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Chapter 1: Confession/ New threat

Five months after the Dealers and Meteor G incident, everything was now in peace.

Hope was thrilled to see her beloved husband, Kelvin, who went missing in space for three years, return home. Now that Kelvin came back, Geo was glad to have his dad home since he was a little boy. Finally, the Stelars were happily together again.

Another 3 years later, Geo and Sonia graduated junior high school, along with their friends. During their graduation, Ace asked Luna, Bud, Zack, and Pat to join the WAZA HQ so they could help out together to prevent any calamity from happening. Without second thoughts, they accepted the offer.

Currently, Geo and Sonia are now 14, starting high school. Geo's hair was still the same. Sonia's hair was now longer by her upper back.

One night in early August

Vista Point

Geo and Sonia were laying on the ground while staring at the night sky with stars.

"Geo, thanks for hanging out with me." Sonia leaned her head on his right shoulder.

"No problem. By the way Sonia... I have something... to tell you." he stuttered.

She removed her head from him and faced him. "What is it that you want to tell me?" she asked curiously.

"Well... it's really important for me... to say." Geo's face couldn't help but blushed red and his heart was pounding.

"Geo, just tell me, there's no need to hide it." she said kindly.

"Sonia... I... I love you!" Geo confessed, making Sonia froze, shocked. Tears suddenly began to form in her eyes. He lowered his head, frowning sadly. He knew it was a bad idea anyways. "Sorry, I-I better go." he turned away, but Sonia stopped him by hugging him.

"Geo, wait! I have something to tell you, too." she said while crying. "I... I love you, too!" she confessed.

Geo froze, shocked from her words unexpectedly. He turned to Sonia and hugged her back. His right thumb dried her tears on her face.

"Sonia, can I ask you something?" he asked gently.

Sonia forced herself to stop crying before asking.

"What is it?"

"Will you... *gulp* be my girlfriend?" he finally asked.

Sonia cried even more as she launched herself to him, hugging him tightly. "Of course, Geo! I'll be happy to be your girlfriend!" she answered happily.

Geo backed up and placed his hands on her shoulders. He slowly moves his head towards the girl he loves until they finally kissed. Sonia returned the kiss and wrapped her arms on his back to pull him closer with their roaming lips. After a few seconds, they broke the kiss and breathed some air before they smiled at each other.

"Sonia, I promised I'll protect you from anything." Geo vowed.

Sonia launched her lips to him and gave him a short kiss before pulling back. "You goof. I know you will." she replied with a smile.

"Let's go home, we should tell my parents about this." Geo said as they went home while holding hands.

Geo's house

"Where's Geo? It's almost dinner time." Hope wondered while cooking dinner.

"Hope, Geo knows what he's doing. He should be home by now." Kelvin replied to his wife until the front door was heard open.

"I'm home, Mom." Geo called out to his parents.

"Now how did I know that?" Kelvin questioned himself, thinking it was magic.

"Hi, Geo! Dinner's ready!" Hope called and noticed Sonia. "Oh hi, Sonia! Would you like to join us?" she suggested.

"Sure! I would love to!"

During dinner, Geo decided to mention his confession to his parents.

"Mom, Dad, I have something to tell you." he spoke nervously.

"What is it, son?" Kelvin asked.

"Well... to be honest, me and Sonia... are now a couple." he confessed.

There was silence in the room until Hope cried with a happy smile on her face.

"Good job, Geo! You're growing up!" she praised him.

"That's my boy!" Kelvin patted Geo's back.

Omega-Xis materialized out of Geo's Hunter-VG with a grumble look on his face, his arms crossed, "Aaah! I don't get this at ALL! I really don't understand humans at all!" he complained loudly.

Lyra materialized out of Sonia's Hunter-VG and smacked her alien friend's head. "Shut up, mutt! You just ruined the best moment for them!"

"Yes, ma'am... " Omega-Xis saddened and went back to Geo's Hunter-VG, and so does Lyra.

"Listen Geo, being a couple can be really serious... just like me and your mother!" Kelvin explained.

"Don't embarrass me, Kelvin." Hope gave him a light punch as they laughed.

"Um, Mrs. Stelar..." Sonia spoke to the middle-age woman.

"Please, just call me Hope. Calling me "Mrs." makes me feel very old." Hope told her.

"Ok... Hope!" Sonia smiled.

Later, they finished dinner as Sonia and Geo sat on the couch.

"That dinner was great!" Sonia said.

"You bet." Geo responded, "So Sonia, where do you lived anyway?" he asked.

"I... don't have a home. I lived with my old manager." Sonia answered sadly.

"Oh... I didn't know... You know, you could... stay here if you want." he offered with a blush, feeling a bit awkward asking her that.

"Really!" Sonia was surprised, hearing that as Geo nodded. "I'll be happy to stay by your side!" she hugged him, making Geo blush even more.

A few days later, Sonia move into Geo's place.

10am in the living room

"How do you feel staying at my place?" Geo asked.

"It's much better than that old man's place!" Sonia answered, stretching her arms and legs while sitting on the couch.

"Well, I'm glad you're staying here." he replied. Then his Hunter-VG rang. He grabbed it and turned it on, revealing a blue-haired man's face on the screen. "What is it, Ace?"

"Geo, I heard you and Sonia are lovers now, right?" Ace asked with a friendly smile.

"Yeah... that's right."

Ace's smile turned into a serious look. "By the way, come to WAZA HQ quick! It's urgent!" he ordered.

"Got it! Ikuze (Let's go), Sonia!" Geo said.

"Ok." Sonia replied as they got outside of the house.

