~~Sequel to A Thorned Rose~~

A.N: Originally, this Mercenaries Fan Fiction was written by lilmickey2008 and I asked and he said that I could write a sequel to it. So, here it is. ENJOY!


Location: London, England, 12:00 PM GMT

"Jennifer?" James Holt called out across the room. "Jen?" He called again, venturing farther into Jen's penthouse apartment. All James had been given was a post-it note left on his pillow at the military hospital last night.

'Meet me in London, in my penthouse apartment of building A, 573 Wellington Blvd.

I'll be waiting for you.'


James had been previously wounded in the heat of rescuing Jennifer from Song's evil clutches. He had literally taken not one, but two bullets for her. When he had woken up, he was in the A.N.'s military hospital. He had been lucky: the bullets barely missed his vital organs. After a while, Jennifer had come back to his room. And when James had thought he was done for, she gave him the surprise of his life: a sexy hospital bed romance. The next day, James had been up and out of bed for a walk to stretch his legs. When he returned to his room, he immediately noticed the yellow piece of square paper, covered in a neat, cursive font.

Now he was standing in front of her apartment door. It was left slightly ajar. When no reply came to James, he took out his side arm from his holster in his jacket, loaded it, and cocked it as quietly as he could. He cautiously opened the door all the way, nosing his gun around the wooden frame. He continued onwards into the little kitchenette. A carton of orange juice had been left out on the marble counter along with a glass half full that had remnants of the pulp on the sides. Someone had taken a sip of it. James then pressed on towards what looked like the master suite with an attached bathroom. Again, the door was left ever so slightly open. This could be dangerous territory, thought James, if Jen was playing a mere joke on him. He continued on inside. Jennifer's room had a seductive shade of burgundy painted on her walls. The bed was not made. The sheets matched the room in a slightly lighter shade. The curtains were closed, leaving the room in barely visible light. James proceeded around the room. It was empty. He went towards the bathroom. This time, for once, the door was shut. James slowly turned the door handle.

"Jennifer?" He whispered.

"Mmmmmhmhmhmh!" Jen was tied and gagged in the bathtub. James rushed forward and frantically took the gag out of her mouth.

"Bloody hell! It's a trap! Get out! Now!" She yelled. James stood in shock for a moment. When he turned around, he felt the cold barrel of a shot gun meet his neck.

"You thought you could get away with this, eh? Not this time."