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Chapter 35: Final All-Out Brawl

After Magma Dragoon launched his Sky Meteor at the StarForce, they were pretty impale due to his meteors. CygnusWing, LibraScales, and WolfWoods stopped their attacks before they terminate the StarForce.

(impale = injure; hurt)

"Mr. Dubius, Mr. Shepard, Damian?" Geo spoke faintly, seeing them in battle.

"Geo, are you alright?" LibraScales worried.

"Argh! How do you know about this?" Bud asked, getting back up, but failed.

"Jack and the others called us! He knows you guys can't beat them." WolfWoods answered.

"Don't worry guys! As long we're here, we can stop them!" CygnusWing said determinedly in his fighting stance.

Mattrex stomped the ground, hard, making the StarForce turn to him.

"ROOAAARRR! ! ! Enough of your chit-chatting! GROUND FIRE! !" he fired a flame at them.

"Aqua Weight!" LibraScales launched his ball of water at his flame as it quenched.

(quench - to put out; extinguish)

"Let's take them!" WolfWoods shouted, as the three of them charged towards the enemies.

"RRRRAWWWWRRR! !" Mattrex roared as he grabbed LibraScales, pushing him. LibraScale pushes him as well.

"Furea (Flare) Slash!" Blaze Heatnix sent out flaming sonicboom at CygnusWing.

"Wataritori!" CygnusWing summoned his minions, using them as a shield, as Blaze Heatnix's Flare Slash hit the dummies, causing explosions. "Feather Vulcan!" he fired feathers, through the smokes, at him.

"Arrgghh! !" Blaze Heatnix groaned. "Not bad, for a weak feather as weapon."

"Wide Claw!" WolfWoods dashed towards Flame Mammoth and instantly slashed his torso.

"GAAAWWHHH! !" he fell on the ground, losing his balance due to the attack. "Damn it! He sure is fast!"

"Wanna piece of me! ? I'll tear you into fresh mammoth meat!" he taunted him. Flame Mammoth got back up.

"I'll crush you into a canine food!" he barked back. "Fireball!" he fired his fireball at him.

WolfWoods runs towards the fireball and swiftly dodged to his left.

"You gotta do better than that! Shock Claw!" he moved up close to Flame Mammoth and slashed both his claws at him.

"GRRRAAAAAWWWW! ! !" he cried.

"Upper Claw!" WolfWoods gave an additional upper slash at Flame Mammoth's torso.

"AAARRRGGHHH! ! !" he cried again then fell on the ground.

"Man, I'm fast!"

LibraScales tried to push Mattrex, but Mattrex's strength is overpowering him.

"You think you can hit me unarmed! ?" Mattrex said then he crunched his right scale shoulder.


While Mattrex held his bite, he threw LibraScales to the truck, causing him to crash.

"AARRGGGHH! !" he fell on the ground. "That's one tough T-Rex we have here."

"Shepard, we can't beat him at this rate. We need to think of our strategy." Libra commented to his partner.

"We need Geo-tachi (Geo and the others) help! We have to stall some time for them to recover!" he got back up then charged towards Mattrex.

"Fureimu (Flame) Crush!" Mattrex covered his entire body in flames, charging towards LibraScales.

"Aqua Weight!" LibraScales launched his water ball at him, stopping his attack then quenched his body.

"AAARRRGGHH! !" Mattrex cried being wet, smokes appears on his body. LibraScales moves in front of him, meters away.

"Libra Swing!" he spun his body, swinging his scales as they smacked Mattrex's face with each hit.

"GAH! ARH! GAHH! GACK!" after few more hits, he caught his water scale with his left claw. "ROAAAR! ! How you like me now! ?"

"Look at my scale carefully." LibraScales said, making Mattrex looked at his scale. It was his water scale. "Aqua Burst!" his water scale burst out, splashing out water on Mattrex.


"Dancing Swan!" CygnusWing twirled his body, heading towards Blaze Heatnix, but he dodges his attack.

"I'm not here to dance with you! Magma Wings!" he covered his wings with magma flames and charged towards CygnusWing.

"Battle Card! HeavyCannon!" he transformed his right arm into a cannon and fired at him.

"GGAAAAHHH! !" Blaze Heatnix wings of magma died out.

"Feather Vulcan!" he changed his cannon to his blue vulcan and fire at him, but he blocked them with his wings. Blaze Heatnix thought of some battling strategy.

"Shall we take it to the sky?" he asked with a smirk as he flew up to the sky.

"Dubius, it could be a trap!" Cygnus said to his partner.

"I'm aware of it!" he replied as he gave chase.

Blaze Heatnix stopped somewhere high in the stratosphere as he turned, facing his enemy. CygnusWing head towards him.

"Battle Card! TidalEdge!" he transformed his right arm into a blade filled with water.

"Furea (Flare) Slash!" Blaze Heatnix flapped his wings, sending out two flaming sonicboom at him. CygnusWing slashed his flames then he noticed Blaze Heatnix flew towards him.

"GAH!" he groaned. Blaze Heatnix caught him while descending at high speed.

"Inferno Stream!" his body is now covered with intense flame as it also covers CygnusWing's.

"GRAAAHHHH! !" he cried painfully due to the flames.

Blaze Heatnix held on to him while he's about to crash. About some meters, he let go of him next he switch his grip to punch CygnusWing's chest to prevent him to crash.

"AAAARRRGGGGHHH! ! ! !" CygnusWing cried.

"Mr. Dubius... Argh..." Geo tried to get back on his feet and help Mr. Dubius, but his body is already at the limit.

"Minna (Everyone)... Try to stay strong... " Ace said to his team while their injuries are infecting them.

