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Summary: The team's lives are put in danger as a notorious gang leader takes his revenge.

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"…I'm afraid it's bad news."

A single tear escaped Mac's eye and rolled down his face.

"We operated on Miss. Bonasera's brain first. She suffered a traumatic brain injury, this can happen when the person comes into contact with a blunt object."

Lindsay swallowed when she remembered pulling the bookcase from Stella's frail figure.

"This has left Miss. Bonasera unconscious. We're not sure when she'll wake up." Dr. Price coughed briskly, taking in the broken group. "We then operated on her chest and torso where she has three broken ribs, torn cartilage and a great amount of internal bleeding. I was able to give her a blood transfusion after we removed the excess amounts." Danny tightened his grip on Lindsay's shoulders.

The doctor took a deep breath before continuing, "We had some complications at this point, she…she flat lined twice. Her heart was rejecting the new blood and stopped beating, but we restarted it and it's pumping the blood around her body now." Flack was sat with his eyes closed, head in his hands.

"I've inserted a tube into her throat to help her breathing. Miss. Bonasera also sustained a broken left arm. The brake wasn't too bad; it should heal up just nicely."

Mac winced before asking, "Will…will she be alright when she wakes up?" It hurt him deeply to think about Stella not waking up at all.

"She will have trouble with cognition, like thinking and reasoning at first. Also, the back of her brain was damaged as she hit her head, meaning she could have problems with her sight."

Flack's head shot up, "She's gonna be blind?" He couldn't control his emotions anymore.

"She's won't be blind, we repaired most of the damage. She may have problems seeing objects up close or far away. She may also see temporary black patches that could last up to a few hours. I won't be able to tell for sure until she wakes up. She needs to be kept from exposure to bright lights for a while…so she needs to wear a bandage across her eyes. She also suffered minor burns across her eyes and nose, so the bandage covers those too.""

Flack tired to regain his composure, he was breathing heavily.

Danny stroked the back of Lindsay head. Mac turned his head to look out of the window; he didn't want to hear anymore.

"Miss. Bonasera will be moved into this room when the tube in her throat is removed. There are no visitors permitted at the moment in the ICU. I'll return when she's being moved into this room."

With that Dr. Price slowly made for the door taking one last glance at the remaining four.

Adam scratched his head as he stared up at the tall building that used to house the crime lab.

"…So he's alright?...That's good…" Adam could hear Sheldon on his phone at the side of the street. "And what about her?...Yeah…uhuh, I thought so. Okay…yeah, we're just meeting the Jersey guys…Yep, I'll call you with updates. Okay, see you."

Adam looked at Sheldon expectantly, "How are they?"

Sheldon shook his head, "Mac's still awake, he seems fine. Stella…" he paused and sighed "…no change."

Adam nodded as he looked towards the corner of the building. He was greeted by the sight of a group of people carrying shiny metal cases, donning navy blue NJPD vests and jackets. There were three men and two women. The eldest man stretched out his hand as they neared, "Hi, I'm Nathan Flemming." He had perfectly combed brown hair and was the only member of the group wearing a suit, hidden underneath his jacket.

Sheldon reached for his hand, the sun glistening from his glasses. "Hello, I'm Sheldon Hawkes and this is Adam Ross." He looked at the rest of the New Jersey team. His eyes focused on a woman with long blonde hair as she stepped forward to introduce herself. "I'm Kate Lewis. And this is Craig Newman, Elizabeth Sanchez and Aaron Channing." The other three members of the group waved.

As the crowd of people moved towards the entrance of the building Adam noticed Nathan place his hand on Kate's lower back. They must be the Mac and Stella of Jersey.

The Crime lab was almost non-existent. All of the glass panes had been shattered, the yellow walls tainted with lines of black ash. Debris littered the floors, along with the remaining parts of expensive machines.

Sheldon began speaking to Nathan about where the bombs had gone off. He then started to make a floor plan of the lab. The Jersey team then changed into their overalls and got to work.

"We need something to get their attention!" Johnny Romano slammed his hands on the table in front of him. It was littered with photographs of all of the team while they worked.

"We need something to get back at them with, let 'em know who they're dealing with." He pointed at a photo, "We need this one. Get him and bring him to me. Hank, you're on this one."

"Yes boss." A large man turned and left for the door. Romano had returned to his old hide out; a derelict building on the outskirts of the city.

Another man spoke up, "But boss, why do we need one of Taylor's guys?"

Johnny whipped around to face a heavily built man, "We need him to get to Mac Taylor. When we get to Mac Taylor, we've proved our point. You can't send us down to lock up. You can't force us or make us do anything!" His face rapidly became an angry red.