They looked around to see if anyone around them to see their transformation. Luckily, they weren't any as they took out their Hunter-VGs in their right hands. Just when they were about to transform, they paused and saw a mysterious person in a brown cloak walking towards them.

"Geo Stelar... am I correct?" a male's voice asked as they lowered their right arms.

Geo found him suspicious, so he stood in front of his girlfriend to defend her from him.

"Yeah, that's me." he answered solemnly.

The mysterious cloaked man reached out his right arm with his opened hand. His right wrist was revealed with silver-sort of armor. Both lovers widened their eyes of his hand's appearance.

"Give me your Hunter-VG, if you please. I promise I won't damage it." he asked nicely.

"Why would you want my Hunter-VG?" Geo questioned him. He wasn't sure about this guy one bit.

"Careful, Geo. He could be an enemy." Sonia warned him.

"Don't worry, Geo! I'm inside your Hunter-VG. Besides, I can materialize and slice him up with my bare claws!" Omega-Xis reminded him.

"Oh yeah, you're right." Geo just realized it and took out his Hunter-VG. "Here." he handed it to the brown cloaked stranger.

The mysterious man reached out his left hand and inserted something inside Geo's Hunter-VG. A few seconds later, it was finished.

"Here." he returned the Hunter-VG to the boy.

Geo examined his Hunter-VG to see any changes, but turned out it was in one piece.

"Ok... Anything happened, Omega-Xis?" he asked his partner.

"Nothing happened. This guy did nothing bad at all." Omega-Xis answered.

"Use this power wisely... Geo Stelar." the guy in brown cloak said and turned away.

"Wait, who are you! ?" Geo quickly asked before the guy in brown cloak left.

"My name is not important. We will soon meet again." he took a few steps and instantly vanished into thin air.

"Okay... that was weird... Anyways, let's get to WAZA HQ."

"Ok." Sonia replied as they held out their Hunter-VGs in the air.

"Transcode! Megaman!" Geo transformed into Megaman.

"Transcode! HarpNote!" Sonia transformed into HarpNote.

They flew up into the Wave Road and dashed their way to WAZA HQ. The mysterious man in brown cloak watched the blue-armored hero from below.

"Geo Stelar... he is the one."


Megaman and HarpNote hopped off the Wave Road and de-transformed before they entered the headquarter.

"Ace, what do you need?" Geo asked.

The blue-haired man turned to the voice and faced back at the screen. "You might wanna take a look at this message, Geo" Ace pressed some buttons and showed Geo the screen, revealing a long blonde hair man with a purple hat named Hyde.

"Geo Stelar... I would like to challenge you to a fight. Meet me at pier in 20 minutes so we could settle our match. See ya there!" the message ended.

"Geo, it could be a trap." Sonia said to him.

"Let us come in case you need backup." Ace suggested the idea.

"Alright, that might come in handy if Hyde decides to ambush me."

"I'll call the others before we go." Ace took out his Hunter-VG and called the others.

(What I mean by the "others" are those who knows Ace that can transcode. Got it?)

"Ikuze!" Geo shouted as they all left to the pier.

At the pier

The StarForce made it in time until a person walked out from the cargo, known as Hyde, confronting his client.

"Well, well, Megaman and his friends... I would like to fight with Geo, alone, if you all mind. Hehe." Hyde told them, secretly smirking.

"Guys, step back." Geo told them.

The others complied and hid themselves by a cargo, watching the scene. Both Hyde and Geo simultaneously took out their Hunter-VGs and called out.

"Transcode! Megaman/DarkPhantom!"

They both transformed into their battle forms as Megaman was the first to make the first move. He quickly dashed forward to DarkPhantom.

"Mega Buster!" He fired his pink blast at him with his left arm.

"Phantom Illusion!" he avoided it and teleport above the blue enemy. Quickly, he unsheathed his sword off the cane with his right hand, "Stick Sword!" he plunged down towards Megaman with his sword.

"Battle Card! LongSword!" Megaman transformed his left arm into a long sword and clashed against DarkPhantom's sword in defense.

"Tell me, why did you challenge me, DarkPhantom! ?" he asked, pushing his sword forward, but was pushed back.

"Heh, I never told you that I was the only one fighting." DarkPhantom answered with a smirk.

"What was that! ?" Megaman widened his eyes. He knew it was a trap!

"Sic 'em boys!" DarkPhantom called out.

Two newcomers leaped out from behind the cargos, near the crane, with incredible speed. They flitted and launched their attacks at Megaman, but were blocked by Acid Ace's sword and TaurusFire's arms.

DarkPhantom's first pursuer was a mechanical humanoid beetle named, Gravity Beetle, whose attack was blocked by Acid Ace. The second was a mechanical, anthropoid lion named, Slash Beast, whose attack was blocked by TaurusFire.

-Gravity Beetle is a rhinoceros beetle type with strong armor that has arms and stands on two legs. His horn has twin blades on both sides at the top. His armors are blue, and dark purple on his shoulder pads. Slash Beast is a lion type that stands on two legs. His armors are yellow and orange. His mane is orange. The center of his front armor has a small green orb. His shoulders has a diamond shape armor for each side.-

"What are you guys! ?" Acid Ace questioned.

"Call me Gravity Beetle!"

"The name's Slash Beast!" the mechanical said with a growl.

To be continued...

"Can't keep up with my speed, huh?" Slash Beast dashed in a quick speed.

"My defense is unbreakable!" Gravity Beetle shouted.

"Geo! They're too strong!" Acid Ace shouted.

"Hehehe, you worms are no match with the Repliforce!"

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