Jennifer was in complete shock. She had never expected James to propose, especially so soon. She felt her heart beating in her head, her lungs struggling for air. Her brain finally sent a message to her body to take in a breath. However, she was still speechless, with tiny tears welling up in the corners of her eyes.

"Jennifer?" James looked up at the woman he loved, feeling confident that she would say yes to his proposal. He gazed deeply into her pretty eyes with all his heart, hoping that she loved him the same way he loved her.

~Three Months Later~

The warm Dominican breeze mixed in with the sounds of the waves of the ocean was one of the most soothing things she had ever felt. She had never known things could have turned out the way they did in all her life. It was a practical dream come true. From the first moment she met him, she never would have expected something great to come out of their partnership. Jennifer felt she was never more at peace than now, at a tropical beach, with a cold beer in her hand, lying on a hammock next to James Holt, her husband.