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Several days went by since young Thackery Earwicket had made friends out of The Hatter, Tarrant Hightopp and the two dormice. Not once had there been a knock on the door from the dreadful Knave of Hearts seeking the escaped hare. As baffling as it was, the friends were relieved by the Knave giving up the search. Thackery's legs had healed quite well and he grew quite comfortable in his new home. As more days progressed, he became more and more secure in just being himself to a level he hadn't even taken to in the hills. He had consumed more sugar and more honey, substances that are not quite recommended for rabbits of any kind, and he made it the more obvious he would not stop consuming them.

He was becoming more hyper and jittery and discovered, he had always been like this, but his mother's hand kept his, what was proving to be a type of insanity in proper order. However, Tarrant found amusement in Thackery's quirks that he did not want to keep him repressed or make him feel like he had to change or be different. Both dormice, the Dormouse and Mallymkun rather enjoyed Thackery's eccentricity and brought entertainment to tea time, especially.

It was an early morning when Thackery as quietly as he could without waking the Dormouse, crept down the stairs to make a morning cup of tea. As he reached the bottom of the stairs, he discovered Tarrant looking what seemed to be his finest suit and a fine collection of spools of thread fashioned across his chest. From the looks of the steaming cups on the table, Tarrant had already made tea for the both of them.

"What'rya doin?" Thackery asked hopping up into a chair. Tarrant smiled wide.

"Oh, I knew I could catch you before I left!" he announced excitedly. "Hare, how would you like to accompany me to the White Queen's castle?" he asked as Thackery scooped spoonful after spoonful of sugar into his tea cup.

"Fer what?" Thackery replied, he ear twitching as he took a drink of his tea.

"Well, the Queen recently went through something terrible, you see. Her daughter, the young princess Lily was kidnapped, but brought back. Now, she is throwing a celebration in honor of her daughter's safe return and I would just love to introduce you to Queen Mirana." The hatter explained. "Will you join me?"

"She wouldn't woont to meet me! Why would she woont to meet me?" Thackery asked.

"Because you are a wonderful little bunny who can do wonders in a kitchen." Tarrant said. This was true. Thackery had shown off his cooking skills to Tarrant who was amazed that a young hare could possess such an excellent culinary talent. "And you could possibly make something for her, like maybe…your special tea cakes?"

"The queen…eating my cakes?" Thackery asked excitedly pulling on his long ears. Tarrant nodded knowing that his little friend grew more and more anxious at the thought of the White Queen herself sampling on his own recipe.

"I hafta make new batch right noow!" Thackery yelled, his bright yellow eyes sparkling with delight and he sprang out of the chair and to the pantry to pull out the ingredients haphazardly. Tarrant chuckled. Thackery threw bags of sugar and baking powder onto the counter and dragged out a large sack of flour. Like a bolt of lightning he dashed around the kitchen pulling out spoons and bowls and measuring cups and tossing them all onto the counter, at this point he didn't really put any regards into not waking up the still sleeping Dormouse and Mallymkun.

"Was' all the chatta' down 'ere?" Mallymkun sleepily came down the stairs.

"Cake is a very good thing to bake." Her father answered only to go back to sleep.

"Cake?" she asked looking to Tarrant for an answer.

"The Hare is making his tea cakes for Queen Mirana for a party today." He replied. Mallymkun smiled and let out a little squeak.

"Can I go to the party? I'll wear my best dress!" Mally squeaked with delight as she hopped back up the stairs.

"If I go to the party, it'd be like Cinderella going to the ball in her pumpkin." Dormouse said, falling right back to sleep.

Meanwhile, Thackery quickly mixed the ingredients muttering, 'stir, stir, stir' under his breath. Tarrant opened the oven door as the eager hare quickly, but efficiently poured the cake batter into a custom pan. The pan had nine square spaces designed especially for the little cakes. After pouring out all the batter, Thackery practically tossed the pan into the oven and plopped down on the floor exhausted.

"Noow, they bake at three hoondred degrees for fifteen minutes." He said lying down on the hard floor.

"Very good, Thackery. Very good." Tarrant said applauding his friends' efforts.

Fifteen minutes later, Thackery carefully put on his rather large green oven mits, opened the oven door and slowly took out the pan of freshly baked tea cakes. All that was left to do was frost them and the four friends could leave for the party.

As Thackery pulled out the frosting to pour into a bowl, Mallymkun came down the stairs in a small and simple white dress.

"What do think of it?" she asked sweetly.

