Disclaimer: I'm thinking that Rust Blaster is made by, or published by, Square Enix.

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Pairings: AlOC

Warnings: The only warning is that this is a twist. This takes place in the pirate days!

I had gone down the drain.

I had been alone for only a month and I think that I might soon die of starvation. I had lost my parents when they tried to stop a robbery. They thought they could be heroes, but they couldn't. They were shot.

"At least they died instantly."

That's what I've always told myself.

That was before I realized that I can't get through the world without parents to take care of me. I've resorted to stealing food and I wasn't particularly good at it because my conscience would grip my limbs and thoughts. My pride prevented me from surviving. The only way I could make some coins to survive was by performing on the streets and hoping that someone would come along, enjoy my performance, and throw a coin or two into the hat I had bought.

All I do is sing a bit. My voice is pleasant. It's not good, but it's not bad either. I've learned to juggle some bright colored balls I had bought with the coins I gathered soon after I was kicked out of my house. That talent earned me some more coins and I soon learned to juggle many other things through interaction from the crowd.

I can sometimes afford to be able to stay at a hotel room for a night, but then I'd have to wait two weeks before I could do that again. I had lost many pounds due to not eating since it was hard to get the money to buy a proper meal.

I feel like an animal.

I take food from trash and I actually sleep in a box with a tattered blanket I had found on the side of the street one day. The only time I got a shower was when I got a room in a hotel so I was dirty and stinky all the time, basically.

After a while of living so badly I had learned to swallow my pride and kill my conscience. I had stolen and now I eat two to three times a day. I sometimes steal extra to sell to the kids in the alley so I can stay at a hotel more often. After spending a day at a hotel and getting cleaned up I managed to get a job there working as this little assistant.

That earned me a place to sleep all the time along with being able to eat two times a day. No one can tell how grateful I am for these things.

These are the kinds of things that a child of ten shouldn't have to go through until they're thirteen. Still, one year later I'm still in the same spot.

That is, until I find a new family and a new source of food and shelter. There's only one way for an orphan to be able to make it through these hard times with a "family" to boot.

I honestly like being a pirate.

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