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11. noiseless

'"You will learn why a banshee screams my dear," A voice whispers in her ear. Astrid bolts up right. Grass lines on her fact having fallen asleep on in the meadow. Her deadly nadder chews aimlessly on an old fish bone nearby. Merely a dreamIt was sunset, and the sky had clouded to a tri-layer mix of yellow, pink, and fuchsia glowing of early summer. "Come on were late," she urges trying to get to dragon to stand. The nadder does not respond. "Uhg fine." Astrid throws her hands up in the air and turns to walk the rest of the way back to the Village. She can see from the top of the hill that the ship has already arrived and a group of people have gathered around it. She rushes down the hill join them. But as soon as she's close enough to touch them she realizes something is very wrong. The mob murmurs lowly, morbidly. Astrid hears none of it.

Four men walk off the ship, several others carry something behind them.

They brought his body back in a coffin so it could be properly buried. Astrid feels death swim over her like a blanket, cold and lifeless, stealing the breath within her beneath it. Everything about her feels detached and muted. She backs away as though she was being pulled by a thread in the small of her back by a fishing lure. She feels her feet pounding against the muddy rock soil mindlessly taking her up the mountain.

Her knees ache and throb as she breaches the crest of the mountain. Sadness pours into her like something other worldly and begins to shake like a mass of rocks. Astrid falls onto the ground still soggy from the previous day's rain. Water seeping into her like life, rocky soil and stones poking her cheeks, and she cries, primitively into the muck.

Her eyes burst open. It is before sunrise the world is dark indigo and purple. A pair of shoes steps in front of her view. "Want to know the greatest of secrets my dearie," she speaks. Astrid immediately stops weeping and feels the sadness stop quaking in her. The woman is about as old as the dirt she lays in and is missing an array of front teeth.

Her clothes are mismatched, baggy, and filthy. "The greatest of all catastrophes and tragedies for those of the afterlife, is that life goes on, humanity lives on. The world continues on fucking turning" Astrid sits up. The earthquake feeling has left her. Replaced by a feeling of nothingness. The tooth missing woman pauses scratching her remaining teeth with her pinkie finger staring out at the sprawl beneath them," Shittiest reward for all our struggle if you ask me. Though you might want to forget your life, it'll keep you from going crazy in the days to come. You're dead my dear embrace death it's all you've got anymore. "

"What do you mean I'm dead?" Astrid said blatantly slightly angry.

The ancient looking lady sighs and smiles slyly. "Ahhhhhhhh,"she drones," I know what it is that you're thinking, do you remember where the warriors were going?"

"On a raid."

"And why would the man in your mind go on a raid? Hmm?" She paused to let Astrid ponder it for a second. Hiccup went on a raiding mission...but why.

"He's got one leg and is a damn blacksmith for heavens sakes girl!"

Her eyes go wider. But she does not cry. The old lady smiles deviously again as the cogs and juices twist in Astrid's mind and on her face like some sort of horrible clock.

"From dust you were created and to dust you will return, the reward for death is life, humanity cannot exist without death. And you're dead." the woman says nearly kindly.

Astrid only barely hears her. Her feet pounding with her heart. All the way down the mountain side. She does not hear her own rushed breathing that comes with running. Or the loud

squish that her feet should make. Or the sound of the dragons roaring. Or wind whishing past her ears.

She sees Hiccup kneel in front of a tombstone as the sun peeks over the edge of the earth. Toothless snuggles up beside him. The earthquake feeling rushes back into her being. The cold

blanket of ice falls on top of her from the sky, tears well in eyes like lake burning like razor blades as the fall down her cheeks. Hiccup's eyes are red. She does not hear him weeping. Or

hear the dragon curdle. Or the scream in her own mouth. Her reward.

12. Uterus

Toothless was the first to notice the difference. Astrid often smelled of Hiccup, but after a time the scent always faded. The scent had become a permanent accompany to her own. She stood in front of the table chopping vegetables to be made into stew. Curiosity overcame unhappiness. Toothless nudges her elbow with his nose, rubbing his head against her leg like a giant cat. Astrid is startled nearly dropping the knife. For nearly a month now he had been curled up in unhappiness in a corner by the fire place.

Astrid rubs her fingertips of the scales of Toothless' temple making the dragon close his eyes in pleasure. For a second Astrid expects the dragon to begin purring. She rolls her eyes and returns to cutting vegetables for the nights stew. Toothless shakes his head back and forth as he sits back on his hunches. He sniffs the air happily. Yes the smell has definitely returned. He stares at the woman chopping onions confusedly. Astrid sees him eyeing her. "What, "she says sarcastically, "You want some." She dangles a piece of carrot out in front of his face. Horrified the dragon topples backward, spinning around knocking over a chair.

