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#New School Year#
{The weird trio}

Monday, April 9th of 2012

It was another day at old boring Inaba. The rain poured heavily from the sky with no signs of a clear sky soon, as students walked along the pathway with their umbrellas heading towards Yasogami High School. It was the start of a new school year and besides the noise coming from the pouring rain, excited chatting could be heard between some of the students, news and interesting happenings from their holidays and, most probably, rumors as well. With a town as small as Inaba it was actually quite hard to keep a secret for long as the information travelled quickly. There were advantages and disadvantages to this, of course.

Between the mass of students entering the school, was a much taller boy, hair bleached blond, who stood out greatly from the other students. He pulled his uniform jacket over his shoulders after closing his black umbrella and placing it over the lockers, ignoring the few freshmen students who backed away, wary of his physical appearance of a delinquent, with piercings on his nose and ears, and a skull shirt to show off to everyone else.

Kanji Tatsumi was a second year student this year. Last year he had been in a quite dire situation where he was forced to agree to the mandatory attendance policy, but fortunately, with the help of his friends, he was able to pass the year. However, he couldn't say that he was really looking forward to have classes again. School was as boring as ever. Probably the most boring place in Inaba.

He headed over to the notice board where the new classes were posted to see which class he would be in. He wasn't really expecting to have anyone he knew, or was friendly with, in his class, and his classmates had always been a pain in the ass and avoided him, plus the luck he had, he was quite sure he'd end up in some crappy class with a crappy homeroom teacher again. The other students he got along in the same year he was in were only Naoto Shirogane and Rise Kujikawa, and the three of them had been in separate classes last year. The school usually followed the same classes throughout the three years of high school, so they'd probably continue in different classes for the upcoming years.

When he approached the board, the closer students backed away almost immediately, fear apparent in their eyes, but Kanji paid no attention as he was already used to the reaction. Instead, he focused on the board, looking over the second year classes. He didn't see his name on the Class 3 of year 2, which was a surprise for him as he had been a student of Class 3 of year 1 last year. He only found his name on the Class 1 of year 2, where he also spotted the name "Rise Kujikawa" while he was looking and he silently grunted to himself. It wasn't exactly bad to have someone he knew in his class, but Rise seemed to enjoy annoying Kanji or embarrass him in the worst moments, not to mention make fun of his crush on Naoto.

So, what if he still liked the pint-sized detective who once everyone thought was a boy? But Rise wasn't alone since Yosuke enjoyed teasing him as well with the same subject. The older boy was once awkward around Kanji when this one had been confused about his sexuality when he first met Naoto, thinking he was gay for liking another boy. But now that the whole town of Inaba knew Naoto's true gender, Yosuke poked fun at Kanji even more, making him snap and blush in most situations when it involved Naoto.

However, over the months they had been working together to solve the murder cases, nothing seemed to have blossomed between the Naoto and Kanji. The detective girl seemed oblivious to his feelings despite the hints that were thrown at her, but it would look as if Naoto only had the smarts for cases and not for such trivial things like falling in love. Kanji didn't blame her. After all, she was determine to become a great detective and was often absorbed in mystery books and real cases. It really didn't matter either way. It was not like he was expecting something to happen between them anyways.

With a sigh, Tatsumi walk up the stairs to the second floor, heading directly to his homeroom. As he peered inside, he noticed Rise wasn't there yet, which was a relief since he could enjoy a little moment without the girl throwing herself onto him and kept talking like forever. He knew it wouldn't take long for her to arrive though.

He walked over to the desks by the window, flopping down on a seat. He rather preferred the seats by the window, they were much more relaxing than the ones in the middle of the room where the teachers often chose to pick someone to answer the board (though even teachers feared him enough to dare ask him questions). It was no surprise when the students in the room started picking seats on the other end of the room.

With an elbow on the desk and chin resting on his palm, Kanji glanced over to the window, gazing down at the students arriving at the school gate. He noticed Chie Satonaka and Yukiko Amagi talking happily between them, with Yukiko laughing when Chie did a fighting pose of her own keeping a grip on her own umbrella. It was quite easy to spot these two as Chie wore a green jacket over her uniform and Yukiko a red jacket and headband. Looking at them now made him wonder how different things were going to be in their year. Souji-sempai was quite popular at their school and without him around, Kanji bet things were going to return to their dull selves. It had been a couple of weeks since he was gone anyways. Yosuke had been his closest friend, so Kanji wondered if his senior missed him more than the rest of the team. At least he had other friends he could count on and-


His chin slipped from his palm and he hit his face hard on the surface of the desk at the loud noise. With a groan and pulling his head back, he turned to look to the door while rubbing his sore nose. And indeed, her voice had not betrayed her. Standing by the door was no other than Rise Kujikawa herself. She had her hands on her hips and was grinning at Kanji.

