I used to play college tennis before I got into pre-med classes. Sooo, the other day I went to see my team play and I suddenly got this idea of an amazing tennis player Sakura and a stoic captain who is none other than Sasuke. If you guys like this, it's going to be A LOT of fun.


'I'm not obsessed, it's just called being prepared.'

Sakura assured herself that no matter what she was doing at the moment, which was in fact trespassing school grounds, that she wasn't being some weird crazy 'stalker-esq' type of person. She just merely wanted to check out the landscape, know, important tennis stuff!

That wasn't so wrong, right?


She giggled to herself out loud. She wondered what deranged person wouldn't think it weird to break into their new school's tennis courts at eight in the evening just to 'scope it out.'

Don't answer that, she was already here.

Sakura Haruno quickly took her Sharapova Pink Prince bag off her shoulders and placed it, gently mind you, on the ground. In Sakura's mindset, that bag, and the four perfectly identical Prince crimson racquets that it held, were no less than royalty.

This was with good reason too.


Well, two of those racquets had led her to back to back Singles State Championships, twice. Did she tell you that she won? Well, she did. Actually the correct term for what she accomplished happens to be 'Pwned'.

Ehh, but who's picky about that kinda stuff. Not her of course.

Now in her junior year, she wondered what her team would be doing back home this season. Could they handle the heat without her? Of course, she had faith. The only thing that she could relax about at the moment was knowing, for a fact, that she would never have to face them.

Her real team. She scowled inwardly.

Only her dumb brother would get banned from a state. A WHOLE STATE!

Whadda dumbass.

If only he hadn't got into a fight with the principal's son, who used to be a senator with all his glory and crap, and hospitalized the kid…well, then she wouldn't be in this predicament.

Which predicament?

The one where she is standing by herself on dark tennis courts at night without a clue if this was a good or bad part of town.

Oh the possibilities that could happen at this point.

If she was optimistic, she would be really happy that she could start all over on the other side of the country happily with her dad and her brother. She could make a brand new identity for herself.

If she was Sakura, then she would know that having to earn respect on a new tennis team with pink hair is harder said than done. For some reason, it's a common rule for people to associate girls with the name Sakura that possessed pink hair to gummy bears and tea parties. Where they get this stuff, she'll never know.

She decided that as soon as she got home, she was smacking her brother, Kenji, in the balls…again.

She looked at the six immaculate courts that she was sitting in the dead center of. The nets, she knew, would be the exact height and tension were she to check right that instant. No water bottles, grip wrappers, or empty tennis ball cans littered the premises. It looked like all eight of the courts had been freshly resurfaced. They even had wind guards up around the whole perimeter of the looming fifteen foot fences.

This place really knew how to intimidate without even setting foot on the court.

Speaking of courts, they themselves were spotless.

Compared to hers back home, which they had to share with the public park, there were absolutely no scuff marks. Shaking her head to herself, she immediately knew that there were no scuff marks because the team that played here would have the top of the line shoes for tennis courts only. Everyone knew that 'tennis' shoes these days had tire rubber in the sole to prevent your shoes from wearing down.

Was her sport the bomb or what?

Sakura looked around the courts, which were surrounded by trees. If she turned to lights on to serve, would anyone see her? She didn't think so, it took her a while to trek the trail after she parked her car and snuck into this little piece of heaven.

She decided to chance it. As she stood up and turned on the lights, she concluded that she was probably the first person to ever step foot on these courts that wasn't part of the school team. She sighed and bent down to unpack her racquet and balls while the lights gently hummed, warming up. Grabbing three balls from her bag, she cursed herself for not thinking things like this through. Instead of wearing her actual tennis outfits, Prince of course, she was wearing black Sophie shorts and a T-shirt.

She begrudgingly shoved two balls up her shorts while holding the other, and walked to the base line.

Slowly, she bounced the ball with her racquet. After the third bounce, just like she did every time, she lofted the ball up, brought the racquet behind her head, and then followed through in one graceful, fluid motion. Not too hard and not too soft, the ball made a satisfactory 'twok' as it landed with just an ounce of spin. She was just warming up after all. Never, EVER, warm up with your 'first serve' serve on your first try.

