Aurorus, Chespin, and Binacle

The bridge over to this side of the canyon had been a tight squeeze, but now they were on a nice wide path of dirt road that gave Aurorus plenty of room to walk on. In this chilly area outside of the ice cavern, the tall dinosaur Pokemon kept her neck fins folded up so that she kept more body heat to herself. On her back, her Trainer Shauna was bundled up in a cute pink coat, snow pants, fluffy hat, and boots to tolerate the weather. There was also a group of four Chespins riding along, even one on Arurorus' head, but as long as the sun shone they didn't seem bothered by the cold.

"This looks like a good place!" Shauna said, patting Aurorus' neck. "People will be coming and going from the cave to get Pokemon, so we might even get an audience. Come on, set up a booth so we can record images for the PR video."

"Auuurrrooo," Aurorus called, stopping so her passengers could slide or jump off. The crystals imbedded in her skin began to sparkle as she built energy for what had been requested.

Meanwhile, Shauna brought out her smart phone to access her computer storage account. But a look over the items inside revealed a problem. All the equipment she'd brought had been packed away in boxes, so the storage program had decided to label every single one of them 'Box' instead of anything helpful. She frowned, but since most of it would help, she began materializing all of the 'Box' items. She didn't want to get in Aurorus' way, so the boxes were called out in stacks, hopefully not too precarious.

The air began to crackle as the humidity in the area was forced into becoming a solid sheet of ice. Aurorus formed a six foot tall and nine feet wide ice wall, setting it firmly on the ground. Since a structure was needed, she created two narrower walls and set them on either side of the bigger wall. That allowed her to craft an icy ceiling to finish it off with.

"Great job, Aurorus!" Shauna said, taking a box and opening it to find a camera. "Now we just gotta figure out what's in each box..." There was a crash beside her as one of the Chespins had tried adjusting the other stack, only to get the upper boxes to fall on top of him. "Hey, are you all right?"

The Chespin popped up from underneath the boxes and grinned, giving her a thumbs up. He was just fine. However, the hard wooden shell on his head seemed to have put a crack in one of the boxes. That one had the spotlights and the portable generator. Fortunately, she knew there were replacement bulbs somewhere and the generator seemed fine. This was only a slight delay, so she kept opening boxes and directing the Chespins in how to set things up.

Once they set up the gong and the drums, though, the Chespins were soon distracted in hitting the instruments with their heads, leaving Shauna to finish setting up. She found the replacement bulbs and got the lights hooked up to the generator. Then she examined the ice structure that made up their backdrop. "That looks really nice, Aurorus," she said, smiling up at the tall Pokemon. "Hey, you know, the area around Snowbelle and here stays cold all year long. I bet you and I could build a whole house out of your ice! Oo, or even a castle! Wouldn't that be magnificent?"

"Rrruuurrooo," Aururos said, pleased with the idea. Then she nudged the roof of the structure. Of course, the flaw in that plan was that she worked best at making walls. Learning how to make a partial shelter like this had taken a lot of doing.

"Yeah, in order to pull it off, I'd have to learn how to carve up ice," Shauna said. "But it could still work! You'd make flat pieces of ice like big boards of wood, and then I'd cut them up and make them into furniture and whatever else we wanted. If I was real careful, then I might even be able to make a chandelier out of ice. We'd have to put it in a room with a really high ceiling so that you didn't bonk your head into it."

All of a sudden, there was a shout from far overhead. Something large and gray fell out of the sky and crashed into the ceiling of Aurorus' shelter, breaking it into thousands of ice shards. It also landed on top of a Chespin, but she merely paused in her drumming and looked at the newcomer with a curious tilt of her head. Meanwhile, the Binacle pair stuck to the large rock shook themselves to recover, one pressing down on the ground to flip onto their proper side.

"What, what was that about?" Shauna asked, puzzled more than mad about losing the structure. It could be rebuilt. However, the Aurorus whined sadly and hung her head.

One Binacle stretched its striped body out to pull their rock out of the rubble, while the other Binacle held itself high and said, "All right, cut the script right there. We're gonna have to scrap this story and start all over again."

"Wh-what?!" Shauna said. "Why? We were doing just fine until you showed up."

"Yeah, and you were the idiot who broke the frame by speaking," one of the Chespin retorted.

"No way, this story wasn't going right in any fashion," the Binacle said, with the other one snapping its head fingers now that they were in place. "It wasn't going anywhere at all! And what kind of scenario are you trying to accomplish anyhow?"

"I was gonna shoot some film for a PR video and have fun with my beautiful Aurorus and my gang of adorable Chespins," Shauna said, putting her hands on her hips. "And we could have done a perfectly fine story just doing that! It would've had music and everything!"

"How can you pull off music in text form?" the Binacle countered. "Not only that, but what kind of plot is that? It's nothing, it's horrible, and this story had better get erased right now."

"No, no way!" Shauna insisted, stamping her foot down and scattering snow in doing so. "Trevor got to do a story months ago and I want to do one too! But mine would be all about fun, not serious stuffy..." she waved a hand while thinking of a word, "stuff like plots and whatever."

"Besides, I think we've cleared the qualifications anyhow," one of the Chespin said. "She's not a strict author, you know. Now can we go back to playing? I was hopping to get a xylophone solo in at some point."

"This is ridiculous," both Binacle said, sighing and shaking one of their heads.

"My pretty little building is ruined," Aurorus said sadly, crying a bit.

Shauna crossed her arms over her chest. "You're the one who wrecked our story, Binacle, so you'd better fix it. What are you gonna do about that?"

"Well first we need an actual plot," one Binacle said. "And some sun-dried seaweed would be nice; I'm hungry."

"No, we need to clear up this wreckage first," a Chespin said, pulling out a very comical looking bomb with a sparkling fuse. "And explosions fix everything, so I hear."

"W-wait!" the Binacle pair said, while another Chespin hurried over to Shauna and jumped to cling onto her chest. The bomb exploded in a colorful cartoon fashion, not troubling the Chespin at all due to their natural wooden helmets, and not hurting Shauna because the Chespin protected her. Aurorus was fine too, since she was far too big to be affected. However, the Binacle found themselves near unconscious and covered in black soot. One coughed and then they both fell over.

Unfortunately, the explosion also wrecked Shauna's equipment. "O-kay then," Shauna said, dropping the Chespin in her arms. "Well that was weird. So, um," she looked around at them. "Anybody know the point of this story now?"

"Dunno," the Chespin by her said, while the others shrugged or scratched their heads.

"It made me sad," Aurorus said mournfully. "How can we build an ice castle if Binacles are gonna drop out of the sky and ruin everything?"

"Aw, I'm sorry, Aurorus," Shauna said, going over and hugging the huge Pokemon as best she could. Aurorus nudged her head with her snout. "We can still try, but like I said, I need ice-carving lessons and we need a better plan for it."

"Hey, how about we go over to Laverre and have a tea party instead?" one of the Chespin suggested. "Would that make a good PR video?"

"Oo, I think that would be really classy," Shauna said, getting excited. "Let's go do that!"

And they left to do so, but this story is already over. Good night, dear readers.

Aurorus Y entry: Using its diamond-shaped crystals, it can instantly create a wall of ice to block an opponent's attack.

Chespin Y entry: Such a thick shell of wood covers its head that even a direct hit from a truck wouldn't faze it.

Binacle Y entry: They stretch and then contract, yanking their rocks along with them in bold hops. They eat seaweed that washes up on the shoreline.

Well, that was random, haha. I blame illness.