With a few skips she reached his desk in seconds and giggled excitedly while placing her hands on the wooden surface of the desk. "Kanji, we're in the same class this year~ Isn't it awesome?" She made a few giggles and sat on his desk not bothering to ask him if he minded. "Oooh, I can already imagine the fun we're going to have together~! This couldn't have been better!"

Kanji leaned back on his chair and tried to ignore the way Rise was moving her legs his way to provoke him. "Yeah, yeah, I saw yer name on the list." He crossed his arms over his chest and grunted. "But I ain't gonna make you lunch or give you my animal crackers, ya hear me?"

Rise giggled some more, bringing a hand up to cover her mouth. "Oooh, so mean, Kanji~" She tilted her head to the side. "But it won't be fair if you don't treat me equal to her. Are you sure, you're okay with this?" She swinged her legs a little bit. "Hmmm, maybe I should help you a little now that there are more opportunities. I can give you some tips~"

A frown was shown on his face as he raised an eyebrow in confusion. "What're ya talking about?"

She blinked, staring at Kanji for a moment, before letting out another giggle. "Perhaps, you don't know it yet? How cute~" She moved to stand on the floor again and winked at Kanji. "This will be interesting. I can't wait to see your face when you see her… Oh! Speaking of the devil…" She turned to look to the door.

He followed her eyes to the door, wondering what Rise was up to. When he took notice of the person standing by door, his eyes widened and he almost fell off his chair right then. He felt his blood rush to his cheeks and battled furiously to keep his composure.

Naoto was still standing between the corridor and her new homeroom, hand rested on the door that she had just opened and stopped still as a statue when the first people she noticed were Rise and Kanji. Her eyes were widened and the words died on her throat when she thought about greeting them. She took a step back to look at the number on the door and, it was no mistake, this was her homeroom indeed. However, she was not expecting to see either Kanji or Rise in the same class as her.

"Morning, Naoto-kun!" Rise greeted her while waving a hand.

It took a few more seconds, but Naoto finally found her voice again, coughing a little before speaking. "Good morning, Rise-san, Kanji-kun." She slowly walked over to them, keeping a firm grip on her bag. "I didn't know you were in my class."

Rise simply smiled. "Didn't you check the notice board?"

Naoto shook her head in response, tilting the brim of her cap further over her eyes. "No. I was at the police station with my grandfather last night discussing matters with the other police officers. This town has become quiet now that the murder cases are over, but I still try to help the police force whenever I have the chance. I… can't seem to help it." A sigh escaped from her lips. "I sent a message to Chie-sempai asked her to tell me my class in advance once she had the information as I couldn't be sure if I was going to arrive late. Fortunately, such did not happen since I made it in time, though barely." She added the last part as the school bell rang.

Rise but smiled even wider. "But isn't this just nice? We get to be together! It was sad that we were all in different classes last year, but it turns out lady luck has shined on us and we get to see each other more. I got bored pretty easily in my last class but now that I'm with you two, I know I'll have fun!" She would have talked more had the teacher not appeared at that moment.

Shirogane took the seat behind Kanji, placing her bag beside the desk, while Rise took the seat beside her. All the while Kanji had been silent, still taking the surprising news that he was in the same class of Naoto Shirogane. He wasn't sure if it was positive or negative yet, but at least she had taken the seat behind him and so he wouldn't be too distracted during class. Not that he actually paid much attention. And luckily enough they were by the window so his height wouldn't be a problem for her as their heights were quite different in numbers, and he knew the detective wouldn't admit that to herself (or to the others as a matter of fact).

"Good morning, students. My name is Hosoi and I shall be your homeroom teacher for this year." Mr. Hosoi was talking through a hand puppet, which some students found ridiculous as hell, though Kanji thought the puppet looked nicely done. It actually looked like Mr. Hosoi. At least it wasn't Kashiwagi.

It wasn't long before the teacher started taking roll and after answering to his name, Kanji sighed and rested his head on his arms, not bothering to pay attention to class. Classes had just started, he was still not in the mood to listening to useless crap. He would just take a nice and long nap and only wake-up once school was over… wait. But then, what would Naoto think of him? Without realizing, he was already straight on his chair again, eyes locked on the blackboard. He turned his head slightly to the side to gaze back to Naoto but immediately turned back to stare to the board once he saw the weird look the girl detective was giving him.

It took only a few minutes of attention to make him feel sleepy. He gave up then, deciding he couldn't do it. But he wasn't going to sleep as well, so he opted to rest his cheek on his palm and look outside the window.

"Yo, Kanji! Naoto!"

