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I was just a normal girl in my normal existence. I lived in Phoenix Arizona with my mom Renee and her younger

baseball player husband Phil. Where's the dad in this picture? You might ask. Charlie died in an accident while on

duty as the Chief when I was 12. Mom and I moved out to Phoenix after she got remarried, while my brother

Emmett moved back home from college at Seattle University. I had a descent life, straight A's, Jake, a seemingly perfect

boyfriend, and terrific friends. Now, I live in Forks Washington in the house that I grew up in with Emmett and his

fiancee Rosalie. Both my brother and Rose work at the high school. Emmett's the Athletic director and Rose is the

Art History teacher.

Today is my first day back in the Forks school system and I'm sure nothing has changed exept

one thing, I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant. As I pulled my John Lennon "Give Peace a Chance" shirt over my growing belly,

my thoughts were consumed of what people were going to say and what has already been said. I'm sure that I'm the

talk of the town. The Chief's daughter knocked up at 17 I could already hear the gossip. I hated being the center of

attention, not only me but my little monster as well. But, I guess we would just have to bare it . As if to make himself

known, he pounced on my bladder. I quickly ran down the hallway to the bathroom passing Emmett on the way. A few

moments later when I walked out of the bathroom I saw Emmett still in the hallway leaning on the banister.

"Morning Bells." He said smiling

"Morning Em." I said trying to be cheerful

"Are you two ready for school?" He asked rubbing my belly. I grumbled and started down the stairs.

"Come on Bells, it won't be that bad." He assured me, I rolled my eyes which I was sure he couldn't see .

"Don't roll your eyes at me young lady." I turned back to look at him confused

"How did you see that?" I asked suprised

"I'm your big brother, I know everything." He said laughing. I smacked him in the back of the head and moved around him so that I could get down

the stairs before him and walked as fast as I could to the living room to get my bag. I knew that I was safe, Emmett wouldn't dare risk the safety

of his nephew by hitting me. As I walked out of the living room Rose was fixing Emmett's collar .

"That was dirty." He said when he noticed I entered the entry way. I couldn't help but snicker.

"Are we ready to go?" Rose asked ignoring our childishness

"Yes ma'am." Emmett and I both said together. As we walked out Emmett wrapped his arm around my neck, pulled my head into his arm pit, and

gave me the biggest nuggy of my life.

"Emmett!" I yelled smoothing down my hair. Rose just shook her head as she got in the jeep. Emmett helped me in the car and 5 minutes later

we were in the parking lot at school. When we reached the front desk Emmett and Rose said goodbye with a small peck on the lips before

going their seperate ways. I followed Emmett down the hall to his office. When we got there, there was already two men in his office. A slender

blonde that oddly looked like Rosalie sat in Emmett's chair, A slightly buffer bronze haired man sat on the opposite side with his feet propped

up on Emmett's desk.

"Hey guys, this is my sister Bella." Emmett said setting his bag on his desk. "Bella this is Jasper Hale, Rosalie's twin brother and the art history

teacher." he finished

"Hey Bella it's nice to meet you." Jasper said holding out hishand to shake mine.

"It's nice to meet you too." I replied

"And this is Edward Cullen, the English III American literature teacher." Emmett introduced. I remembered that name from my schedule. I had

his class 5th period.

"Hello Bella." he said as he stood up to shake my hand and immediately his amazing emerald green eyes captivated my boring brown ones.

We shook hands for a long moment and then I realized I hadn't replied to him

"Hi." I said shyly. Then, the bell rang.

"See you at lunch Em." I said reaching up on my tippy toes to kiss him on the cheek.

"Ok, if you need me I'll be here working on the consent forms for the baseball team." He replied

"I'll be fine, but if I need you I know where to find you." I reassured him, with a small wave I left Emmett's office. hearing them say their goodbyes

to me as I left. When I walked in my 1st period french class, I saw that Mike Newton sat near the front. I was already starting to get annoyed and

first period hadn't even started yet. Mike Newton was the kid that didn't know when to stop, He flirted with me before I thought boys were


"Bella!." he shouted as I walked up to the teacher's desk to give him a piece of paper I needed him to sign.

"Oh great." I grumbled under my breath as I walked to where he was

"Hey Mike." I said taking a deep breath

"Hey Bella, this seat's open." he said gesturing to the seat to the left of him. I couldn't believe believe him! he was still flirting with me, not just me

but pregnant me! what was wrong with this kid?

"umm...ok." I said bewildered. I just barely fit in the student desks and in the 6 months i've been pregnant I've never felt bigger., but I knew in a

few short weeks it was going to get worse as he hit his growth spurt. Everyone in my other classes just stared at my pregnant belly, And, to my

suprise I didn't run into anyone else that I knew. Some faces rang a bell but I didn't know them well enough to talk to to them. I was

grateful When lunch came. I needed to see the goofy smiling face of my brother bear. As I walked in his office I saw the most beautiful thing

I've ever seen in all my 17 years. Emmett had ordered all my favorites from the local Chinese restaurant.

"Emmy! How'd you know I wanted Chinese?" I asked

"I told you, I know everything. Plus I was craving it too." He said laughing. we had a casual conversation while we ate. Mostly Emmett wanting to

know what Edward's mom was making for dinner.

"So Bells, have you made up your mind about this weekend?" Emmett asked. I had. I was going. I wanted to meet the people that Emmett had

told me so much about and I needed to get some shopping done for the baby, I only had a couple of months left before he was here.