"Easy for you to say... " Zero stated, trying his best to bear the pain.

"Dubius!" WolfWoods charged towards CygnusWing to back him up, but...

"Oiling!" Flame Mammoth spits his oil in front of WolfWoods, causing him to slipped before he fled to rescue.

"ARFF! !" he slipped and slammed himself to the ground.

"I'm not finished with you yet!" Flame mammoth stomped the ground, like a sumo.

"GRRR! ! Say that after I defeat you!" WolfWoods growled.

"Fireball Burst!" Flame Mammoth fired multiple fireballs at him.

"Wide Claw! Upper Claw!" WolfWoods instantly slashed Flame Mammoth's fireballs brutally of the heat. With each slashes, he can feel the heat is starting to burn his claws. "Argh! I can't keep this up!"

"Oiling!" Flame mammoth switched his flames to his oil at him.

WolfWoods is covered in oil, not knowing his plan.

"Spitting oil at me... ? What's this suppose to be! ?" he argued.

"Heeheehee~ Look around you." Flame Mammoth observed him to look.

WolfWoods did as he utterly figures why he fires his fireball first, looking around him seeing small fires on the floor he slashed. As soon he realized about the oil, the fires started to ignite the oil then him.

"AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH! ! ! ! !" he cried as the flame died out, he falls on the ground with a thud.

"Damian! Get up!" Wolf tried calling his name.

Mattrex stomps the ground, roaring, then he fires his flamethrower at LibraScales.

"Heavy Weight!" he summons a giant weight, slammed in front of him to block the flamethrower. All of a sudden, Mattrex slashed the obstacle with his right claw with his snarl. "Nani (What)! ?"

"Furea (Flare) Claw!" he slashed LibraScales with fierce strength.

"NNAAAAAHHH! !" he crashed at the tree. However, a kid and his mother were hiding there from earlier when Magma Dragoon-tachi (Magma Dragoon and his team) arrived.

"Mommy, look! Superhero!" the kid pointed at them enthusiastically.

"Don't go near them!" the mother said, trying to prevent him to confront them.

"I wanna see them!"

"Huh?" LibraScales, somehow, noticed a child was watching the fight, knowing they're in danger.

"Mr. Hero!" the kid called him, almost approaching.

"STAY BACK! !" LibraScales shouted.

"Fureimu (Flame) Crush!" Mattrex charged towards LibraScales, an explosion occurred.

The mother gasped, expecting her son's death, but LibraScales defended him from Mattrex. LibraScales tried his best to hold on to Mattrex.

"W-What's going on? Is this real... ?" the kid shivered, knowing it can't be a hologram or any TV shows.

"Boy, get out of here!" LibraScales said, still pushing Mattrex.

"Mommy!" the boy ran to his mom as they ran away.

"Kisama... (You)! I won't forgive you for attacking this child!" LibraScales angered as he swung his right scale at him (like a punch).

"GRRHHH! !" Mattrex endured the push. "Ground Fire!" he fired a flame at him.

"Fire Weight!" LibraScales fired his fireball at his flame as they exploded.

"Fureimu (Flame) Crush!" Mattrex dashed through the smokes, and ram him.

"ARRRRRGGHHH! !" he cried and crashed at the tree.

"ROAR! ! Fureimu (Flame) Claw!" he upper slashed LibraScales, sending him to the sky.

"AAARRRGGHH! !" he cried as Mattrex jumped up.

"IGNITION SLASH! !" his claws lit up intense flames and slashed LibraScales with intense speed then he plumped him down to the ground with a loud crash.

After three of them are impaled, the enemies (who they've fought) grabbed them and flung them to the StarForce, de-transforming their EM Wave Change while groaning.

"Pathetic worms. Do you really think you defeat us, Team Fiery Blaze?" Magma Dragoon said to them.

"Yes we can! We're the StarForce! We can't... ignore the crisis in our city!" Mr. Shepard got his determination to stood up.

"We will... destroy the tyrants of our enemy's goal. That's our purpose!" Damian glared at them.

"I, uh... , Hmmm... I don't know what to say..." Mr. Dubius yielded his line.

Kalin's Hunter-VG began to flash red light as it creates three new Battle Cards, then they float down and laid on the ground. The Battle Cards has Libra, Cygnus, and Wolf's symbol on the back and the front revealed their new forms.

"I don't know how did Mr. Dubius get his Final Form with that kind of speech." Kalin muttered.

"So what? Even with that kind of powers you all have, you still can't surpassed us!" Blaze Heatnix stated, while gripping his fists.

"They don't need power to rely on... " Ace spoke, standing up while panting by the pain. "What they rely on now... is kizuna (bond)."

"Bonds are trash!" Flame Mammoth exclaimed. "We'll burn your bonds to ash after we scramble you!"

Geo and the others got on their feet, ready to retaliate, holding out their Hunter-VGs in their hands. What they're ready to do at this point is fighting full force. Mr. Dubius, Mr. Shepard, and Damian also grabbed out their Hunter-VGs.

"StarForce! Get ready." Ace said.

"TRANSCODE! !" they all transformed into their battle form despite their injuries. Zero changed his Z-Saber into his Ice Saber.

"StarForce, time to go full force!" Acid Ace shouted as they charged towards their enemies, as did Team Fiery Blaze, and clashed into each other, fighting like it's their final battle.

Megaman, Zero, and HarpNote are fighting Magma Dragoon. Magma Dragoon starts slashing them with his claws, but they evaded his attack.

"Battle Card! Shuriken!" HarpNote summons a shuriken on her right hand and threw it at Magma Dragoon. Magma Dragoon spat out his fireball at the shuriken as it exploded.

