Rowena Von Hayle is not your average daughter of a polition. She meets Damien when her father took her to see a friend of his. Thats when everthing went bad. Rowena's mother is never around. Mark is jealious. And to make it worse Rowens is in love with the Anti-Christ.

Disclame: I do not own The Omen.

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The Omen

Chapter one: The Meeting.

I woke early I don't know what time it was because I was to tired to look at my clock. It was still dark out and it was silent so it was before seven in the morning. I heard dad calling me from downstairs,

'' C'mon Raven.''

''Ok, ok I'm coming.'' I got up and went into the bathroom. I changed into my black and purple Shakespearean type shirt and black jeans. I went back to my room and got a couple of books and my boots, which took less time than I thought to put on. I ran down the stairs and grabbed my satchel that was hanging on the banister. I put my books into my bag and looked at dad. He smiled knowingly, like he always did when he was about to use my real name teasingly but he knows I don't like to be called by my real name.

''Rowena it's a two hour drive to the Thorn estate, I really don't think you'll be able to read all three books.''

''Well you never know. Better to have something and not need it than to not have something and need it.'' Dad chuckled at this and lead me out the door to his Bentley outside. Carl, our driver, started the car once we were inside. As the car pulled out of the drive I was lost in thought. I knew dad was going to see a friend of his from the military academy he went to when he was growing up. I think his name is Richard Thorn and he has a son, Mark Thorn, and a nephew, Damien Thorn-who is living with him after his parents died. I think Mark and Damien are the same age as me, which is 15. I twirled my black hair around my finger as I looked out the window at the chilly December morning in thought.

About two hours later I closed my book and put it back into my bag. The car stopped in front of the Thorn estate and Carl opened the door for dad and me. I stepped out and followed dad to the front door. He knocked and the door opened. Richard and his wife, Ann, greeted us.

''Charles its good to see you again.'' Richard shook dads hand.

''You too Richard,'' dad looked at me ''and this is my daughter Rowena.'' Richard smiled and shook my hand.

''Charmed to meet you Rowena.'' I smiled

''Thank you Mr. Thorn but please call me Raven.''

''Of course Raven.'' Then Richard and Ann lead us inside to the sitting room. As we sat, the butler offered to take my coat and bag. I nodded and handed them to him. Richard smiled and looked toward the grand staircase. ''The boys should be coming down soon.'' As if right on cue two forms approached the top of the stairs. They were both in suits of a dark blue. Ann spoke,

''Boys there is someone I want you to meet.'' The boys exchanged glances as they walked down the stairs. They stopped at the end of the couch and looked at me. Richard cleared his throat.

''Boys this is Raven. Raven this is my son, Mark.'' Mark smiled and bowed '' And this is my nephew Damien.'' Damien stepped forward and took my hand.

''Its lovely to finally meet you Raven.'' He let go and stepped back. I was positive that I was blushing. I heard Ann tell dad something.

''Always the gentleman Damien is .'' Richard stood up.

''Ann, Charles lets leave them to get to know each other better.'' He glanced at Mark and Damien with a look that said 'Don't do anything stupid'. Ann, dad and Richard left the room. Mark and Damien sat on the opposite couch. I looked at them, unsure of what to say. Damien had a skeptical looked on his face.

''Hmm I don't think Raven is your real name Raven.'' Mark looked at me then Damien with a confused look.

''What are you talking about Damien? It has to be her real name.'' I chuckled causing them to look at me.

''Damien, you caught on to that quicker than I thought. My real name is Rowena but I really don't like it so Raven is my name.'' I explained easily. They looked at me and Mark shook his head.

''I think Rowena is a perfect name.'' He smiled at me. Damien chuckled

''Raven is right….although Rowena has a regal air to it.'' I smirked

''I'll keep that in mind.''

''So Raven, do you have any hobbies?''

''Yes actually. I love to read and write. You?''

''Ah yes sports and reading. Mark here, only has an eye for sports.''

''I do not. I also enjoy going to the military academy.''

''But you have to go'' I listened to them bicker. I looked at Damien and smiled. He looked up and smiled back. Mark's eyebrow twitched slightly. I glanced away for a second. I could feel my face heating up. Granted it was easy to tell that Mark was a bit jealous. It seemed that they both where trying to get my attention. I think I kind of liked the attention. Mark decided to change the subject.

''So Raven what books do you like?''

''Well I love vampire novels, not the romance kind mind you. I can't stand sappy romance novels. I also like anything supernatural from ghosts to demons.''

''So you like action, thrillers and suspense right?''

''yes I do.''

''With vampires and supernatural beings, correct?'' Damien chimed in

''yes.'' I could literally see the gears working in their heads, uh oh I think I might find extra books at home.

''Anything else?'' Damien's question snapped me from my trance.

''Well…..manga I guess.''


''Manga, Japanese comic books. They are read right to left.''

''What..manga's do you like?'' Mark seemed to struggle with saying 'manga'.

''Naruto, Yu Yu hakusho, Yu-Gi-Oh, Defense Devil, Inuyasha, and that's only some of them.'' I don't think they even heard of most of them by their expressions. ''What?''

''Sorry Raven, spaced out for a minute.''

''yeah, that's a lot to remember. I should have wrote it down.'' Mark then realized what he said ''oops.'' Damien shot him a glare.

''Remember and write down?'' then realization dawned on me. ''You know it takes a lot more than lavishing me to get on my good side.''

''Hey you can't blame a guy for trying.''

''No I can't but be warned, I do have a hard time making up my mind sometimes.'' I smirked deviously. Mark's eyes could have been sparkling at that point. Damien smiled at me. My little internal voice was chastising me '-Raven do you have any idea what you are doing?-' Oh yes this might end badly.

Later on, when dad brought me home I checked my E-mail. There was one unread message in the inbox. I opened it and smiled sadly. Mom finally decided to E-mail me. She told me all about her trip but I could see that she seemed to use false words with me. She is on a 3 month 'holiday', as to say 3 months away from me. I know its sad to say that she never wanted a child and my birth was a mistake but its true. She wants nothing to do with me and dad knows it. Ever since day one he has always been there when mom hasn't. The only time mom had anything to do with me was when they were discussing my finical future with the insurance agency. Dad has twice the amount of love for me than most fathers had for their daughters. I quickly replied and sat back in my chair. I glanced around my darkened room and sighed. I picked at the edge of my sleeve of my black nightshirt. My window was cracked slightly to let in enough cold air to keep me comfortable. I got up and started to walk to my bed when I heard a growl. It came from outside and it sounded like a dog. I cautiously walked over to the window and looked down to the ground. There was a Doberman staring at me. I couldn't look away then suddenly there was a flutter of wings. A crow landed on the Doberman's back and stared up at me. It seemed like the bird's and the dog's eyes pierced into my soul, holding me transfixed in their gaze. Just as quickly as it started they broke their gaze and departed. I felt chilled to my very core. I closed my window and pulled the curtains closed. I stumbled my way to my bed and crawled to my favorite spot, not before I closed to bed hangings on the sides of the mahogany, royal four-poster bed--a gift from my father--, and fell into a deep sleep.