"Don't worry, "Astrid replies tossing the carrots in the stew pots."I won't you make you eat them." She bends over and rights the chair, "For something so nimble you sure are clumsy." As soon as she stood completely upright Toothless rushed over and began circling her; sniffing. Astrid gapes open mouthed at the nightfury. He suddenly stops and sits back on his haunches. "Okay what the hell is wrong with you?"She blurts. The dragon gazes back at her with equal frustration.

She smelled like Hiccup, but she couldn't smell like Hiccup. Two months ago they'd covered him with soil and stones. Toothless snorts at her. What the hell is wrong with you?

Astrid tilts her head to once side. She had no idea what had made the dragon go berserk. Toothless wouldn't know until the newborn curiously sticks its hands up his nostrils.

13. Pork

It was frankly the ugliest thing and the cutest thing Tuffnut had ever laid eyes on it. It was pink as a baby and hairy as an old man. Its skin was stained and wrinkly a like an old man's but the creature ran amuck like a toddler snorting and sniffing everything. Honking like an angry swan. "What the heck is it," he asks the trader boarding the ship with a chest in his arms. "It's a pig." His voice thick with Britianium accent.

"What do you do with it?"

"Either make it look for truffles or eat it."

Tuffnut looked at the man blankly, "What's a truffle."

"Never mind," the trader replies," Just eat it."

The man rolls his eyes as Tuffnut begins poking it with his spear. The pig merely oinks angrily and walks away. "What do you feed it?" Tuffnut calls to the trader.

"Whatever the hell you like."

14. Vinegar

Hiccup winces. "Just stay still." Astrid commands dabbing his shoulder with a wad of cloth.

"Sorry, touching a sun burn causes this thing called pain."

"Oh grow up, besides the Vinegar is supposed to be helping right."

"No, the vinegar is working, it's the dabbling that's hurting, could you somehow do it I don't know, softer."

Astrid's nostrils flare. She slaps the sunburn. Giving Hiccup at few seconds to heave over in pain before pouring the bottle of vinegar onto the burn. Astrid smiles as Hiccup sighs

with relief.

15. Luck

The monstrous nightmare follows closely behind her. Orange fire colored eyes wide and worry filled, wings and tail tucked in. Gimle reaches out and pats the head of her dragon with her

good arm. "Its okay Nidhogg, it's probably only a sprain." This did little to calm the nightmares fears and he began to coo, almost like crying, nestling her with his nose. She brushes off

The nightmare and begins walking toward the medicine woman's house again. It was a warm sunshine filled day of early fall, the leaves already glowed red and gold. Gimle had wanted

to get as much flying in as possible before the hail set in when she fell. There already another patient waiting on the bench outside of the healer's tiny hut. Gimle sits down cross-legged

next to Mrs. Thorson; Nidhogg laying his giant head on her shoulder, still whining.

"Get in a fight," the middle aged Viking asks smirking. Eyeing the few scrapes and bruises as well as the slightly swelling forearm. Her blonde hair is parted in two white blonde braids that

hide all notion of grey if there were any. Still as pretty as when she was young according to her mom.

"Nah just fell off of this guy when he took too big of a swoop during a turn. I'm lucky I didn't hit too many branches on the way down though."

Mrs. Thorson chuckles slightly, "Nightmares are quite the showoffs." With this Nidhogg glares at the woman. "Yeah you don't look much like the fighting type anyway."

"I can fight," Gimle retorts.

She looks Gimle up and down, "You can."

"I have seven older brothers."

Her smile grows. "I forgot about that, heh with seven brother you can probably hold your own, me and Tuffnut used to fight like weasels, "she says leaning back in the seat."How are your

parents anyway been so busy I really haven't talked to them much in the past couple of years."

Gimle shrugs, "Same old, same old, busy too I guess."

"Well eight kids in 12 years I'd say so," she snorts.

Gimle smiles. Ruffnut grins back at her, attempting to hide the sorrow behind it. Hiccup had married Astrid. Fishlegs died by accident during a fishing trip, part of her still missed him. Her

brother and Snotlout were the only two boys left her age. And at the time she'd rather have chopped up her own intestine and eat them raw than marry Snotlout. So at the age of 17 her

father married her off to an older man whose first wife had died in childbirth. He already had five children, humongous by Berk's standards, meaning no time for any of her own.

Ruffnut licks her lips and turns her head toward the town below. Unni, Snotlout's wife pulls water out of the town well. ...Cut up her own entrails, then again, Unni had three children.

"Never complain about the fate you choose." Ruffnut whispers to herself. She never thought she'd want it that much. Arve's children already had had a mother and in no way had

searched for one in her.

"Why are you here," Gimle pipes up, "If you don't mind me asking?"

The children were nearly completely grown now. "I think Frigg finally smiled at me."

Flos the healer opened the door, "All right next patient." Gimle grins happily as Ruffnut walks in side. Lady luck had always been fickle.

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