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I woke up the next morning, the sun shinning through my window curtains, stinging my eyes. I pulled the covers over my face still unaware of the absence in the room. But not for long, I looked around my small room and Edward was no where to be found. I looked at the clock 8:17. It was still early. But I decided to get up. I slipped some pj shorts on and went down stairs. The smell of coffee filled the air. I went to the kitchen to find Edward there back towards me. I looked around to make sure no one was around and walked towards him. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his shoulder tenderly. He turned and smiled my favorite crooked smile.

"Good Morning love."

"Morning." I replied with a smile. He kissed me quickly on the lips.

"Would you like some coffee?" He asked getting a cup from the cabinet

"You know I can't drink coffee." I said really wanting a cup. Coffee was like an addiction for me. I had stopped completely when I got pregnant because I knew I would drink much more than I was allowed.

"You could if it was decaf." He replied

"You went out and got decaf coffee for me?" I asked surprised. I know it was a little thing, but the little things count to me. Jake use to do little things like that, but he changed when we went to high school. He got cockier and started to care what everyone thought.

"Uh huh." He said pouring me a cup. I went to the fridge and got the creamer.

"Thank you." I said kissing him lightly

"You're welcome." He said tapping his finger on my nose like he did last night.

"Are the others up yet?" I asked taking notice of the quiet house

"Not yet, but they'll probably be up around nine or so." He replied. I nodded. Since I started living with Rose I've noticed that she hates burning day light. But Emmett was a different, that boy would sleep all day if you let him. Edward started to get out breakfast things. He started making eggs, bacon, toast, and he cut up some fruit.

"You cook?" I asked again surprised. He nodded

"My mother wanted us to be sufficient enough to live on our own when it came time to do so." He explained. Esme seemed very wise and I couldn't wait to meet her. "She started when we were ten, making us clean up our rooms, do our own laundry, and small cooking lessons." He continued I nodded.

"That's the way to raise a child." I commented. "I want Henry to know who he is, and to always stay true to himself no matter who that person is."

"Henry huh?" Edward said amused knowing that I was keeping his name a secret, and I realized I had let it slip. I nodded

"Don't you dare tell Emmett." I warned. He took his finger and made and X on his heart..

"Cross my heart, you have my word." He said smiling "Middle name?" He asked. I gave him an uncertain glance.

"You can trust me." He said smiling but with a hint of seriousness, like he wanted me to know that I could no matter what.

"James." I answered. He nodded he understood the secret now.

"That's nice, to name the baby after him." He said nodding.

"I thought so too, plus it's Charlie's real first name." I commented. He was confused, and I could tell.

"Charles isn't Charlie's first name?" He asked. I shook my head.

" Nope. He is named after my grandfather, and to keep from confusion my grandmother decided to call him Charlie and it stuck. " I replied simply

"That's very nice of you Bella." He said sincerely.

"Thank you, Emmett and Charlie are the most important men in my life, and I want Henry to be apart of that, because he's never gonna get to know Charlie like Em and I did." I explained

"What about….His father?" Edward asked cautiously. I knew he would want to know that story sooner or later, and soon is better rather than later. A took a deep breath before speaking.

"Jake and I met about 5 years ago, He was my first friend that I met in Phoenix. We got a little older and we started dating in 8th grade, he was all I'd ever known. At first he was incredibly sweet, we would've done anything for each other. Then on our year anniversary we decided to give each other the ultimate gift. Then he changed. He stopped doing the things he use to do, started treating me differently. Started spending less time with me and more time with his friends. I stuck with him because he made me believe that he was the only guy that would ever want me, and I believed that he would change. Then I found out that Henry was coming and I was happy. I thought that if I couldn't change him surely a baby would. But, I told him and he and my mom agreed that I should have an abortion, and when I refused he went around school saying that I was a whore and the baby wasn't his . Of course they believed him except for our friends who knew we had never been with anyone but each other. So my mom and Jake tried one last time to get me to give him up for adoption, since it was too late to get an abortion. But, I still refused. At that point I knew that Henry was meant to be in this world and he was meant to be in this world with me. So, I talked to Emmett and he suggested that I came home." I said finishing up my sad tale. I didn't even realize that I was crying until Edward wiped away my tears. He held me tightly for a few moments and then he spoke

"I'm so sorry Bella." He said kissing the top of my head. Then we heard a cough coming from the doorway.

