This will be a collection of one-shots revolving around the relationships in Team Guy, particularly Tenten and Guy himself. I just love GuyTen father-daughter stuff.

I do not own Naruto. Masashi Kishimoto does. And if I did own Naruto, I would give Tenten some sort of backstory, or at least a last name. And I'd give Gaara some more angst. Because he needs that.

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It was the second day since Lee, Neji, and Tenten were assigned to Team Guy, and Guy took them out to the training grounds to see what they had learned at the Academy, and to see what areas needed improvement. Guy pointed out the painted, wooden targets, and instructed his students to throw a shuriken at the target, one at a time. Lee exclaimed excitedly, Neji scoffed at the prospect of performing such a basic art, while Tenten just watched their reactions impassively, no expression on her face, one hand resting unconsciously on her weapons pouch.

Guy, a gentleman by nature, allowed Tenten, the lone female of the group, to demonstrate the technique first.

By no means is Guy sexist. After all, his only female teammate was the most belligerent and cold-blooded member of his genin cell. Guy knew that kunoichi could be vicious and bloodthirsty; his on-again off-again girlfriend Anko had proven that on the battlefield time after time. But what he didn't expect was for Tenten to throw the shuriken with such force that when it hit the bull's eye, the target cracked and the pieces fell to the ground.

Lee and Neji stared at Tenten and Guy did as well, however, he was not dumbfounded like them. His eyes searched her dispassionate face, and Guy wondered if his initial assessment of her skills was wrong. Tenten certainly made an impression on people, despite her emotionless manner, perhaps due to her emotionless manner.

Guy had observed that Tenten's face more often than not remained unreadable, and that she seemed to flinch away from any sort of contact with people. The girl moved with precision and confidence, her lithe body accustomed to a feline grace. Yet she wasn't pretentious; her unconcealed dispassionate manner abolished that idea.

Tenten was always fully aware of what was going around her, and in other places that caught her interest. The girl never missed a detail, even when it appeared that she hadn't paid the slightest attention. These qualities were valuable for a ninja, yet when found in a twelve-year-old girl, observed her Academy teachers (And Guy concurred), such traits seemed almost misplaced in a sense.

"Well done, Tenten," Guy congratulated her. He placed a hand on her shoulder, and Tenten flinched, as if she expected him to hit her. She half turned her head to look at him, to search his expression and determine if he meant her harm. And when Tenten did, Guy could see that her stoicism was gone, and replaced by a look of fear that reflected in her eyes. She looked much more vulnerable, and Guy was suddenly reminded that no matter how emotionless she was, Tenten was still a child.

So Guy smiled reassuringly at Tenten, and he saw a corner of her mouth tug upward, and her fear vanished.

"Thank you," she whispered.

Years later, Guy finally understood why Tenten reacted that way.