AN: I can't believe I'm doing this, I honestly can't. I don't even agree with the idea of "Love Never Dies" as a sequel to Phantom. But when I heard the soundtrack for the first time a bunch of these scenes popped into my head and I just had to write them down, and now for some strange reason I feel like publishing them. So go ahead, I know I'm being a bit of an idiot. Just know they were all written in the heat of the moment the first time I heard the LND soundtrack, and God only knows if I'll ever write more. Still, I had fun writing them, so I guess if anyone actually wants to read them then... well, why not? Basically it's just several one-shots based off scenes occurring and mentioned in "Love Never Dies." Some happen before the show, some during. And yes, I have seen "Love Never Dies," so I do know what I'm writing about.

Basically I felt like there were a lot of high drama and emotional moments in this show that the CD really failed to communicate. I mean, Christine's dying words are the last words on the soundtrack, so you don't know what the Phantom (who just lost the love of his life) and Gustave (who just lost his Mother) are feeling. There's so much emotion and it doesn't come across. I just couldn't take it anymore, and thus the vignettes were born.

The rating is for some mention of suicide and adult situations, but there's nothing graphic, don't worry. But come on - "Beneath a Moonless Sky" kind of deserves a T rating all on its own, so how could a vignette about it be any less descriptive? I mean, "And I caught you/and I kissed you/and I took you/and I begged you... again and then again" is pretty... well, blatant.

This is the Choice

She is to be married tomorrow.

She always knew this was what would happen. This whole mess was always doomed to end with a wedding; it was just the groom that was indefinite. And that was alright - Christine had always known she wanted to be married, to have a husband and a family and a home of her own. Raoul is a fine choice - he will care for her, she knows, and love her.

So why does she feel so sick?

She's pacing her room almost frantically, still dressed for dinner despite the late hour. She should be sleeping, resting.

She is to be married tomorrow.

The pacing ceases, and Christine looks out of the window. There's no moon tonight, and the grounds of de Chagny manor are dark and forbidding. But then again, she thinks to herself, she's used to that too. She learned long ago how to feel her way in the darkness and has become almost comfortable moving amongst the shadows. Yet another side effect of spending half her time in the basements of the Opera.

Where is he now? The mob didn't find him - Madame Giry told her that much, and the papers would have publicized it. The last time she'd seen him he'd been holding out his hand to her as she returned her ring and held onto him as long as she could before distance forced her to break away for good.

She is to be married tomorrow. And despite her naiveté, she knows this isn't how she should feel.

Closure. Perhaps that's what she needs. He gave her everything, after all, and she left him alone in a cellar. Perhaps if she could just say goodbye this feeling would go away. It would be easy enough to sneak out - everyone in the manor is asleep at this hour anyhow, and she suspects she knows where he is hiding. Closure. And then she can rest. And move on, despite the growing feeling that perhaps she made the wrong choice.

Christine moves quickly as she throws her cloak over her shoulders and runs down the stairs of the manor. It will be alright, she thinks. After tonight, everything will be perfect