"Good morning guys." Alice chirped. Edward made no effort to move. I looked up at him confused.

"Alice knows Bella." He said clearing up my confusion. "She was the one I talked to when I started having feelings for you. Alice nodded

"I saw it happening." She smiled, and I was confused again.

"Alice thinks she's psychic." Edward laughed. Alice rolled her eyes and stuck out her tongue at him.

"Don't worry Bella it's our little secret." She squeezed me tightly. Damn that little girl was strong. "You guys better get ready we'll be leaving here at 9:30. Edward and I kissed each other softly and went our separate ways. Alice and I went upstairs. She got her clothes and changed in my room. I picked out some jeans and a red long sleeved shirt.

"You know Bella, There's something you don't know about Jasper and I." Alice said

"What's that?" I asked sitting on the bed struggling to put on my shoes.

"We started dating his first year of teaching, when I was a senior at Forks." She confessed. I was surprised

"Does everyone else know?" I asked

"Now they do, we kept it a secret until I graduated." She replied.

"Wow." Was all I could get out.

"Yea so I understand. And, everyone else will too when you are ready." She answered

"Thanks Alice. It means a lot. And I want you to know that I love Edward very much." I assured her

"You better." She laughed We went downstairs to find everyone else already there in the kitchen.

"You Ready?" Asked Emmett

"Yep." I replied

"Okay. Let's go." He said getting his keys. I rode with Edward again Everyone else rode with Emmett. The mall in Port Angeles was huge. It reminded me of the one in Phoenix. We started at the furniture store. Everything was so beautiful there. But, I saw the things I wanted right away. It just screamed "Take me home." It was a dark cherry wood. It was gorgeous. Emmett was reading the description of the features.

"Look Bella, It converts into a full size bed so you don't ever have to buy another one."

"Yeah, until she has more kids." Edward added as he through a smile my way. I had a couple thousand saved up for the baby at this point plus the money Charlie had left me in his will. The money was meant to be put towards college but that was a year or two down the road the way I saw it, and I don't think Charlie would mind if I spent the money on his grandson. We bought the crib set and moved toward the baby department store.

"Bella we should probably just register you at this store." Alice suggested. Rose nodded in agreement.

"Why?" I asked

"Because you're gonna get most of this stuff from your baby shower." Rose answered . I hadn't even thought of a baby shower. I kind of didn't want one. Everyone gushing over me and my belly. It didn't appeal to me at all.

"A baby Shower? I don't know if I want a baby shower." I replied

"Nonsense, every pregnancy deserves a baby shower." Alice said

"But isn't it too late to start planning a baby shower at this point?" I asked

"It might be nice to do it after he's born." Rose commented

"Good idea, kind of a welcome to the world kind of thing?" Alice replied. And that was all the input I got on the matter Emmett laughed and threw his arm around my shoulders.

"Come on Bells, it won't be that bad, plus they are right. You do deserve it." He said We started getting me registered for anything and everything. It was fun. They gave me this little gun to scan the barcodes with. I decided that I wanted to get his room ready for him when he came home so I bought the room stuff myself. And some things like a car seat and stroller. I got a few bottles and pacifiers so tied me over till my shower was thrown. Edward helped me pick out his bedding. It was a navy blue and khaki with Red trim. It was nice. And a month's worth of diapers. The next part of the shopping trip was really where they went crazy. Baby clothes Alice bought anything and everything that was for a boy. I may sound crazy but in the 7 months that Henry has been alive I feel as if he's developed his own little personality. I never thought that I would enjoy pregnancy so much, and a small part of me was sad for the end. Although, don't get me wrong I was excited and very anxious for Henry's arrival but I knew I was going to miss the feeling of having him kick and move from inside of me.. Edward came up from behind me and put his hands on my belly. I smiled slightly

"Are you okay love?" He asked taking notice of my sad expression

"Yeah, I was just thinking about what I was going to be like when I wasn't pregnant anymore." I explained

"And that makes you sad?" He asked

"A little." I replied

"May I ask why?"