Both Kanji and Naoto turned their heads from their seats, seeing Yosuke enter their homeroom, followed by Yukiko and Chie. Classes had already finished for their first day of school and Rise had said something incoherent and unidentifiable for her other two friends before bolting out of the room. Naoto had been packing her notebooks and Kanji was about to get up when their seniors appeared. Both of them got up at the same time, greeting back.

"Hey there, sempai." Kanji, said, making a gesture with his hand. "What's up?"

"Good afternoon." Naoto nodded her head, a hand reaching for her hat.

Chie grinned at them. "I see you're in the same class this year! Luckily for us, we got to be in the same class again too." She told them with a thumbs-up. "I was a little nervous I wouldn't get to be in the same class with Yukiko… but it turns out everything's cool."

Yosuke frowned and turned his head her direction. "Hey! What about me?"

Chie simply acted as if he hadn't said anything so Yukiko took a step forward facing their younger friends. "I heard Rise-chan's with you two as well. This must be a sign of a good year. Things have gone back to the way things were when Souji hadn't been here and we already miss him, but it's like he left a good impression in this town." A smile formed on her lips as she said so. "I hear other students talking about him in the hallways saying how great of a person he was."

Yosuke nodded his head beside her. "Yeah, we all miss the good guy… But he said he should be back soon so we don't have to act like he's gone." He glanced towards Kanji and Naoto. "Where's Rise, anyway?"

"She left just a moment ago." Naoto answered, eyes landing on the door behind Yosuke for a second before looking back at him.

He shrugged. "Heh, she should be back soon." Then he crossed his arms and grinned widely. "By the ways, did you guys know? About Teddie?" Chie, Yukiko, Naoto and Kanji looked back at Yosuke with confused expression and question marks above their heads.

"Oh! Sempai, you're here!"

They turned to the door to see Rise entering the room with…

"Teddie is in the house!" Said a very happy voice.

Their eyes widened. Teddie was in their school, wearing their uniform! Even then he still didn't lose his sparking appeal and the rose he usually wore on his shirt was stuck onto the uniform jacket to add to that charming feeling of his. He trotted after Rise gathering with the others and smiling like an idiot. Actually, it did fit since he looked like a child first going to school and this was indeed his first time going to Yasogami High as a student.

"Wait, what is Teddie doing here? He's not a student, is he?" Asked Chie, looking towards Yosuke.

"Well, he seemed pretty bored at home, whining that all he did was work at the shop, so I decided to enter him into this school." He replied.

Teddie did indeed look more excited than ever. "Hehe, hello there fellow schoolmates. From now on I'm a first year student in this high school. Please go easy on me…" He told them, sending sparkles their direction. How was it possible that it looked as if there was even more sparkles than usual?

Chie frowned, contemplating the situation. "Is this okay, though?"

A chuckle escaped from Yosuke and he waved a hand. "It's no big deal! Teddie will fit nicely and the teachers were okay with this whole thing, they didn't even ask many questions about his past. Even if they did we could've come up with something."

Teddie giggled. "My, it's so nice to be able to school with all of you… I just wished I could have gone here when Sensei was still around, but I'm still gonna have fun with you all!"

Everyone turned to look as Rise gave Teddie a hug. "Awww, welcome to Yasogami, Teddie! I'm sure you'll have a great time here with us to be able to guide you!"

"I don't think there'll be a problem seeing as Teddie is more human now than ever. Since he has decided to live with us in the human world I suppose going to high school is a good step into making him acknowledge the variety of culture and general views there are in this world." Naoto said, expressing her opinion on the matter after thinking about it. "Plus, he might get to meet other people."

"Yeah, just don't let yerself get bullied, 'kay Teddie?" Added Kanji with a smile.

Yukiko laced her fingers together behind her back and smiled. "I don't think that'll be problem with Teddie. He seems to handle situations quite well with that personality of his."

They received another couple of sparkles sent their way by Teddie. "Aww, you guys are so friendly… You'll always be my best friends in the world!"

Yosuke looked from Teddie to the others. School was about to close soon and they were all in the second year room, so they should be heading back soon. However he still felt that they needed to spend some time together that day so he opened up a suggestion. "Hey guys, what do you say we hit at Junes or something?"

"Oh! Great idea, Yosuke-sempai! It's been a while since we've gathered there!" They heard Rise said.

Everyone seemed to like the idea as well as they all looked excited with smiles on their faces. "We get to go to our secret hideout!" Chie said excitedly, throwing a punch in the air.

"We're still calling it that?" Naoto asked.

Yukiko giggled in response and turned on her heels and they all moved to walk out the homeroom, on their way to exit the school. "Well, it's still our favorite place to hang out and that place means a lot to us, so why not?"

Kanji turned his head towards Yosuke. "This one's on you, right, sempai?"

"Hell no!"

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