Logan didn't realize it, but he growled when anyone other than Marie came too close to Ethan. Marie begged him to stop. She was afraid he would frighten off all potential baby sitters.

Everyone in the cabin could tell he was a good father...if only a little unconventional. By the time Ethan was a month old, Logan was comfortable enough to stroll around the cabin with his son in his arm. He was so tiny, Logan could easily carry his little body in one hand with a bit of support from his forearm.

One evening, as Bobby, Kitty, Piotr and Storm sat in the living room chatting, Logan strode out of his and Marie's room to the refrigerator to pick up a beer. He popped the top and took a swig, not bothering to spare anyone else a glance.

Logan stood in the kitchen with his son securely held in one arm while he held a beer bottle in the other hand. He felt eyes on them and shot them an annoyed, questioning look, "What?"

All four of them jumped and shook their heads, "Nothing."

During the weeks following Ethan's birth, the professor had collected on the insurance policy for the mansion after "reminding" the agent at the company that the explosion was caused by a natural gas leak.

He'd found a few promising properties in upstate New York and called Logan into his room for his opinion, which Logan found slightly strange.

Logan closed the door behind him, "Now this is a first. I figured Hank or Storm would be the first you'd ask about a new school."

The professor smiled wisely, "I know Hank and Storm are thoroughly devoted to the school, but neither of them will have children living there."

Logan gave a nod and raised a brow, "Yea...true."

The professor turned his laptop around and motioned for Logan to look at it. Logan looked down at the picture of a large estate that made the mansion look like a middle class home. The professor watched Logan's reaction, "I think you'll like this one because it has a rather beautiful 2 bedroom guest cottage located in the back of the property behind a pond."

Logan nodded, "Guest cottage..."

"I suspect that since you have a son, you won't be pulling any of your infamous disappearing acts...and you'll need a stable home for Ethan and Rogue. I'm offering that to your family, in exchange that you will accept a permanent position as self defense and danger room instructor at the school."

Logan raised his eyebrows and shoved his hands in his pockets as he looked down at his feet for a brief moment. At this point, more than anything, he wanted a stable place to live for Marie and Ethan and he was being offered that...even if it did include teaching rugrats five days a week. He almost laughed aloud when he remembered he now had a rugrat of his very own. He looked back up and nodded, "Thanks Chuck...I'll take the offer."

The two shook hands before Logan left to fill Marie in on their future home.

Three months later, Logan was moving and unpacking heavy boxes into the guest cottage located off of the new Xavier Institute for the Gifted. He had just finished helping in the mansion and Marie refused to let him have a beer until he finished unpacking the cub's room.

The cub. That's what he had started calling Ethan when he noticed the boy would quiet down if Logan gave a low growl when he was crying. He responded the same way cubs did in the wild.

Marie hated it. "Don't call my doodlebug a cub!" she'd whine before kissing the baby's nose. He never understood why it was ok for her to call their child an insect, but he couldn't simply call him what he was...the son of a Wolverine...a cub.

He grumbled slightly as he began unpacking boxes, muttering to himself about why he knew where all his son's tiny onesies, blankies and stuffed animals went. It was official...he'd gone irreparably soft.

He held one plain white onesie up and looked around. When he was reassured he was alone, he put the onesie to his face and inhaled deeply. It was the first thing Ethan ever wore...and he had outgrown it months ago. He allowed himself to smile as he cradled the tiny article of clothing in his hands.

He was so distracted, he didn't hear Marie walk in holding Ethan. When she said his name, he jumped and tossed the onesie into a nearby drawer as he cleared his throat, "Hey...sup?"

Marie laughed a little as her eyes traveled to the drawer, "Whatcha doin' in here hon?"

He rolled his eyes and took Ethan from her as she opened the drawer and snatched out the onesie, "Aw...daddy was lookin' at your old clothes doodlebug!"