"F-SPLASHER! !" Zero surrounds his body in a square-large shield of ice and dashed towards him. Magma Dragoon lit up his right arm into a flaming arm and punched Zero's shield, shattering the ice. After the ice shattered, Zero swiftly appeared behind him and grasped him with his arms under his armpits. "Now, Geo!" he called, still grasping on Magma Dragoon while he tried to break free.

"Battle Card! SharkAttack!" Megaman summons three sharks as they launched themselves towards Magma Dragoon. Zero released his arms and kicks him towards the sharks. Before Magma Dragoon can react, the first shark slashed his left leg with its right fin.

"ARGH! !" next the second shark slammed itself on the ground to jump towards him and bit off his right shoulder armor, breaking it into pieces. "GAAHH! !" and finally, the third shark spins itself like a drill, heading towards Magma Dragoon's center. Before it can pierce the target, Magma Dragoon bit the shark's nose. "MAGMA FANG! !" his fangs becomes magma as he crunched the shark with his magma jaw, causing the shark to explode. After that, he de-magma his fangs. "*growl* You think such combo can defeat me?"

"Agh! We should've seen that coming!" Megaman grunted.

"We were this close!" HarpNote added.

"Damn him!" Zero grunted, not foreseeing his fighting instinct.

WolfWoods battles Flame Mammoth, slashing his claws at Flame Mammoth while he blocks his attacks using his arms as a shield, but he can barely scratch them with each slash. Flame Mammoth punched him, but WolfWoods quickly backed up before he got hit.

"FIRE WAVE! !" he fired his flamethrower from his right arm, in spiral motion, at the canine. WolfWoods sidestepped the attack and ran towards him.

"WOLF FANG! !" he jumped up close to him, crunching his trunk. All of a sudden, he can feel his fangs in pain due to the armored trunk. "AAARGGHH! ! What's with your trunk! ?"

"My trunk is well-armored! There's no way you can break it!" he answered with a breath of fire from his trunk.

"GRRRR! ! Fine then!" WolfWoods ran towards the mammoth, sliding under his blind spot.

"WHAT THE! ?" Flame Mammoth gaped, not knowing this.

WolfWoods stopped behind him and starts his attack. "Upper Claw!" he upper slashed the mammoth's back.

"AAARRRRGGHHH! !" he cried, then he right hook his right arm from behind, but WolfWoods already ducked after he slash him. "HUH! ?"

"You're slow for a heavy fire-breathing mammoth! SHOCK CLAW! !" WolfWoods prepared to strike at the mammoth's face. Before he aim his attack, Flame Mammoth spits out oil at him, utterly cover his body with oil. "ARRGGHH! ! They say "spitting" is NOT a good answer!"

"And they say "playing with fire" is dangerous! Fire Wave!" he launched his spiral flamethrower at him, but WolfWoods dodged it before he become canine mincemeat. Before he run towards him, Flame Mammoth breathed out fireball from his trunk, burning WolfWoods' body.

"GAAAAAAHHHHHH! ! !" he cried by the flames as he roll around on the ground back and forth. Flame Mammoth jumped up in the air above the burning canine.

"JUMP PRESS! !" he began to fall on WolfWoods. WolfWoods finally got out the flames, except his right claw.

"FLAME CLAW STRIKE! !" he struck his right flaming claw at the mammoth's... butt, piercing the armor.

"YEEEEEOOOOOWWWWW! ! ! !" he cried, trying to get off the claw that struck him.

WolfWoods slammed the mammoth on the ground with fierce strength with his heavy weight.

TaurusFire and VenomScorpius continued their battle with Flame Stag from before.

"Fureimu (Flame) Tackle!" Flame Stag charged towards VenomScorpius as he swiftly dodged his attack.

"PINCER CANNON! !" he fired his attack at him.

Flame Stag turned 180 degree as he blocked the attack by crossing his arms in an X. Without knowing, TaurusFire rammed into him. "AARRGGHH! !" he crashed on the ground, sliding few inches.

"How ya like that! ?" TaurusFire snorted.

"Lucky hit. I'm losing to a buffalo!" Flame Stag barked as he dashed towards them.

"Tail Swing!" VenomScorpius swung his tail at his feet, but Flame Stag jumped up before he tripped.

"You gotta do better than that!" he said. However, he didn't know TaurusFire was in front of him.

"ANGER PUNCH! !" he vigorously punched his face with a small crack, making him bounce on the ground several times.

"ARGH! You'll pay for that!" he stood back up. "RRAAAAWWWHHH! ! !" he roared, covering his arms, legs, and antlers with intense flames. He dashed towards them with high speed, passing through them.

"AAAARRRRGGGHHHH! ! ! !" they both cried by the attack, fall on the ground.

"Who's hot now! ?" Flame Stag turned his head slightly at them.

"What's with him! ? His speed just increase!" VenomScorpius groaned, getting back up.

"I think I've seen that attack before... " TaurusFire commented, getting back up.

Flame Stag snorted flames out of his nose. "See if you can outspeed me!" he dashed towards them.

"Battle Card! Sandstorm Twister!" VenomScorpius called out as quicksand appeared in front of Flame Stag, dropping him to his shins, died out his flames on his legs.

"WHAT THE! ?" he tried lifting his legs out, but failed.

"NOW BUD! !" VenomScorpius gave his friend the signal.

"Yosh! Ox Tackle!" TaususFire launched himself towards trapped Flame Stag.

"Get me out of this!" he demanded, but sands bursts out of the ground, attacking him in spiral motion. "AAAAAHHH! ! !" he cried as his flames began to die out.