Hello! Do you want an injury?

After serving the remaining two balls, she walked to the other side of the ungodly perfect court and served them back.


Sakura was just getting warmed up to the place, it was probably her 15th trip around the court serving, when she heard the voices.


And they were getting louder. She looked at her escape routes, the gates into the court. There were two, one on each side. Though only one exit held the path back to the parking lots, which also held the voices, she nearly thought about running to the other exit that was for balls that flew over the fence and into the woods when she realized it was futile. They had seen her car more than likely, and the dumb lights. Sakura sighed and realized the only thing she could do was act like the delinquent she was and confront them.

She looked down at her watch; it was 8:47.

She scrunched her forehead. Why would anyone be out here at night anyway? The little devil on her shoulder immediately shoved a finger in her mind's eye and claimed she could ask the exact same thing to her.


The voices were becoming distinct now.

"Oi, who left the lights on? Captain is gonna be pissed as hell for it."

"Captain won't know if someone hurries up and plants his ass on the court. He would think that you turned them on. I wonder, do you ever turn on that thing in your cranium and just think?"

"Neji, you're a jackass."

"And you're an idiot."

That was the exact same moment that they stepped on the court, side by side, one gaping at me while the other glared.


She just stared at them.

The blond boy was the first to find his tongue.

"Not that I'm complaining or anything, but who the hell are you and what are you doing on Konoha courts?"

Ahh, future teammates. Deciding to let them think she was a stranger for now, she kept her answer short and sweet.

And obvious.


The boy with long hair, that was still glaring at her ridiculously monster-y like, stepped forward.

"I regret to inform you that unless you are part of our team, and I can prove that you are indeed not, then you are not permitted to be here."

"I figured as much," she sighed as she replied.

She had no intention of telling them that tomorrow she would be out here with them drilling and all that jazz. They'll find out soon enough, and it wasn't like they would believe that she was a transfer kid anyway.

She decided to go ahead and pack up.

The boy continued.

"Why were you here girl." It didn't sound anything like a question.

"I already told you, I was serving." She continued to set her strings straight on her racquet, refusing to look at the boy.

She heard the blond boy speak again, though this time it was to himself.

"Captain is gonna go thermal." Sakura smirked. Like she was going stick around for this 'Captain' to show up. Uh, no 'stick up their butt' captain down her throat tonight thank you very much and come again tomorrow! Sadly, she was mistaken.

A new voice came from the dark path that led from the court.

"Why is that dobe?"

Double fudge

Sakura looked up just in time to see probably one of the most gorgeous guys she had ever laid eyes on. But she also knew that when a guy was that good looking, they knew it, and that meant they all turned out to be jerkfaces. Seeing where she was going with this, she also verified that it was strictly forbidden to ogle her future captain ever again.


The Glaring God, in which she had so graciously nicknamed the brunette, spoke up.

"We found someone on the courts."

Taaattttttlllee Taillll!

He was probably one of those kids that everyone hated in kindergarten.

All three guys snapped their heads toward her, and then the 'captain' started walking towards her direction.

Well, shit.

She was not even looking at him as she attempted to look like she was still straightening her strings, even though every ounce of his body demanded authority. At five feet away, he stopped.


She met his eyes in a silent challenge. Like hell he would intimidate her.

"Haruno Sakura." She kept her voice even and controlled.


Sakura smirked. "As of tomorrow, Konoha High School. Home of the Crimson Flames."

She saw surprise evident in the two boys behind him, but the captain himself looked unmoved.

"So what were you doing here." Again, no question. Just demands.

Sakura sighed, she was tired of answering this question. "Scoping out the courts." She placed her right hand on her hip and shifted all of her weight as if to say, 'What're you gonna do about it?'

The captain looked at her feet and she followed his gaze.

As an apology, her brother had bought her the newest version of Prince Tennis Footwear, and freaking awesome pink shoelaces to go with them. Nothing short of Armageddon could make her part from her babies.

"Prince." So the captain had noticed her love of the brand.