"I'll miss the feeling of him moving and kicking from inside" I said simply. He nodded in understanding.

"Look at it this way, once he's here you'll be able to see him smile, laugh, and go through all the nature milestones for yourself." He said trying to comfort me, "Plus I thought women hated being pregnant the last few months?" He added

"It is pretty uncomfortable." I laughed

"See." He said kissing my cheek. I smiled; he always knew the right thing to say. Just then Alice Rosalie came our way their arms full of bags. I was shocked, I didn't know if I was going to have room for all this in his room he might have to use some of my closet.

"You ready Bella?" Alice asked. I laughed

"I guess, since you two decided to buy the whole store, just let me check out." I said still laughing. Once we were done it was already 4:30, I remembered we had Dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Cullen at 6. As if on cue Edward spoke up.

"We'd better get going Mom will kill us if we're late." Everyone nodded in agreement and soon we were on our way back to Forks. I began to get nervous. Was I really ready to meet Edward's parents? I was so unsure. I'm pregnant for God sakes, with someone else's baby. I know that Esme and Carlisle don't know about Edward and I but they were still his parents and I wanted them to like me.

"Edward?" I said breaking our silence.

"Hmmm?" He answered glancing over at me.

"Do you think they'll like me?" I asked nervously.

"They'll love you Bella?" he assured me.

"Are you sure?" I still asked still unsure

"Positive." He replied kissing my hand. I was still nervous as hard as I tried not to be. Soon we were back in Forks. We went over the bridge through winding back roads. A huge white Victorian house was visible over the tree tops. It was gorgeous; I can't believe that, that was Edward's parents' house. We pulled in just as the others did. My nervousness hit high gear, my heart started to race, and Henry was going nuts. He was moving around and kicked my side extremely hard. I couldn't keep walking.

"Ow." I said breathing deeply I cringed in pain; Emmett noticed that I was still by the cars.

"Bells! Are you okay?" He asked with panic laced through his voice jogging to me.

"Yeah, He just kicked me really hard." I said taking short breaths to avoid the pain.

"Can you walk?" He asked. I only nodded and started for the front door. He kept his hand on my elbow. Alice opened the door and led us in. The house was even more beautiful than the outside. It was so light, open, and warm, Very homey. A woman with warm brown hair and topaz eyes came in to greet us, hugging each and everyone, until she reached me.

"You must be Bella." She said enveloping me in a warm embrace.

"It's nice to meet you Mrs. Cullen." I said smiling

"Please, call me Esme." She replied I nodded, just then Carlisle came in from another room.

"Hey kids." He greeted us

"Hi." we replied all together.

"Let's go into the living room, dinner is not quite done yet." Esme smiled "And I have something for you, Bella." she said gripping my hand The living room was a warm brown color, that invited you in.

"I'll be right back." She said letting go of my hand, She came back in with a beautiful dark wicker bassinet filled with all kinds of things for the baby. I forgot about the pain and gasped. This time I couldn't hide the pain that was displayed across my face

"What is it Bella?" Carlisle said with concern

"The baby kicked me really hard a few minutes ago and now it hurts to breath. He thought for a minute. Emmett helped me sit down but even that hurt.

"May I?" Carlisle asked gesturing toward my belly. He was the first one to ask permission.

"Of course." I replied trying to smile trough the pain He lifted my shirt and revealed a purplish bruise on my right side. He pressed on it lightly with his fingers and automatically my eyes filled with tears.

"It looks as if he might of cracked a rib." He said removing his fingers from my body

"Is that normal?" Emmett asked concerned

"It happens sometimes near the end of pregnancy, it gets hard for them to move around." He explained

"What can you do for her?" Edward asked

"Unfortunately not much." He replied, a terrified look flew across my face I was a cry-baby when it came to pain. Carlisle disappeared but returned a few moments later with his arms full of medical supplies.