"Battle Card! TankCannon!" VenomScorpius changed his arms into a single massive lengthy cannon, aiming at Flame Stag, charging up his cannon.

"EAT THIS! !" TaurusFire shouted as he rammed into him, released him out of the quicksand.

"GAAAAHHH! !" he landed on the ground with a thud. "Ugghhh! Kisama... "

"FIRE! !" VenomScorpius fired his cannon at Flame Stag with a loud boom as the attack hit Flame Stag.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! ! ! ! !" he cried by the intense impact with sparks bursting out of his armor. "This... is... impossible... I can't... looooosseee... " he fell backward on the ground and died by an exploded.

*BOOM! !* *KA-BOOM! !* *KA-BOOM! !* *BOOM! !*

"WHO'S HOT NOW! ?" TaurusFire shouted.

"One down, five to go!" VenomScorpius said.

"Let's help the others!" TaurusFire suggested.

"Got it!" VenomScorpius nodded as they head to the others.

Acid Ace kept swinging his Acid Caliber at Mattrex, but he defend himself with his armed claws. Acid Ace backed up, letting QueenVirgo launched her attack.

"Hydro Dragon!" she summons her water dragon and launched it at Mattrex.

"RRRAAAAWWWRRR! ! !" Mattrex roared, firing out his flamethrower at the water dragon, but it collided by quenching, letting the water dragon having its advantage. Finally it hit Mattrex, splashing water all over on his body, steaming out. "AAAAAAHHHHH! ! !" he screeched.

"Shepard, now!" Acid Ace gave him the signal.

"HEAVY WEIGHT! !" LibraScales summons a weight above Mattrex as it fell down on him with a loud crash, crumbled and covered around him.

"RRRAAAWWWWWRRR! ! !" Mattrex roared, thrashing the obstacles away from him. "That's it! You BRATS ARE SO DEAD! !" his back lit up flames, like Godzilla's spikes. "ERUPTION FUREIMU (FLAME)! !" he fired his intense flamethrower with magma at them with a loud roar.

Acid Ace, QueenVirgo, and LibraScales split up to dodge his flaming magma.

"Oh man, this T-Rex is really brutal." Acid Ace commented.

"RRRRAAAAAWWWWHHHHHH! ! ! ! ! SUPER FUREIMU (FLAME) DASH! !" Mattrex dashed towards QueenVirgo with magma covering his body.

"Battle Card! IceMeteor!" QueenVirgo summons several iceball meteors as they launched towards the burning Mattrex, but have no effect on him while his flame body knocked them off. "Nani (What)! ?" Mattrex rammed into her. "AAAAHHHH! !" she cried as she fell to the ground with more injuries. "Ugh... " she groaned.

"TIA! !" Acid Ace began to race towards Mattrex.

"RRRRAAAWWWHHHH! ! !" he fires his flamethrower at him.

"Battle Card! TidalEdge!" Acid Ace changed his Acid Caliber's blade into a water blade then he sidestepped from the flamethrower and continue towards him.

"Fureimu (Flame) Claw!" Mattrex slashed him, but Acid Ace jumped up before he got cut into pieces.

"HYAAHH! !" he came down closer to Mattrex and slash his armor, giving him small scratch.

"RRRRAAAWWWWHHHHHH! ! ! !" he roared as he tail swiped him, knocking away.

"AAAHHH! !" he was slided away then he struck his blade on the ground to stop his brake. "What strength he has!"

"RRRRAAAWWWWHHHHHH! ! ! !" Mattrex roared in his tyrant pose, firing his flamethrower at the sky.

CygnusWing and Blaze Heatnix clashed their attacks at the sky over and over again about several times.

"Feather Vulcan!" he changed his right arm into a blue vulcan and fired feathers at him, which he dodged.

"Furea (Flare) Slash!" Blaze Heatnix sent out flaming sonicboom at CygnusWing.

"Battle Card! WideWave!" CygnusWing changed his vulcan to his wide cannon, shoots out watery wave at his flaming sonicboom as they quenched.

"Time for you to become a fried chicken!" Blaze Heatnix flew towards CygnusWing at full speed.

"I'm a swan, not chicken! Battle Card! BlackInk!" CygnusWing flew towards Blaze Heatnix.

As soon they almost collide, CygnusWing quickly fires black ink at Blaze Heatnix's face.

"AAARRRGGHHH! ! WHAT GIVES! ! I CAN'T SEE! !" he stopped mid-air, trying to figure out where his enemy is. CygnusWing was right behind him, a bit meters away.

"DANCING SWAN! !" he twisted, heading towards Blaze Heatnix, rammed into him.

"AAARRRGGGHH! ! Magma Wings!" Blaze Heatnix angered, covering his wings with magma flames.

"Battle Card! BigDrop!" CygnusWing summons a statue above him as it plumps down towards Blaze Heatnix.

"AAAAHHHHH! ! !" he cried by the statue fallen down on him as they both crashed the ground with a thud. After that, the black ink wear off. "That was a fluke!"

"Had enough! ?" CygnusWing asked from above.

"I do not yield! RRAAAWWWHH! ! !" he roared, litting up more of his magma wings as it destroyed the statue. "BLAZING PHOENIX! !" he covered his entire body with magma and charged towards CygnusWing.

"Battle Card! Radar Missile!" he summons several missiles as they launched towards the flaming phoenix. Blaze Heatnix's magma protection knocks them away as they explodes.

"RRAAWHHHH! !" he roared as he caught his enemy, inflicting him with his magma.


"How would you like to be a meteor! ?" Blaze Heatnix bet as he sent them both down at the ground, like a meteor.