Logan groaned and scowled, which was in stark contrast to the gentle circles he was rubbing on his son's back, "I was just wondering how the hell many clothes we're gonna have to buy for the cub."

Marie smirked, "Sure you were...and quit callin' him a cub!"

Logan had already turned around and left the room with Ethan in his arms, muttering something about a "damn bug".

Marie followed Logan into the living area of the cottage and smiled as he laid Ethan down in his swing. She walked up behind him and rubbed his shoulders, "You're still a badass honey...even if you do change diapers and sniff baby onesies. You're our badass."

He turned around and grabbed her waist, snatching her body to his. He smirked and kissed her neck, "Say badass again..."

She let her head fall back to allow his lips full access to her neck as she laughed and whispered, "Badass..."

He growled seductively as he let his lips trail up to her jawline before he pushed her off toward the bedroom, playfully spanking her ass in the process.

He reached over and turned on the music player on the swing as he smirked at his near-asleep son, "You're gonna need something to drown out this noise, kiddo."

When Logan walked into the bedroom, he found Marie wearing nothing but his leather jacket, "Professor Howlett...I could really use some extra credit..."

He peeled off his shirt and tossed it away as she eyed him hungrily. He began unbuttoning his pants, "What are you willing to do for your extra credit?"

She kneeled before him and yanked his pants off of his hips before wrapping her hand around his hardening shaft. She looked up at him and whispered, "Just about anything."

Logan shut his eyes and shuddered as he felt her mouth swallow his cock. He blindly reached over to grab a hold of the dresser to keep himself steady. He swore he would've ended up on the floor in a useless pile of adamantium and flesh if he hadn't held onto something.

She sucked half of his length into her mouth as she worked the rest of his member with her delicate hand, squeezing and caressing in tune with the movements of her mouth. He lightly grasped her hair as he bit his lip to keep from yelling out in pleasure. She was too damn good at this.

He glanced down at her and almost came right then and there. Her eyes were closed and she was fully emersed in the act that she was performing. He'd never seen anyone give head the way Marie did. All of the other times he'd ever gotten his dick sucked before, the girls either stared up at him awkwardly or handled his cock like it was some sort of snake they were afraid of. Marie was the only one who acted as if she truly loved the act of giving head.

He shook his head and rubbed her forehead with his thumb as a signal for her to stop. She released him from her mouth with a delicious *plop* sound. She stood and laid on the bed as he followed close behind. He immediately put his face between her thighs, quickly gliding a tongue over her slit. She jumped and moaned softly as he began to prod her with his tongue, causing her to writhe in pleasure.

When Marie reached down to run her fingers through his hair, Logan eagerly grasped her thigh and deepened the movements of his tongue.

When he was satisfied she'd had all she could take, he climbed up her body and kissed her neck as he took his position between her legs. He began to enter her, but stopped and looked down into her eyes.

She gave him a worried look, "What's wrong baby?"

He took a deep breath, "Did you put another one of those rings in?"

She laughed, "No more rings for us. I am a pill girl now."

He let out a small breath and pushed inside of her as she arched her back and moaned loudly, which made him put a finger to her lips to signal for her to quiet down. He shivered as her firm nipples brushed against his chest.

He wished he could make it last forever, but knowing their son was in the next room waiting to interrupt at the perfect moment gave them both a sense of urgency.

He hooked one of her legs under his arm, which soon pushed them both over the edge. He pumped into her with fierce abandon as he emptied himself inside of her, losing control and crying out her name in the process. She tried to cover his mouth, but it was too late. The cries of an infant erupted from the next room.

Marie smirked as Logan lifted his head to look at her, "Nice going, badass."

Logan rolled off of her and stood, disappearing into the bathroom for a moment before walking out, wearing a pair of boxers. He padded out to the living room and stopped the swing before picking his son up, giving a slight growl that, as usual, quieted him immediately.

He shook his head and smiled. He may be a mushy, loving father and partner at home, but as long as he was still a true badass to the people outside of their house, all would be well with the world.

The End

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