"Sorry boss, I just…I…" He trailed off when he saw Johnny stomp towards him.

Johnny smacked the man across the face, "You turning Judas on me?"

"No boss. It's a good plan."

"Good. Now go and see if you can find out anything else about our little detectives."

Johnny returned to the table with the photographs and picked up a headshot, "We'll be seeing each other soon, eh?" He laughed as he dropped the picture onto the floor; enticing blue eyes facing downwards.

"You ready yet?"

Danny and Lindsay had gone home to shower and change. They had planned to leave the hospital for a minimum of an hour. One hour quickly turned into three.

"I'm coming." She shrugged on her jacket as she walked towards him. He reached out to put his arms on her waist when the shrill ring of his phone interrupted them.

"Hello?" His eyes widened as he listened intently to the person on the other end of the call.

"They did?"

Lindsay focused on her husband he lowered his head.

"Alright…and they haven't been seen at all?...Okay."

Lindsay looked on confused, "Is everything alright? Is it Stella?"

"It was Hawkes. The uh…the Jersey team, they've interviewed everyone who was in the lab before the bombs went off, all but three officers. Christopher Moore, James Garcia and Thomas Clarke."

"…The officers who took Romano and his boys to lock up."

Danny nodded then continued, "And they haven't been seen since the morning of the bombings."

"Do Jersey think they planted them?"

Danny nodded again, "They found prints, well partials that matched on parts of the timers used."

The sound of Danny's phone once again filled the apartment, "It's Flack"

He lifted his cell to his ear..."She's awake."

Mac sighed as he stared over at a pale Stella. She had a white bandage around her eyes that pressed down on her limp curls. He knew she would be upset at the mess her hair would be in after it was taken off, he laughed inwardly at the thought of it. The tube in her throat had been removed and replaced by an oxygen mask. Her body was covered by various bandages and the thin bed sheet. He only remembered certain parts of Dr. Price's diagnosis, he tried to block out the worst parts; eyesight, ribs, bleeding.

Flack had gone outside to phone Danny and Lindsay after she had woken up. She had been awake for, well he didn't know how long, but she been awake long enough to panic and call for him. He was angry at himself for not being able to reach her from his bed. He couldn't make sense of what she had mumbled. By the time Flack came back into the room she had stopped thrashing and had fallen back into unconsciousness. The nurse had told them it must have been a bad dream for her to react so violently. Danny and Lindsay arrived 15 minutes later out of breath and fixing dishevelled clothing; it was clear they ran up the twenty flights of stairs leading to the room.

Flack warned them, "Shh! She's fallen asleep again. She was only having a bad dream before, she was startled. The nurse said it happens sometimes."

Lindsay was sat on the edge of Mac's bed equipped with a black marker. Flack and Danny had laughed when they saw what she had drawn on his cast.

Mac glanced down at his leg, Mac & Stella Always.

"How mature. Is this your way of asking for dumpster duty for the next couple weeks?"

Lindsay frowned then shrugged nonchalantly, "I'm just making sure everyone knows."

Flack had already scrawled his name and get well underneath. Danny had decided to write something instead of his name.

"…Don loves Dr. Rainey? Did you really have to write that on Mac's cast?"

Danny grinned at him. Mac laughed along with Lindsay, he had already seen the way Don had looked at te doctor. He saw them talking while they thought he was resting.

"Now everyone can see it!" Lindsay chuckled while Flack blushed. He knew the emphasis on everyone meant Dr. Rainey herself.

They continued talking for over an hour. One of the nurses opened the door and stuck her head in, "Visiting hours finish at 9, but I'll give you all to half past to say good bye." She winked and then left.

Lindsay pulled a face, "The nurses around here have taken a liking to us, I think."

Mac then looked out of the glass where the nurses' station was situated, "No, I actually think it has something to do with her." He looked pointedly in Dr. Rainey's direction. Flack waved as she walked past the glass, she smiled then buried her head in the file she was holding.

"Well Donny boy…try denying it now." Flack busied himself with his cell to hide the red that had crept onto his cheeks.

The laughter in the room had soon died down when a pained groan was heard from the far end of the room.

Danny stood from his chair walking over to her, "Stella?"

"…Ooow." Her right hand slowly moved towards the bandage across her eyes. Danny softly took her wrist and placed it down on the sheet, "No, no, don't touch that yet."

She whimpered, her throat dry, "…Hu…hurts." They could hardly hear her for the oxygen mask.

Mac then turned to an alerted Lindsay, "Get the doctor. She's awake again!"

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