CygnusWing groaned, trying to break free. He thought of an idea, before he crashed for the second time.

"Battle Card! TornadoDance!" he called out. Wind appears around him as Blaze Heatnix looked at them in confusion.

"What's this! ?" being distracted by his enemy's attack, CygnusWing instantly twists around, forcing Blaze Heatnix to release his grasp. "UGH! !" his magma protection died out.

"Now it's time for you to be a meteor!" he grabbed Blaze Heatnix from behind and plunged down. "DANCING SWAN! !" he spins around, preventing Blaze Heatnix to attack back at him for payback.

"STOP THE SPINNING! !" he demanded, can't retaliate while the spinning to sicken him.

A few meters left, CygnusWing released his grasp and judo toss him at the ground.

StarPhoenix, WildUrsa, and Rogue were having a hard time battling with Flame Hyenard with his insane "WOOH!".

"BURN! ! BURN! ! BURN! ! BURN TO THE GROUND! !" Flame Hyenard threw multiple fireballs at them while they're dodging them.

"This guy is really tantamount as Vanishing Gungaroo." StarPhoenix stated, knowing he's almost childish like the insane kangaroo that Rogue killed.

"WOOH! !" Flame Hyenard dashed towards them at high speed. He lit up his flames on his arms, turning them into flaming arms.

"Rogue Fist!" he sent out multiple purple-flaming fists at him as they hit the target.

"ARH! UGH! ARGH! GAK!" he stopped, taking Rogue's fists.

"Side Slash!" WildUrsa horizontally slashed Flame Hyenard.

"OOOFFHH! ! Nice hit! Furea (Flare) Fist!" he punched WildUrsa back-to-back as he dodged his punches.

"SpinBlade!" Rogue tossed his Laplace Blade at Flame Hyenard as it slashed him back.

"GAAHHH! !" he cried, not knowing the blade came back for the second slash. "DAAHH! !"

Rogue caught his blade then charged towards him. "ROGUE BREAK! !" he slashed him as the explosions occurred around him. He jumped back commenting, "That takes care of him."

"RRRAAAWWHHH! ! !" Flame Hyenard roared, litting up intense flames on his body followed by a growl, glaring at them. "Okay, no mister nice hot guy!"

Both team mustered together, facing their enemies.

(muster = to bring or come together; to gather up)

"Magma Dragoon, Flame Stag was defeated!" Flame Mammoth reported.

"We can't take this much damage." he growled in reply.

"We've got the upper hand here!" HarpNote stated.

"Don't forget, we've defeat three of them. Plus, there might be a lot of them!" Zero corrected her, forming his battle stance.

"Repliforce, give it all you got before Dynamo arrive." Magma Dragoon ordered.

StarPhoenix knew it's a good time to use CygnusWing, Wolf Woods, and LibraScales' secret weapon. He took out their Final Form Battle Cards in his right hand.

"Alright you three, get ready to transform into your Final Form!" he called them as he starts one at a time, starting with CygnusWing's. He downloads the Battle Card on his hunter-VG's card slot, that's attached on his center belt.

"Battle Card! Final Form StarForce! C-C-CygnusWing!" his Hunter-VG alarmed.

StarPhoenix stood behind CygnusWing. "Mr. Dubius, this might hurt a bit." he warned him.

"Huh?" he was confused by his words.

StarPhoenix sets his palms on CygnusWing's back as light shines his body, transforming himself into his Final Form.

(A/N: Again, Transformers style! XD)



CygnusWing transformed his body into Cygnus's body with mechanical wings - minus the blue EM Wave energy. His head is changed into Cygnus's head while his neck extended. His actual head was closed by his helmet. His arms and legs combined together and transformed into an armor for his torso.

"Wh-What is this! ?" he gaped in surprised, seeing his body.

"This is your new power." StarPhoenix explained.

"In this case, I'll name this... FallingCygnus!"

Everyone become silent, hearing Mr. Dubius's newly named Final Form.

"What? Not good enough?"

"Dubius... it's a little tacky." Cygnus said.

"It's the best name I've come up with!" he honestly said to his partner.

"Fine with me."

"Next up, Mr. Shepard." StarPhoenix showed him his Final Form Battle Card as he downloads it in his Hunter-VG.

"Battle Card! Final Form StarForce! L-L-LibraScales!" his Hunter-VG alarmed.

"Will it break my body?" LibraScales worried, turning his head to him.

"Maybe." StarPhoenix drawled out the first syllable as he set his palms on LibraScales's back as red and blue light shines in the center of his body, head to bottom.



LibraScales splits sideway, creating two LibraScales, revealing red and blue. Both of their scales transformed into their arms. The red LibraScales's shoulders are like Megaman's Libra Noise's with flames; the blue LibraScales's shoulders are round-like watery orbs. Their bottom parts shattered and explodes, revealing their armored legs. Both of their hands are black. Their Libra symbols are on the center of their front armors.

"Two LibraScales! ?" everyone gaped except QueenVirgo, Rogue, and StarPhoenix.

"L-Libra?" the red Libra looked at his partner, then his own body with arms and legs.

"S-Shepard?" the blue Libra looked at his red partner, knowing he can control his own body.

"Magma Dragoon, at this rate, we'll be pulverized!" Flame Hyenard cried in near defeat.

"We won't lose... even with their new power!" Flame Mammoth huffed.

"Libra, our transformation will be... DoubleLibra!" Shepard named their Final Form.

"Not bad. In this case, we'll add... Fire Libra and Aqua Libra." Libra suggested.

"That'll be good!"

"Finally, it's your turn Damian." StarPhoenix showed him his Final Form Battle Card as he downloads it in his Hunter-VG.

