Miss Kinnian POV

"Look up the words in the dictionary to learn their spelling." I'm helping Charlie with his spelling. He's learning fast. Before you know it, he might be better at spelling than I am.

"Why does it matter if you can read them anyway?"

… I think I need to explain it more, "Its for your education"

He nodded slightly before getting to work, grabbing a dictionary. He flipped through the pages, stopping at times to look at the words on the page.

I watched for ten minutes before grabbing his journal, flipping to the latest entry. I laughed, not loud, but quiet, at his comma usage.

"You know a period is punctuation too, right?"

"I thought a period has a tail..." He looks at me, upset.

"No, a period is a dot you put at the end of a sentence," I grabbed a pencil, "Like this." I wrote, 'A brown fox jumps over the lazy dog', ending it with a period.

"There are other punctuation marks too" I showed him how to use marks like semi-colon and a colon.

"If you use these marks, you're sentences will be better. They are important for a good sentence"

Its short for a reason. I made it short so I didn't end up making a play or something out of it. This is part of the book where Charlie talks about how he was learning punctuation. And how he used the dictionary to learn words. This was for a school assignment and I had to write in another characters POV. So, I wrote in Miss Kinnians POV.