"Let me see, Mally." Tarrant said putting his hand to the floor. Mally quickly ran onto his palm. He raised her up and looked her over and gave her a smile. "You look positively lovely, Mally."

"'Atta?" Mallymkun asked. "Is it safe for daddy, me, and the 'Are to go with you? What if the Knave finds us?" she asked timidly.

"No, Mally. We'll be safe. The siege of the rodent population has been withdrawn, taken away you see. So, you three are no longer in any danger." Tarrant replied. Mally nodded and noticed that Thackery had stopped icing the cakes.

""Are, you a'right?" Mally asked. Thackery nodded. Then he shook his head.

"If oonly my family had survived a few moore weeks." Thackery said sadly getting back to icing the cakes.

"I have an excellent idea!" Tarrant exclaimed. "Let's change the subject! Mally, I think you could use a hat to go with that stunning dress of yours."

"Would you make one for me, 'Atta?" she asked happily.

"Why of course I would. I'll get right on it." Tarrant said pulling out some white thread and some scrap of white lace. In no time at all, he had snipped together a little lace hat with small white ribbon strings.

"Oh, 'Atta! I love it!" Mally exclaimed, carefully taking the hat and placing it gently upon her head. She tied the two white ribbons into a bow under her chin and looked at herself in a hand mirror than Tarrant presented to her. "I look beautiful."

"Couldn't have said it better myself." Tarrant replied sweetly.

"Cake are doone!" Thackery proclaimed arranging them neatly on a plate.

"Alright, I'll get the cart and the Dormouse and we'll be on our way." Tarrant said. Because the Dormouse was so large and really had no strength to carry himself all the way to the castle in Marmoreal, Tarrant had put together a cart in which to put him along.

Tarrant hoisted the Dormouse into the wooden cart and placed his hat on top of his long red wavy hair.

"Got the cakes?" Tarrant asked as they all walked out of the house.

"Yup!" Thackery replied with a little laugh as he held the tray of tea cakes for the queen.

And with that, the friends were off for the celebration.

Several days had gone by and Nivens McTwisp did not once think about the execution of his family. He was much too busy with his new job as page of the White Queen and making sure that Lily had proper supervision. Queen Mirana was now trying to spend more time with her daughter and when she finally felt comfortable she decided to throw a party in honor of her daughter.

"McTwisp!" Lily called from her bedroom.

"Yes, princess?" he asked taking a bow before fully entering her room. She was wearing an elegant white dress adorned with pearl drops and rhinestones. Nivens eyes grew wide.

"Does this dress look nice for the party today?" she asked twirling around.

"You would look beautiful in anything, Lily." He replied blushing. Lily looked at him and gave him a sweet smile.

"Thank you, Nivens." She replied. Nivens stood there in the doorway admiring the Princess. She was a beautiful treasure to him. He was her sole protector and would die for her. Although there was that species problem between them, Nivens was still ever confident that he would one day take Princess Lily's hand. He stood there watching her twirl and admiring herself in her tall vanity mirror and he sighed. She glanced over at him.

Nivens cleared his throat and straightened up.

"Uh, your mother summons you, my princess." Nivens announced. He had almost completely forgotten why he had come up to her bedroom in the first place.

"Alright. It's almost time for the party." Lily said dancing out the room and skipping down the hall. Nivens sighed once more at her grace. "Nivens, you coming?" she called.

"Oh, yes!" he said hopping down the hallway behind her to the throne room where the elegant White Queen Mirana waited.

"Oh Lily!" Mirana said standing up off of her throne to get a better look at her daughter. "Don't you just look lovely." She complimented giving her a hug.

"You wanted to see me, mommy?" she asked.

"Yes, well, our guests our beginning to arrive and I thought that you would like to greet them with me." Mirana replied. Lily nodded. "Alright. Oh, and McTwisp. I am told that rather special guests will be joining us and I would really like you to meet them. So, would you mind very much staying with us?" she asked.

"I wouldn't mind it at all, my queen. Is Charles joining us?" Nivens asked.

"Yes, he will. He is still preparing himself. I swear, my own son spends more time fixing his hair than I do fixing mine." Mirana joked. The three of them laughed.

"What are you all laughing about?" The White Knight, Charles asked as he just now entered the room. The three of them suddenly stopped laughing.

"Nothing, darling. Nothing. My, you look dashing." Mirana complimented her son.

"Why thank you, mother." He replied running his fingers through his perfect golden locks. Lily and Nivens snickered to themselves, but soon took their places as people began to arrive.

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