"Battle Card! Final Form StarForce! W-W-Wolf Woods!" his Hunter-VG alarmed.

"This might tickle a bit." he said as WolfWoods gulped. StarPhoenix sets his palms on WolfWoods's back as lights shines on his body, transforming to his Final Form.



WolfWoods transformed his body into a giant wolf along with Wolf's head. His arms transformed into front legs with large claws. His thighs shrunk a bit. His spines grew small spikes. His rear claws grew a bit longer. His head grew small mane. Now, he's allow to run on four feet.

"Huh? I'm actually a real wolf! ?" he looked at his body, astonished.

"Looks like Were-Wolf Woods is even more dangerous than before." StarPhoenix commented slyly with a smirk.

"Wolf, our new power should be... FuryWolf!"

"Sounds vicious to me." Wolf agreed in his expression.

"Magma Dragoon, is he coming?" Blaze Heatnix asked.

"I've already contact him while they're busy chatting." he replied.

"Alright, let's show them what we're made of!" FuryWolf said with a intimidating growl.

"Geo, here's a transformation you need." StarPhoenix showed him his Battle Card that has a pegasus symbol as he downloads it in his Hunter-VG.

"Battle Card! Form Megaman!" his Hunter-VG alarmed as Megaman's armor started to glow blue with ice, spinning around him.

"I know this form... " he said.



Megaman's armor become sky blue with pegasus wings. His left arm becomes the head of Pegasus Magic's.

"Haven't use this form in a while." Omega-Xis said.

"Now, let's cool them down!" Ice Pegasus Megaman looked at his enemies with valiance.

"Fiery Blaze, attack!" Magma Dragoon ordered as they charged towards their outnumbered enemies.

"Swan Hurricane!" FallingCygnus flapped his wings, creating wind-like slash at them. They took the attack, trying to repel it. The StarForce began to charge towards them.

"Oiling!" Flame Mammoth spits out oil at the transformation wolf, but he dodged it by running sideway.

"Canine Dash!" FuryWolf speed up his agility, running around Flame Mammoth.

"Playing cat and mouse, huh? Oiling!" he spits out his oil, missed the target with each hit.

"Wolf Slash!" he appeared behind Flame Mammoth and slashed the back of his head.

"AARRRGGHH! !" he cried then he right-hooked him from behind, but missed, knowing he's on the ground. "Fireball!" he fired a fireball at him.

"Tail Swipe!" he knocked the fireball with his own tail. "You think I'm that predictable! ?"

"Mammoth Punch!" he punched the wolf, but missed, smashing the ground as it's cracking.

StarPhoenix fought Flame Hyenard, along with WildUrsa and Rogue.

"Battle Card! Strike Claw!" WildUrsa's paw got wider and his claws grew longer as he began to slash Flame Hyenard. Flame Hyenard blocks his claws with his arms.

"Now's the time for me to upgrade Damian." StarPhoenix took out a Battle Card that has Wolf's symbol as he downloads it on his Hunter-VG.

"Battle Card! Power-Up!" his Hunter-VG alarmed.

FuryWolf's body began to glow.

"What's this! ?"




FuryWolf's body changed from blue to red-orange.

"Isn't this my berserk form?" Wolf spoke, not realizing he's going berserk.

"This is even better than the original!" Damian replied as he charged towards Flame Mammoth.

"Fire Wave!" he fired his spiral flamethrower at the orange wolf.

"Berserk Slash!" he slashed the flames, clawing down towards the fire-breathing mammoth as he slashed his trunk, landing on the ground.

"MY NOSE! ! NOO! !" he yelled, feeling useless without his trunk.

FallingCygnus plunged towards Blaze Heatnix.

"Wing Slash!" he moved to the side slowly, hitting Blaze Heatnix with his right wing.

"AARRRGGHH! !" he groaned, then facing the transformed swan. "Furea (Flare) Slash!" he retaliates by sending out flaming sonicboom at him.

"Blizzard Shot!" he flapped his wings, blowing out cold-air at the flaming sonicboom as it died out. Also, the blizzard caught Blaze Heatnix in it.

"UGH! !" he defend himself, but his feet and wings are frozen by ice, freezing it even more. "No way!"

"Yes way!" FallingCygnus corrected him as he kept spamming his blizzard attack.

"BURN! ! BURN! ! BURN! !" Flame Hyenard kept throwing his fireball at his enemies.

"Rogue Slash!" Rogue sent out a sonicboom at Flame Hyenard as it hit him with a small explosion.

"Time for the phoenix to chill!" StarPhoenix said, taking out a Battle Card that has Cygnus's symbol as he downloads it in his Hunter-VG.

"Battle Card! Power-Up!" his Hunter-VG alarmed.

FallingCygnus stopped as his wings begins to changed form. He looked at his wings. "Huh?"




FallingCygnus' wings changed into steel-like wings with two small helicopter rotors on the center of both wings.

"I LOVE MY FINAL FORM! !" he squealed, focusing back on Blaze Heatnix as his rotor spins, blowing strong cool wind at the enemy.

"UGHH! !" he tried to endure the cold.

"Freeze Powder!" FallingCygnus opened his beak, blowing icy breath powder at his rotors as it increase the cold. The cold starting to freeze Blaze Heatnix's arms and legs.

"I can't... move!" he tried to escape the attack, but his wings froze from earlier. His body is completely frozen, except his head, FallingCygnus stopped his rotor as it moved 90 degree, blowing like a rocket.

"CYCLONE CYGNUS... " he flew towards at Blaze Heatnix as he slashed him with his left wing. "...WING SLASH!" he finished, breaking Blaze Heatnix's ice body.

"AAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHH! ! !" he cried, starting to plunge down then crashed, no time to get up nor retaliate. "Ughhh... "

While DoubleLibra, Acid Ace, and QueenVirgo are fighting Mattrex...

"RRRAAAWWRRR! ! ! Fureimu (Flame) Crush!" he dashed towards them, but missed.

"Aqua Cannon!" Aqua Libra transformed his right into a blue cannon, shooting waterball at Mattrex as it hit him.


"StealthLazer!" Acid Ace summons a Stealth Jet, firing lasers at Mattrex at his command.


"Rain Shower!" QueenVirgo summons a cloud above Mattrex as it rained down on him.

"GRRRAAAHHHH! ! !" he screeched while steams appeared on his armor. "Stop... STOP THE WATER! !" QueenVirgo vanished the cloud as Mattrex tried to fight back then he sees Acid Ace above him.

Acid Ace began charging up his Acid Calibur's blade with crimson noise around it.

"CRIMSON CALIBUR! !" he dived down, slashing Mattrex with fiercesome power. Mattrex tried to blocked it with his armed claws, but it slashed through them as it hit him.

"GR-RRRRAAAWWWWW! ! !" he roared due to the pain. However, he's still standing.

"IMPOSSIBLE! !" Acid Ace exclaimed. Mattrex punched him, knocking him away by sliding the ground.

"RRRAAWWWRRRR! !" he roared, not seeing QueenVirgo's attack.

"Hydro Dragon!" she summons her water dragon, launching it towards Mattrex. Her water dragon hit Mattrex,
pushing him away.

"GR-GA-GAH-GAH! !" he crashed at the ground.

"Nice shot, Tia!" Acid Ace gave her a thumbs up. QueenVirgo response with a smile.

"Fire Bomb!" Fire Libra launched his fireball at the fallen Mattrex and hit him with a small explosion.

Mattrex stood back up, feeling fired up, thanks to Fire Libra, without knowing.

"RRRAAWWRRR! ! ! Fureimu (Flame) Crush!" he dashed towards the red Libra and rammed into him.

"OOFFHH! !" he crashed into a tree.

"Shepard!" Aqua Libra head to his impaled partner. Without knowing, Mattrex smacks him with his tail. "AAHH! !"

"Fire Bomb!" Fire libra launched his cannon at Mattrex's torso.

"AAAARRGGHH! !" he backed away with few steps.

StarPhoenix took out a Battle Card that has Libra's symbol and was about to download it in his Hunter-VG's card slot until he was interrupted by Flame Hyenard.

"BURN TO THE GROUND! !" he tossed his fireball at him, almost burning the Battle Card.

"Phoenix Burst!" he fired four firebirds at him.

"Rogue Fist!" Rogue sent out multiple purple-flaming fists at him as both of their attacks hit Flame Hyenard.


"Now where was I?" StarPhoenix downloads the Battle Card on his Hunter-VG's card slot.

"Battle Card! Power-Up!" his Hunter-VG alarmed.

Both Fire Libra and Aqua Libra's armor began to glow red and blue.




Fire Libra's arms are covered by flames. His right arm transformed into a bazooka with fire pattern; Aqua Libra's torso is covered in icy cold water armor. His right arm transformed into a bazooka.

"Shepard, with these power, we might have a chance of defeating him!" Libra stated to his partner.

"Libra, let's test our new weapon!" Fire Libra stood back up.

"RRRAAAWWRRR! ! ! This time I'll rip you two apart!" Mattrex threatened as he ran towards them by making loud stomps.

"Libra!" Fire Libra called to his partner, signaling his cue. Aqua Libra replied with a nod.

They both aimed their bazookas at the rampaging dinosaur while charging their attacks.

"SUPER FUREIMU (FLAME) DASH! !" Mattrex covered his entire body with raging magmas with a loud roar, dashing towards the Libras while finishing their charged weapons.

"TORRENT FLARE CANNON! !" both Libras fired their bazookas, combining both water and fire, both in spiral motion heading towards the raging T-Rex.

Their attacks hit Mattrex, pushing him forward while he's endure the attack.


"HYDRO DRAGON! !" a certain water dragon came out of nowhere, hitting Mattrex, increasing their attacks to push Mattrex. It was QueenVirgo who summons her water dragon, obviously.


Acid Ace decides to help out their attacks on the raging T-Rex. He changed his Acid Calibur, Sword Form, into his Gun Form by lifting up the hilt. The hilt extends a gun out.

"Acid Laser!" he fired his laser at Mattrex.

"GGRRRRAAAAAAWWWWWW! ! !" he roared as their attacks finally pushed through him, causing him to lose his balance and crashed at the tree.

Ice Pegasus Megaman, HarpNote, Zero, TaurusFire, and VenomScorpius were fighting Magma Dragoon, who he kept dodging their attacks, like he's predicting their moves.

"Shock Note!" HarpNote sent out a musical note at Magma Dragoon. He countered it by slashing her attack.

"HADOUKEN! !" he fired his signature flame at her.

"Pincer Cannon!" VenomScorpius fired his pincers at the flame.

"Thanks, Kaito!"


"FireBreath!" TaurusFire breathed fire at Magma Dragoon. He took the hit, dashing towards the buffalo.

"BUD, GET OF THERE!" Zero shouted, knowing his former friend's second signature attack.

"SHOURYUKEN! !" Magma Dragoon flame uppercut with both claws at TaurusFire.

"AARRGHH! ! !" he was pushed back, still standing then tighten his right fist. "BERSERK PUNCH! !" he vigorously slammed his fist at Magma Dragoon.


