Emily get's captured

*one day at Cody's house*

*ring ring ring*

(Cody picks up the phone)

Cody: agent Banks here what's up Veronica

Veronica: Cody I'v got some bad news

Cody: what's up

Veronica: do you remember Emily the girl you meat in London

Cody: ya why

Veronica: she's been captured


Veronica: Cody calm down I'v already told the director that your on the mission

Cody: k you can count on me

(Cody hangs up the phone and goes outside)

*in London*

Emily: ya'll never get away with this Dez Cody will come for me

Dez: oh ya what makes you so sure about that

Emily: because I know Cody when it comes to my safty he doesn't fail

Dez: whatever I'v heard it all before now you have one last chance tell me Cody banks weakness

(Emily stays quiet)

Dez: won't talk will you then maby this will make you talk

(Dez takes out a zap gun)


*in the CIA*

Cody: alright what have I got to work with

Veronica: jet pack of course, stun gun, and a little something to give to Emily when you see her

Cody: oh wow is this a 80 karet dimond ring

Veronica: sure is now go get her tiger

(Cody takes off to London)

*back in London*

Dez: still won't talk

(Emily stays quiet)

Dez: fine you leave me no choise




Emily: Cody I knew you'd come

Dez: how did you get here so fast

(Cody pulles out a tracking device)

(Dez turns around and looks at Emily)

Dez: impossibul

(Cody tapes Dez on the shoulder)


Dez: uhhhhhhhhhh

Cody: if you come any were near Emily aging ya'll regreat it

(Cody runs over to Emily)

Cody: arn't you glad I gave you that bracelet now

Emily: heck ya

Cody: come on we gota get you outa here

(Cody cut's Emily's binds and Emily falls into Cody's arms)

Emily: thanks Cody I knew you'd come

(Emily and Cody walk out)

Emily: Cody can I tell you something

Cody: sure thing Em

Emily: the first time we ever worked together on that assinment I...Cody what I'm trying to say is that I Lo...mph

(Cody kisses Emily on the lips and raps his arms around her waist)

(Emily rapes her arms around Cody's neck)

Emily: ...wow...

Cody: I love you to Em and I got you something

(Cody pulles out the ring)

Emily: Cody it's,it's betifule

Cody: not as betifule as the girl who's wereing it

Emily: your the best

Cody: come on why don't you come to seatell with me and we can have ourselfs a real date

Emily: I would love to

(Cody grabes Emily around the waist and they fly back to seattlel)