Before It's Too Late

Rated for what could be considered triggering topics. Written on request from suerum. Fic is… almost completed, but I thought I'd start posting it to motivate myself to keep working on it. OC's are mine, whether or not I want them, GH characters are not. Reviews are awesome. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

PCPD Officers have just been called to the Sowers Building at Port Charles University. Sources have informed us that an armed man has barricaded himself inside the building and has a small group of students and a professor as hostages. Attempts to contact the gunman for negotiations have thus far been unsuccessful. More at 9.


The special news bulletin that interrupted the regularly scheduled programming of every major network at approximately 8:22, went unheard by Jason Morgan, who was en route to that very place.

Since he was unaware of the crisis unfolding at the school, he was decidedly surprised to find the building Spinelli's night class was held in surrounded by the police, a few FBI trucks were even in attendance.

For a moment, Jason feared that Agent Raynor had discovered some damning new evidence and that they had gone after Spinelli post haste. He grabbed up his cell phone in his moment of panic and called his protégé's number, even more ill at ease when it directed him straight to voicemail.

He pulled his SUV to a stop alongside the lines of police tape and spotted Mac amongst the crowd of Officers and Agents. The Commissioner spotted him as well, and stepped over to Jason, likely in order to establish just what the mob had to do with this.

"What's going on?" Jason demanded, even as he threw his car into park and climbed out in a hurry. "Where's Spinelli?"

The Commissioner's brow furrowed in confusion. "You heard then?"

"Heard what? He's taking a night class, something about Shakespeare, I think." Jason explained. "I was supposed to meet him here when it got out."

"Doesn't look like that'll be happening on time. And I'm pretty sure the last thing on his mind right now is Shakespeare." Mac responded, and at Jason's continued look of confusion he continued on. "Some disgruntled student went storming in there twenty minutes ago and barricaded the doors. Twelve students – including Spinelli - and the professor, the only ones who were in the building, are being held hostage. Spinelli managed to get a call in to 911 and he's been heard several times in attempts to calm the gunman down."

Jason's eyes narrowed as he took in the FBI agents and police barricades from his altered perspective. No longer were they his enemy, but temporarily, his allies. Here he'd thought Spinelli would be safe, that he could come and go at the college without risk of being shot at or kidnapped or any of the other risks that came with being so thoroughly involved in mob life. And now some madman with a gun had Spinelli hostage?

"Wait, heard how?"

"There's a---"

It was then, just as the angry mobster was about to demand access to however they were communication with those inside, that the unmistakable sound of gunfire came from within the walls of building. Muffled as it was by the thick walls, there was no misinterpreting what that sound meant.