Title: One Piece of Sanji

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece nor do I make any money from this.

Pairings: ZoroxSanji & LuffyxSanji

Summary: Sanji has something Luffy wants but Zoro is in the way! 110% CRACK! LuffyxSanji / ZoroxSanji Yaoi, Drabble

Warnings: Bad spelling & grammar, naughty language, boyxboy (yaoi), Crack fic.

A/N's: For anyone that does not like my warnings don't read I guess …it's not like I'm forcing you to.

Sooo I'm working on my main project "You're Mine" when I have to reboot my computer. Of course it takes forever and a day to do so and during this time my mind wanders. This is the result…

"Oi didn't you hear there is only 'one piece' left." Usopp said to Chopper on the deck of the ship.

The sounds of voices drew Luffy out of thought from staring out at the ocean from where he sat on his favorite seat, on top of the head of the Going Merry, and turned his head to the two talking to listen in.

"Eh only 'one piece'?" Chopper pouted.

Usopp nodded, "Yeah and Sanji has it but I think he does not want it."

"Ah then it's up for grabs?" Chopper's eyes shinned brightly.

Usopp crossed his arms shutting his eyes and shook his head no. On reopening his eyes he explained, "Zoro said he was going to get it and if anyone tried to come in when he was trying to get it he would chop them up."

Chopper's face fell. "That's no fair! Like he could really get it from Sanji anyways." huffed the upset little doctor.

Usopp shrugged, "Zoro said he had a secret weapon he was planning to use."

Luffy became enraged! How dare Zoro try to take the 'one piece' for himself! If Sanji had it then it would be him, Luffy that got it from the cook!

Luffy got up and jetted off past a surprise Chopper and Usopp and tore open the kitchen door in rage, his hands on either side of the doorway as he glared daggers at Zoro.

Zoro and his arms around Sanji trapping the man back against the table with his pelvis just about to kiss him when the door was thrown open. Both the swordsman and cook now looked with shocked eyes to Luffy.

"You bastard!" Luffy roared out in furry, the veins on his neck straining as his face heated red in anger. "How dare you steal my dream! Get your hands off Sanji that piece is mine!"

Zoro's eyes nearly bugged out of his head. "W-what?"

The cook was much the same as the swordsman, his one visible blue eye bugging out of his head and mouth gapped open wide at their captain's claim.

Luffy marched into the kitchen and pushed the swordsman away from the cook then jerked Sanji to him his arm wrapping around the thin waist of the cook. "If Sanji is going to give it up to anyone it's going to be me!"

Zoro nearly fell over in the shock of it all as the cook just stood there not sure what to say or think.

Usopp and Chopper watched with their heads peeking in from one side of the doorway.

"Eh Usopp you think Luffy misunderstood us?" Chopper whispered.

As their captain then bent back the cook and placed hot steamy kiss to the other man's lips Usopp rubbed his head and confessed, "I don't even know anymore."

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