Warnings: femnaru, slight cursing (actually I don't think there is any cursing in this chapter… but later chapters might)

Sarutobi sighed as he sat at the desk of his recently late successor. Seven days ago Kyuubi had attacked, taking the lives of hundreds of shinobi. Minato, the fourth Hokage, had sacrificed his life for the wellbeing of the village by sealing the Kyuubi into his newborn daughter.

Sadly, some hateful villager had found Naruto and decided he would take it upon himself to rid the world of the demon. Naruto was found by Sarutobi in a sewer, near death. If it hadn't been for the Kyuubi healing her she would have died.

The entire ordeal didn't leave Naruto unscathed though, she was found missing her eyes. Kyuubi regenerated them, but for some reason they don't work.

Sarutobi had asked his old student, Jiraiya, to care for Minato's daughter by taking her away from the village and training her to be a blind kunoichi until the genin exams.

"Don't worry, Minato" Sarutobi thought, "I'm sure Jiraiya will take very good care of her."

Time skip, 12 years~

"Oi, Ero- sennin! Are we there yet?" Naruto asked for what felt like the hundredth time.

Jiraiya scowled and looked down at the little shrimp, "For the last time Naruto, we will be there in about an hour!"

"You said that an hour ago!" Naruto said in a whining, grating voice that Jiraiya was convinced she practiced alone just to annoy him. Jiraiya sighed, why'd he even agree to train the little gaki?

When they reached the gates to the village they received many strange looks. The villagers didn't know about Naruto so when they saw the great Sannin Jiraiya walking with a little girl, they were very curious.

Naruto could feel the villagers' stares on her, but ignored them. She figured they were staring at her because she was able to walk around with a cloth covering her eyes. She couldn't care less about what people thought about her anyhow. When Jiraiya had described Konoha to her he made it sound like a utopia so naturally Naruto was slightly (very) disappointed, Konoha sounded like any other village they had been to, and it smelled normal too.

"Maybe it looks really cool…" Naruto thought to herself.

"Come on gaki" Jiraiya said breaking her out of her thoughts, "It's time to meet the Hokage."

A/N- Okay I know it's short, but I will update often :] I'm still deciding on the pairing but I'm pretty sure I know what it will be. The story can go in 3 possible directions and I'm trying to decide which I like the best :]