TaurusFire slammed his second fist at him with his left fist then he repeats his punch at the Repliforce commander. After a few more punches, TaurusFire gave him one last punch, smashing him on the ground while the ground shook. "I'd plan that from the beginning!" he shouted. "But it did hurt."

Magma Dragoon rolled backward, backed away from the buffalo with a growl.

"HYAAHH! !" Zero charged at him, slashing his Ice Saber at him, but clashed with his right claw.

"Zero, you dare to fight Master Sigma! ?"

"I planned to, but there's no way I'll let him do what he wishes!" he replied, but Magma Dragoon kicked him away. "OOFH!"

"So naive... Magmabreath!" he breathed out flames with magma at Zero, but he jumped up to dodged his attack then he fly-dashed towards him.

"Raijingeki (Raijin Attack)!" he lit up blue lightning on his Ice Saber as he slashed Magma Dragoon.

"GOOOHHH! !" he crashed on the ground then stood back up.

"Commander Magma Dragoon!" his team mustered together except for Flame Hyenard, still fighting WildUrsa and StarPhoenix.

"BURN WILL YA! ?" he repeatedly threw his fireball at them.

"Not today!" WildUrsa dashed towards him then slashed him.

"AAAHHHH! ! !" he was sent flying towards his comrades, crashing at the ground. "oohhhh... " he groaned.

The StarForce walked in front of them, meters away.

"Had enough, punk-ass Repliforce?" Rogue asked, aiming his blade at them.

"I don't think so." Magma Dragoon smirked. All of a sudden, explosions appeared in front of the StarForce as they backed up. Then, a portal appears behind Magma Dragoon-tachi, revealing their blue-armored comrade.

"Having fun, Commander?" Dynamo asked, standing inside the portal.

"Retreat!" Magma Dragoon ordered as the team quickly enters the portal, including Flame Mammoth who grabbed his detached trunk.

"Ground Fire!" before Mattrex retreat, he fired his flame at the ground in front of the StarForce with a small explosion.

The StarForce cleared the smokes and - apparently - their enemies have escaped.

"CRAP! They've escaped!" Rogue grunted, wishing he would've finish them off sooner.

"Give it a rest, Solo. At least we have this awesome Final Form." FuryWolf said.

FuryWolf, FallingCygnus, and DoubleLibra transformed themselves back to their original forms as the StarForce de-transformed and falls to their knees in exhaustion.

"Oh man... That was harsh... " Geo panted.

"I've never... fought so harsh... in my entire life... " Kaito winded, almost about to faint.

"More importantly... Didn't that dragon-guy say... Zero was one of them?" Tia mentioned while panting.

"Oh yeah! Zero did say he betrayed them, didn't he?" Bud snapped, realizing at that point.

"I was one of them. Sooner or later, I will stop Sigma's evil plan!" Zero gripped his left fist.

"Zero, don't forget. You've got us, we can stop the Repliforce together even if it means death!" Ace assured, grinning.

Magma Dragoon-tachi walked towards Sigma's throne.

"Master Sigma, we've return." they all bowed down.

"Good work, Fiery Blaze. You've done great work, faltering their strength."

"Can't we crush them now! That wolf guy ripped off my trunk!" Flame Mammoth argued, showing his master his detached trunk.

"Let's not be hasty, Flame Mammoth. This is all part of my plan." Sigma gave them his evil smile.

Gate walks in, cutting their conversation.

"Would Magma Dragoon and his comrades like to have some repairs?" he asked.

"After that, power-up my trunk, will ya! ?" Flame Mammoth demands.

"Why of course."

Somewhere in the shadow, a guy in black cloak were watching the entire battle between the StarForce and Fiery Blaze.

"This is even more interesting... Master Sigma didn't mention about Zero's title after the years we've trained him... to be the Supreme Force! It's ashame that Zero hasn't got himself stronger, except he knows Sigma's intention." he looked at his microchip, still waiting for the downloading to be transferred. "How long do I have to wait for the transferring data to be done! ?" he yelled to no one in particular.


The StarForce told the others, who haven't fought, about the battle including Zero, who was one of their best ally. The others treated their injuries after their harsh battle with bandages. Furthermore... Bud's been eating 5 packs of chips to get his energy back.

"I'd never knew Zero was one of the Repliforce, but at least he made the right choice to betray them." Jack felt a bit stunned hearing the news.

"Zero, those upgrade armor you gave me... they didn't do any damage to Sigma." Geo realized, during the day he met him in his brown cloak.

"That's because you haven't master them yet. It takes a while to achieve their abilities."

"By the way Zero, how many Repliforce are they? Including for those we've defeated." Kaito asked.

"To be honest, I've never count their armies when I was part of their member."

"If Zero doesn't know... then I guess we're doom with all of their armies." Kaito shivered, imagining all the Repliforce's armies, with his thought in terror.

"If that's the case, I can train you all and learn new attacks." Zero seriously looked at his friends.

"You bet we do! Before we do that, we all need some shut-eye." Ace recommended.

"How are the Devils' preparation, Gate?" Sigma asked.

"They're perfectly power-up, Master Sigma."

"Excellent! This time, Zero and his pesky insect pals won't win against them!" Sigma grinned evilly.

To be continue...

"Time to begin our training." Zero said, standing in front of the headquarters with the others.

"Sent the Devils to Earth and vaporize them!" Sigma ordered Gate.

"RRRAAWWWRRR! ! ! !" the Devils roared mechanically as they begin smashing random buildings.

"Geo, this time it's our turn to protect you." Scutum, Aquila, and Cerebrus appeared into front of Geo.

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