Author Note

Meghan Dooley


Well Well Well, what do we have here. *Cough, an unusually long absence. I know.

I apologize.

A lot.

No really, sorry for imitating an intellectually delayed snob and not giving you explanations as to where the heck I was. Not to say I didn't think fondly about FF often. It was often my escape to think of plot bunnies. I'm actually thinking about writing an alt-uni (It's been so long since I've been here I worry if anyone still says alt-uni, or lemon, or other insider stuffs) story with a Sakura in college. Sasuke is obvi love interest.

What the heck were you doing Meghan!? Over the last three years I have been in graduate school. Guess who just finished!?111? I am on top of the universe!(and graduate May 30th(PAYCHECK(freeeeeeeeeeedom))). There are many things that I would like to do now that I can put down my school books, walk out of my residencies, and be shower/eat regularly again: Easily in my top ten would be continuing my stories. I didn't know that anyone was still reading, but my comment alerts say otherwise. I hope all is well my dear friends. Expect to hear from me soon. Shoot me lots of love. And I'll shoot you lots of love.

This feels nice. It feels…right. Natural. Can't wait to talk to you soon!