September13, 2008

No more

"Dream?" A voice called out faintly.

There's nothing left for me here. This, this life is a waste.

"Hello?" The same voice called, now louder.

Is there even a purpose? Why live if we're just going to-

"Wake up dude!" Travis yelled, "Are you ok?"

Dream's neck felt like it was going to fall off. He whacked the hair on the back of his head to shake off the dirt and dried grass. He tried to get up.

"Ugh, what happened?" He groaned.

"You tried to do a back flip off the pole vault mats and landed on your head." He chuckled, "You nearly hit the concrete."

He looked up to see the concrete rim of the football field separating him from the dirt track.

"Shit… should I try it again?" He asked, sure that he could land it.

Travis sighed. "No Dream." He said helping him up, "You keep this up and you'll forget what you learned by the end of the year."

"Eh, I've had worse." He said pushing an arm forward, "It's these damn P.E. clothes Walle. They threw me off balance. The shirt's too big and the shorts are too small. Whoever designed them was a sick bastard!"

They laughed.

"Come on you guys," Mr. Pixen said, "Were starting basketball!"

They headed away from the track and towards the black top where the rest of the class prepared for the game.

"It's only the first week Dream and you've nearly been sent to the hospital eight times. Your not invincible you know." Travis said on the way over.

"For you information it's been ten times, second I- ugh huh huh huh." Dream shuddered suddenly.

"What is it?" Travis ask worried.

"Those crows over there gave me a super chill. Like they're watching me." Waiting for me to die so they can feast on my soul.

"The only birds you should fear are ostriches, or swans!"

Dream laughed as they walked. But more crows joined the dozens that gathered on the fence nearby. Waiting…

"Pick Danny." Travis whispered.

"Danny! Get over here you honky!" Dream yelled jokingly. Some kids laughed while others scoffed.

" Hey, how do you know me?" Danny asked as he got in the line.

" You sit near me in Chemistry class, remember?" Dream replied.

After a couple of calls it came back to being Dream's turn to choose.

" Zeek my man, you're with us!"

As Zeek walked by, Dream realized there's one more pick left, but everyone they knew was on their team.

"Who should we pick?" Dream asked.

"Pick one of the new kids." Zeek suggested.

"Oh yeah, good idea." Dream agreed. I'm glad he's the smart one, Dream thought to himself, that would suck if it was me.

Time was narrowing as Dream looked around. Someone caught his eye. At first she looked strange, but beautiful at the same time. Her skin was pale with freckles barley noticeable. She had long brown hair and brown eyes that nearly made Dream's jaw drop.

" Well Dream, pick someone." Pixen said.

"Uhh, that… girl… thing." He babbled while waving his arm towards the new girl. Damn it Dream, He thought, Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

"Me?" She asked pointing at her chest.

"Yeah you. Come on up." Dream answered gently.

"I have to apologize for my friend here. He didn't mean to call you a girl thing. Right Dream?" Travis said.

"Uhh right," Dream replied, "Why don't you tell me your name so it won't happen again."

"It's Kathy." She said, exposing her braces which caught Dream's attention.

"And does Kathy have a last name?"

"Ryenburg." She said shifting her weight to her other leg.

"I'll remember that," Dream said, "Well. Let's get the game started shall we."

November 19, 2008

The police tape was being rolled up as detective Gomez entered the crime scene. Cops guarded the entrance of the forest that the body was found. Looking over to a nearby rookie who was taking notes.

"Give it to me." Gomez ordered.

"Multiple stab wounds around the chest and left arm. Plus some fresh suicide scars on his left arm as well."

She looked at the left arm. "Still scabs, that's a first for a murder in these parts, I'm starting to think it's not a murder, but then that hole in his head leads me back to the start." She said pointing at the gun shot wound in the back of his head. She pulled out a pack of cigarettes. "Any witnesses?"

"No mam, the people near the scene were the people that own the house up the slope over in the north side. And they didn't call until they herd the gunshot.

Gomez groaned as she fished in her pocket for a lighter. "Gang violence maybe?"

"No mam, his money is still in his pocket."

"Poor kid," She said lighting the end of the cigarette and inhaled deeply, "He just get's out for Thanksgiving break and ends up getting murdered." She sighed as the rookie noticed her hand was shaking.

"Is there something wrong detective?" He asked.

"I… uhh, I knew this kid. He would visit my son all the time and he also uhh threw a birthday party for me a few moths ago. It feels weird when you see them alive first."

"What was his name?"

"Its was Dream," She said with a tear in her eye forcing it's way through while her mouth formed a warmed smile, "Dream Spelfange."