*~*Kat's POV*~*

I landed on the thickest, highest branch i could find in the never ending forest, my gold black tipped cat ears flicking in unison with the swaying of my tail. I felt one of the piercing in my ear vibrate, noticing I'd gotten a message from my creator and master. I reached up and tapped the earpiece sitting in my cat ear and pulled the microphone down so it was near my mouth.

"What?" I said in a sardonic tone to my mistress, a woman who called herself The Duchess.

"Is that any way to speak to your master?" She said in her usual tone.

"Nope, and don't plan on it any time soon." I said as I stood up, rubbing my hand along the black tattoo at the top of my collarbone.

"Look Kat, we don't have much time for this. Either you get it done now, or not at all. There are three dozen card soldiers below you, you attracted quite a crowd didn't you?.. Kill them." She said then turned off her communication device.

"Whatever…" I muttered under my breath, switching off the ear piece. I continued rubbing the tattoo made up of two words and a couple numbers.

The Cat 2.0

That was all my tattoo read. The Duchess had created me to be an assassin. My original design came from Redd Heart's design for her top killer The Cat. I was supposed to be a more 'Human' version of it. I still had all the abilities it had had. I still had nine lives. But I wasn't fully made of imagination. I was taken before I was born, my genetics were altered, I was taken away from my family and trained to be a killer.

"I think I saw it go this way!" One of the dozens of Wonderlanders below yelled.

After that I jumped down, my nails grew out into the claws they were considered to be, and sliced into the chests of every Wonderlander around me.

When I was done I walked toward the mansion my 'Master' called home.

~*~Karter's POV~*~

I was walking through the halls of Heart Castle, my home, when I heard my mother from the war room.

"The Duchess has killed THREE dozen card soldiers?"

Queen Alyss Heart…My mother.

"I'm sorry Alyss…But it's true."

King Dodge. My Father. Leader of the Palace Guard.

"This sucks!"

Homburg Molly. My mother's bodyguard.

I walked down the hallway till I reached the door and knocked. The door swung open before me.

"Mother, you don't have to use your imagination just to open a DOOR," I mumbled scratching behind my ear. "I can do it myself. You could just say 'Come in', or something…"

"I'm sorry, Karter." My mother said, walking over. She kissed the top of my brown haired head, hugged my, then held me at arm's length. "I'll think before I do it next time."

I removed her hand's from me. "That's not saying you'll stop…" I mumbled, then looked at the large monitor at the end of the table. On one half it showed images of the Rook and the Knight, there for a video conference.

On the other half was a thin girl. She looked about thirteen and had waist length golden hair. She was wearing very small black shorts, dark-brown knee-high lace-up boots, and a dark-brown jacket with a fur-rimmed hood in a darker brown. She had shining golden eyes. But the most amazing thing about the girl was something you could find on no other Wonderlander…

She had golden cat ears and a tail, both tipped with black.

"Who's she?" I said, turning to my mother and father.

"The Duchess's assassin, Kat." My father said to me. "We only recently learned her name."

"Kat…" I murmured, captivated by the girl in the image.

"Karter…" My father stepped up to me, grabbing my arm, and turning me to him. "We have something to tell you."

"What?" I asked, my face a question mark.

"We have reason to believe you're her next target."

It took a few seconds for that to process in my head. When I finally understood I yelled. "WHAT!"