"Yeah, I'm going to go. I wanna meet the people you're always talking about, plus I desperately need to do some shopping before the little

monster comes.

"Speaking of my little man, have you picked out a name for him yet?" Emmett asked. Emmett has asked me that once a month since I found out

I was pregnant. I knew instantly that this baby was meant to be born into this world and that he was meant for me, so the ideas that My mom and

Jake had were out of the question. I had been tossing around ideas for months now. I knew I wanted to name the baby after Emmett

middle name is James and I've always liked the name Henry, so I'm naming him Henry James Swan, but I'm keeping it a secret

from Emmett just a bit longer. I know it's mean, but I thought it'd be sweet in the long run. Rose was the only person other person to know

and when Emmett asked she gave me a small smile like she always did

"No but I've been thinking about Hubert. What do you think Em?" I said trying to be completely serious

"I think that you're mean and he's gonna hate you if you name him that." Emmett replied. I laughed I couldn't hold back anymore it was too funny.

"Emmett, you don't seriously think I'm gonna name my baby Hubert do you?" I laughed

"Well I hope not." he said jokingly

"I've decided to keep the baby's name a secret." I said hoping he wouldn't be too upset

"What! so you're saying I have to wait 2 months?" He exclaimed. I just nodded

"Don't worry baby 2 months will go by faster than you know it." Rose said trying to comfort him. He just sat there sulking in his seat and

then the bell rang. I went over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"I love you brother bear." I said with a kiss on his cheek

"I love you too." he mumbled as I left his office. As I walked down the hall I glanced at my schedule, I had Mr. Cullen next. When I looked back

up he was standing to the right of me. My heart fluttered and I gasped in suprise

I'm sorry Bella." He said truly apologetic

"Oh, it's okay Mr. Cullen, I just didn't see you walk up." I replied

"Why don't you call me Edward when we're not in class." He suggested. I look of confusion came across my face.

"Umm...I'm not sure that's really appropriate Mr. Cullen."

"I just think It would make our non professional relationship less awkward." He said logically. He was right, he was my brother's best friend

I was going to be seeing him outside of school a lot, and calling him Mr. Cullen would make it really weird.

"Ok...Edward." I said smiling. Just as we reached Edward's classeoom I had to go to the restroom....really badly so I set my bags down in

the first available desk I saw and walked as fast as I could to the restrooms. When I came back I noticed that my best friend since

kindergarten was sitting in the desk next to mine. But as I became closerto where she was I realized who she was surrounded by. Jessica

Stanley and Lauren Williams the 2 people I disliked most in elementary and middle school.

"Bella!" Angela shouted getting up to envelop me in a hug.

"Hey Ang!." I said happily

"Oh my God Bella you look beautiful!." she said stepping back to look at my belly

"Thanks." I said disbelieving as we walked to our seats.

"Hey Bella." Jessica said unenthusiastic

"Hey Jessica." I said the exactly the same way

"Wow Bella, you're huge!" Lauren said in her fake nice tone.

"Umm...thanks." I said not quite sure what to say to that. Edward got started teaching his lesson on the 1st chapter of the "Great Gatsby" I

had already read this book in phoenix, It was a great book so I knew it wouldn't be bad to have to read it all over again. As Edward continued his

lesson on the symbolism in the chapter I heard Jessica and Lauren whispering and snickering behind me so I turned around and saw Jessica

whispering something to Lauren and pointing in my direction. Edward, who was walking around the room the entire time stopped behind where

the 2 of them were sitting.

"Ms. Stanley, Ms. Williams?" Edward said getting their attention. they broke away from each other and looked around to find him

"Is there something you need to tell the entire class?" He asked

"No Mr. Cullen." They stuttered

"I know I'm not as fascinating as Ms. Swan but do try and pay attention, you'll need this information for you're final exam." He said walking up our

aisle. He smiled at me as he passed. That small gesture made my heart race and in turn made the baby move

"Ow." I said aloud

"Is something the matter Bella?" Edward asked walking back up my aisle

"No, it just feels like he's doing summersaults in there." I laughed. He nodded, smiled sweetly and went back to teaching. When the bell rang by

the time I had gathered up all my things everyone was already out into the hall. Edward came up to me and sat in the desk Angela had sat it.

"I'm incredibly sorry about that Bella." He said sincerely

"It's okay Edward. I've been dealing with the evil witches my entire life and I'm use to the whispering."

"You shouldn't have to." He said looking into my eyes. we stayed that way for what seemed like forever until finally I looked away and grabbed my

bag."But thank you Edward, It means a lot." I said truly grateful. He nodded and I walked out of the room. The rest of the day was easy, the

period following Edward's was my free period which I spent with Emmett in his office. He tried relentlessly to get the name of the baby out of

me, and I stuck to my guns and didn't even crack under the pressure of his sad faces. I was quite impressed with myself. The last hour of the

day was gym which I of course had to sit out of . It was fine with me though I wasn't the athletic type. After that Emmett, Rose, and I went home

and I made dinner for us.

"Damn Bells, where'd you learn how to cook?" Emmett asked stuffing a forkful of spaghetti in his mouth.

"I realized that if I didn't I'd starve." I laughed

"Yeah, Mom couldn't even boil water." Emmett said busting into tremendous laughter. After dinner, Emmett insisted that he did the dishes so

that I could relax and get some sleep. As I laid in my bed I thought about the life I had ahead and as I drifted of to sleep I thought of my baby boy

and how I couldn't wait to meet him.

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