled his thumb around her nipples and whispered in her ear as he pounded into her, harder and faster, her little moans and sighs of pleasure spurring him on. She could do no more than make noises; coherency was way beyond her now. This felt too amazing to be real, and she was half convinced she'd wake up soon, alone in her bed.

"Cal…" She gripped his arms, opening her eyes to look at him and finding herself blown away yet again by the look of love in his eyes. That, and he was the sexiest guy she'd ever met, looking even hotter now than he ever had before. As the orgasm started to ripple through her body she pressed her lips to his again, feeling his tongue move against hers in the same rhythm he used to thrust inside her. She broke her lips away from his as she tumbled over the edge, crying out his name as she came. With one final thrust he came seconds later, burying his face in her neck and scraping his teeth lightly over the delicate skin.

He collapsed against her, pressing her into the wall, but she didn't care. In fact, she liked feeling him so close to her, seeing him spent again at her hands. Well, not quite my hands, she thought with a small chuckle.

"What's so funny, love?" he asked, his breathing gradually returning to normal.

She shook her head, her face still lit up with a smile and the after effects of her climax. "Nothing."

"I'd better finish my job then, hadn't I?" He pulled her towards him so she was under the spray again, and worked his hands over her as the water trickled down, softening her skin as he removed every last grain of body scrub. She twitched under his touch, still sensitive to the sensation of his skin on hers.

When they were both completely clean, Gillian reached to turn off the shower. As she did so, her eyes fell on the pot of vanilla sugar body scrub, and she left the water running as she picked it up instead. She held it up to show Cal, an astonished look spread across her face. "We used up all of it?"

"Looks like it." He grinned at her. "Better get some more, love. Until then, I hope you've got some good stuff to use, I like smelling nice after my morning shower…"

She couldn't suppress another smile at the thought of him using her shower again in the morning; the thought that he would be here, having spent the night in her bed… it all seemed too good to be true.

"So, what other treats have you got lying around here? You know… for next time." He plucked a bottle off the shelf and read the label. "Jasmine and honey shower gel… nice."

"It is." She nodded seriously. "Very nice."

He opened the bottle and sniffed it. "Mm. Very nice indeed."

She laughed, shutting off the water and opening the doors. He followed her, and she handed him a towel, watching the drops of water flying everywhere as he moved. They dried each other off, lingering in the places they knew the other most liked to be touched, then made their way to the bedroom.

Cal had his arms around her from behind as they walked, kissing her shoulders and neck, and when they reached the bedroom Gillian turned around in his arms, kissing him hungrily as they tumbled onto the bed.

"Well, that was a fantastic vanilla experience, love, thank you," he murmured, using the tone of voice that made her shiver in arousal.

"Oh, it's not over yet," she informed him, and he raised an eyebrow at her.

"It's not?"

"Oh, Cal. Don't you know the rules of body scrub?" she asked as she stood up and walked across the room.

"Can't say I do, love. There are rules for using vanilla sugar body scrub?"

"Any body scrub," she pointed out. "To keep your skin nice and soft, first you scrub, and then…" She took something out of her top drawer and tossed it at him. He caught the bottle deftly, grinning when he saw the label. Vanilla body cream. "…you lotion," she finished.

He opened the bottle as she walked towards him, then flopped on the bed next to him. "Ladies first?" He took an exaggerated sniff, closing his eyes, and she giggled. "My favourite," he said as he poured some of the thick cream onto his hands. "Good old vanilla."