"Only the best, Captain." His eyes shot back to her.

"Uchiha Sasuke, only my team can call me captain." Was this his way of seeing if she would show up tomorrow?

Sakura played into it.

Smiling, she responded in an innocent tone.

"Well then, until tomorrow Captain."

He wore an expression that stated he understood she was going out for the team.


Sakura broke eye contact and decided that she really needed to pack up and leave.

Like, now.

Squatting down, she started to place her racquet in her bag, fully aware that the figure above her was blatantly looking at her four identical racquets.

"What're your stats Haruno." What was with these people and asking question?

Apparently it was forbidden.

She looked up at the Uchiha again, only to see that he was wearing a smirk. Did he think that she was just some girl that couldn't play, but carried around four racquets to fool everyone and get guys? Um, she was so not that girl.

To brag, or not to brag.

Duh, lay it out all on the table to be ogled at.

"Junior in High School, singles player, and 2 back to back State Championships."

His smirk grew, then the blond spoke.

"Hey teme! She's you! Except with, like, pink hair and one less title."

She looked from the blond to her future captain.

"So you got three. Nice."

He only responded with a small "Hn."

Seeing as this meeting was coming to an end, she reached down and grabbed her bag. She walked past the captain, not bothering to look at him, and walked up to the others still standing by the gate.

She spoke formal. "I apologize for delaying your rally."

The blond plastered a big lopsided grin on his face and scratched behind his head.

"Ah, don't worry about it Haruno! My name's Naruto and this is Neji. We're the strongest varsity regulars on this year's team. Well, minus the captain of course."

She didn't even look at the smirk that she could feel coming from that Sasuke character.

"Interesting. Nice to meet you two."
Surprising her, Neji looked at her and spoke.

"Please, continue serving."

Sakura knew exactly what he was doing. He was sizing her up, seeing if she was 'all that' she had said she was. Well, if he wanted to play the 'nice, but actually a conniving asshole' role, then Sakura wouldn't let him do it for nothing.

She smirked, "Of course."

Sakura placed her back on the ground again, gently, and quickly took out her racquet and a trio of balls.

"You can serve on the court beside us as we rally."

Sakura nodded and went back to the exact same court she was on moments before.

Sakura waited until the three boys placed their bags on the ground and pulled out their racquets of choice. She was disgusted by the fact that they all used Wilsons.


She made a small face. Then, they boys were on the court and started to rally up two against one. Not surprising, the Uchiha was playing the single position.

As they continued, Sakura got in her mindset and continued exactly where she had left off. Luckily, she was already warmed up and could pass on the ridiculously slow warm up serves.

Sakura decided on a spin serve. She started her routine, bouncing the ball three times, and then unloaded her newly found stress to her serve.

It went in. Sakura smirked.

She was totally aware that the trio beside her was devoid of any movement and sound.

They were watching her.

She looked at the three silent young men before her.

Naruto started grinning. "Wow! You really do know how to play after all!"

She shot him a look. "I wouldn't lie about my titles. Go look it up for further proof."

Huffing, she turned around to serve again, still noting that they were watching.

Fine, if they wanted to watch, she might as well give them something to chew on.

Three bounces later, she arched her back and threw herself into another serve, even lifting herself off the ground a little bit. Kick Serve.

The ball slammed into it's respected square with such a force that her hand was tingling.

She heard Naruto again. "Hot damn…"

Yep, it was definitely time to leave on that very, very high note. She shot a look at the Neji guy to make him aware that she knew what he was doing the whole time and that she had proved herself, and started to walk to her bag.

"Haruno." She turned back to see Uchiha staring at her. Surprisingly, Neji spoke for him after getting a nod from the stoic captain.

"Challenge matches for varsity start tomorrow. Everyone is in the bracket, just like a tournament. No consolation. If you get defeated before the final eight, you're out of the running for varsity. Come prepared."

Sakura smirked. She looked back at the obvious person with authority, Uchiha.

"Of course, Captain." And with that, she walked off the courts and didn't look back once.

The boys watched her retreating form disappear into the foliage surrounding the path.


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