"I'm going to wrap you up nice and tight, but the only thing I'll be able to do for your pain is pain reliever." He said starting to wrap an ace bandage around me. I winced as the bandage became tighter, and Carlisle looked at me apologetically. I only smiled to let him know it was okay. After he was done he handed me two small pills and a glass of water. I took them anxious for the pain to go away. It was better now, only a dull aching in the background that could easily be forgotten. I turned my attention back on Esme's gift.

"Esme you really didn't have to do this." I said touching the bassinet lightly.

"I know that dear but I wanted too, besides I hope that's not all you're expecting." Esme replied. I looked at her confused

"From what I here the girls are throwing you a baby shower after the baby is born." She explained glanced at Rosalie and Alice. They nodded in confirmation.

"Much to Bella's disapproval." Alice said throwing a smirk my way. I stuck my tongue at her and we both laughed. Soon dinner was ready, and we made our way to the dinning room. I was seated next to Em and Rose. Dinner smelled great but tasted even better. Esme, Rose, and Alice spent the whole dinner talking about the baby shower, asking my opinion every once in a while. "Like my opinion really matters" I thought every time they would ask. I knew that no matter what I said they would do what they thought should be done, which I was okay with. Whatever made them happy I'm sure would make me happy. Plus, it is a really nice thing they are doing for Henry and I. When dinner was over the girls made plans for lunch to talk over things for the baby shower. Thank God it was on a day I had school. I was glad for the alone time with Edward when we left.

"Bella?" He asked into the darkness


"Can I ask a favor of you?" He asked cautiously

"Anything." I promised

"Humor them." He answered simply. I sighed deeply.

"I don't see why this has to be a big deal." I replied

"I do." He replied nodding

"Well, enlighten me Edward, because I don't see it." I said getting a little upset. We turned on my street and into my driveway, everyone else was already inside.

"Emmett may have not told you this, but Alice and I are adopted." he conveyed. Surprise flooded my face

"Esme and Carlisle are actually our Aunt and Uncle." He stated "Our parents died in a car accident when I was 5, Alice was only a few months old. My mother Elizabeth was Esme's sister. My father Edward Sr. was a colleague of Carlisle's. Esme immediately took us in, she had always wanted to be a mother, she came very close once but the baby was stillborn and it left her unable to bear anymore children. He explained sadly.

"Oh Edward, I'm so sorry." I said taking him into my arms. We stayed there like that for a long time, in each other's comfort. When we broke apart he took my lips in his, kissing me passionately. I was the first to break away; my air supply was getting quite low. I laid my forehead on his.

"I love you." He murmured against my lips

"I love you too." I replied with a smile. "We better get in there." I said reaching for the door.

"One more minute won't kill them." He answered taking my hand away.

"Edward they're going to start getting suspicious."

"Let them." He said as he buried his face in my hair.

"I thought we both agreed that it was best that we kept this a secret till I graduated?" I asked confused. Why was he acting like this?

"Why should we have to hide that we love each other Bella?" He needed to find reason.

"Because this could end your career if anyone that shouldn't know about us does, Edward." I tried my hardest to make this clear to him

"I can get another job." He replied

"No!" I answered shaking my head. "It's only a few months Edward, why are you doing this?"

"It's a few months too long." He murmured. I didn't say anything; I was trying to find a way to make him listen.

"Edward? What's going on?" I asked not sure I wanted to hear the answer

"Nothing." He replied quickly

"Edward." I said more firmly.

He sighed. "I don't know what I would do if I lost you Bella." He answered

"What are you talking about? Why do you think you're going to lose me?" I asked

"In a few months Henry will be here and when this all comes to a head you won't put him in the middle of this, nor should he be, and then you'll leave me. I shook my head. That would never happen. I was silent for a moment, thinking.

"What if I made you a deal?" I finally asked

"What kind of deal?" He asked I sighed in relief

"What if we only kept it a secret till you get another job, and then we'll tell them?" I asked. Then, he was silent for a long moment. He nodded I smiled

"Okay." He answered. "But you promise we'll tell them as soon as I get a job?

"Promise Promise." I said holding out my pinking for us to pinky swear. He laughed and we pinky swore on it. With one last kiss we went inside to join our family.

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