*~*Kat's POV*~*

I walked along the cobblestones that made up Genevieve Street. I had my hood up to hide my cat ears, and my tail tuck inside my jacket.

"Hey! Miss!"

I turned to see a man with dark hair, and a briefcase running towards me.

When he reached me he opened up his briefcase, and spoke in a hushed voice. "Would you like to purchase some artificial crystal?" The man had an odd shine to his eye.

He was consuming that fake crystal.

I took one look at the artificial crystal, with it's dark and uneasy glow. I looked up and narrowed my eyes at the man, and growled at him. "Look sleaze ball." I said, glowering at him. "I have important business to attend to, and you are NOT a part of it."

After that I turned away and walked towards Heart Palace.

When I reached the wall-like fence of the castle I listened for people, or worse GUARDS, climbed up, and crouched at the top. I walked along the top of the wall until I reached a tree in the garden. I jumped on a high branch, then dropped to a lower one.

I looked down to see a boy about the age of fifteen with messy brown hair, and a black coat on.


"Why me?" Karter muttered

"Because you're royalty and you'll have several threats on your life before you die…" I whispered, only loud enough for me to hear.

"Maybe I won't die. Maybe she'll fail…" He said.

"I highly doubt that..." I muttered.

"Huh?" Karter looked up. "Who said that?"

"Crap…" I murmured.

I reached up to climb the tree.

"Who are you?"

I had reached the branch above me, but Karter had already heard the leaves rustling around me, and spotted me.

"That information is…inconsequential." I said to him, sitting down, my legs swinging below me.

"Inconsequential?" Karter's face was a question mark. "It might be important to me.

I lifted one of my legs so it rested on the branch, a I folded my arms and set them on my knee, and in turn, my chin on my arms. "If you must know, it's Kat. K-A-T."

"…I know who you are." He said, taking a step back in fear.

"And I know who you are. Karter Heart. Prince of Wonderland." I said, pushing my hood back, shaking my hair loose, flicking my cat ears. "The next person I'm to kill."

~*~Karter's POV~*~

The girl was just as the image had shown. Golden cat ears and all.

"Why don't you come down?" I asked, looking up at her.

Part of me wanted her to come down, so we could have a normal conversation. Another part of me wanted to run and get the palace guard to take her into custody.

Kat stood up, and shrugged. "Eh? Why not?". She jumped down to a lower branch, then another, and then she landed in front of me. She sat down and looked up at me with her quizzical gold eyes.

"You know," She said, fiddling with the lace of one of her boots. "Most people aren't nice to people they know are trying to kill them."

I sat down next to her and stared up at the sky. "You're speaking from experience?"

"Being an assassin does that to you."

I turned to her, she was watching my intently.

"Why do you have to kill me?"

She shrugged. "Just following orders."


Kat sighed and fished a small communication device out of her pocket, stuck in her ear, pressed a button, and began talking.

"What?" She said in a rude and annoyed tone, nowhere near the way she had been speaking to me.

I heard some indistinct speaking on the other end of the conversation. Kat nodded and grunted a few times. Then she pressed the button again, stashed the earpiece in her pocket, and turned to me.

"Well, got to go." Kat said then turned toward where she came from. "By the way, I wasn't planning on killing you today. Well, bye." She walked to the tree, climbed up, when she reached the top she yanked on her hood, and was gone.