Our story begins with a five year old Naruto sitting in his apartment, flipping through the channels on his TV. "Man, what a boring Saturday. No homework from the academy, no pranks to pull because I'm out of supplies, and there's nothing on TV. What a bummer." Just as Naruto voiced his thoughts, he came upon a channel that had the opening theme of a show called "Batman." The blond was entranced, speechless at how strong, brave, and selfless the hero was. after watching a few episodes, Naruto rushed out of his apartment and towards the Hokage tower. As he neared Sarutobi's office, the secretary smiled at him.

"Hey there Naru-chan. Come to see Hokage-sama?" asked Akane, her name suiting her with her brilliantly red hair.

"Yup! I need to ask Jiji if he has anyone who can help me train!" exclaimed Naruto with a big smile.

"Okay Naru-chan, Hokage-sama isn't busy right now so go on inside." smiled Akane.

"Thanks Akane-neechan!" Naruto said while hugging her, smiling that giant smile of his. After releasing Akane, Naruto walked into the Hokage's office. "Hey Jiji!"

As Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime Hokage, looked up and saw Naruto, he smiled and put down his pen. "Hello there Naruto-kun, what can I do for you?"

"Jiji, i need you to see something!" Naruto tugged the Hokage's arm and led him to his break room and turned on the TV, tuning into the channel that "Batman" was on. As the two watched the show, Naruto had stars in his eyes. Hiruzen could see clearly that he wanted to be like this masked individual. When the show ended, Naruto turned toward Hiruzen with an excited look on is face. "Jiji, do you have anyone that can teach me taijutsu like that?"

"Hmm... actually, yes we do. Our residential taijutsu expert just got back from a mission two days ago and has a few weeks off. He's probably at training ground twenty-five right now. Do you know where that is?"

"Yup! Iruka-sensei showed us the training grounds a couple days ago."

"Okay Naruto-kun. The taijutsu expert's name is Maito Gai, you'll recognize him with no trouble. He's a little... ah... eccentric, but he's the best taijutsu user in the village." explained Sarutobi with a nervous look on his face. "I pray to Kami Naruto doesn't inherent Gai's unique fashion sense... we don't need another ninja in one of those hideous green jumpsuits."

"Okay... I don't really know what you're talking about Jiji, but I'm going to go see my new sensei!" the young blonde shouted happily.

"Alright Naruto-kun. Here's a note to give to Gai, it explains how he should train you. Now be careful, okay Naruto-kun?" asked the old Hokage, love and care in his tone and eyes.

"Okay Jiji, I promise." Naruto answered as he hugged Sarutobi, who hugged him back.

As Naruto left, Sarutobi turned back to the television and started watching the show that inspired the boy. "Batman, huh? perhaps this will inspire him to become an even better ninja then what he could be normally." said the old man with a smile as Batman defended his city.

~Training ground twenty-five~

As Naruto walked past the gate into the training ground, he saw that it was made especially for taijutsu. There was a few posts in the middle of the field, imprints from fists on all of them, some missing so much wood that the inside is exposed. About thirty feet away were boulders that were split down the middle, some reduced to pebbles.

"Wow! What kind of taijutsu could do that!" Naruto went over to the boulders to examine them more closely.

"AH! I see you have an appreciation for taijutsu young man! The taijutsu that caused this is called the Goken, or the Strong Fist style." answered a loud and boistrous voice. As our blond turned around to see who answered him, he was met with someone... or something, that will haunt his nightmares for years. A man with a green spandex jumpsuit that left little to the imagination, a Jonin vest, a leaf headband around his waist like a belt, orange leg warmers and blue ninja sandals. On his head was a bowl haircut and eyebrows that were two-hundred times their normal size.

"Holy crap... is this guy crazy?" thought Naruto as he looked at the Jonin before him. "Um... are you Maito Gai?"

"Why yes i am! What can me and my youthfulness do for you?" Gai asked as he smiled, blinding Naruto for a few moments, and going into a strange pose.

"His youthfulness...?" Naruto asked himself. "Um... I wanted to ask you if you could train me. I need help in my taijutsu, and I know if I ask the academy teachers, they'll just ignore me." Naruto answered as he handed him the note the Hokage gave him. As Gai read the note, he smiled.

"This boy will make a fine ninja." thought the Jonin. "Well, of course I'll train you! But only on one condition. Why do you want to be a shinobi?"

At this question, Naruto thought for a few minutes before he remembered something Batman said, something that he thought he should do and say as well. "I want to protect my home and the people in it. I'll protect them until i breathe my last breath." Answered Naruto with a serious look as he said this. Gai immediately knew Naruto honestly wanted to prtoect his home. With a smile, he put his hand on Naruto's shoulder.

"Good answer. Now, since you know my name, what's yours? A sensei and his student should know each other's youthful names."

"It's Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto!" naruto smiled as Gai smiled back. "I can't believe it! I'm one step closer to becoming a great ninja!"

"Okay then Naruto-kun, let's start raising your strength, speed, and stamina. Start with ten laps around this field, then hit those logs two-hundred times with each limb. Tomorrow we'll go get you some weights to help you train." ordered Gai.

"Hai, Gai-sensei!" saluted Naruto as he began his laps.

"This shall be interesting. I wonder if I should ask some of the others to help train Naruto-kun." Gai thought as he watched Naruto.

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