A/N: This is my first Glee fiction, I'm a little nervous…I'm not sure if I can get Quinn and Rachel's personality's right, but there isn't much words and I have almost an entire composition book full of Faberry and Brittana stories! Now all I have to do is type them up, but knowing me, I'm a lazy son of a gun and most of them will end up not typed at all.

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Sleeping Peacefully

Quinn yawned as she wandered through the house of the Berry's. She walked the hallways she had walked about a million times already, looking for her girlfriend and baby. It didn't take long to find the two brunettes.

Quinn couldn't help, but smile at the sight before her. Rachel was asleep, lying on her back, her deep brown hair splashed out on the pillow under her head. Her tank top was riding up her sides, revealing bronze smooth skin. Her legs were that of a ballerina dancer, on leg straight with the other leg making a triangle shape, the foot in the other knee.

On Rachel's chest, a baby, no more than two months, lay sleeping, her small hands in Rachel's hair, tightening her grip then releasing, a habit the infant had. Their belly's touching, Rachel's hand rested on the baby's back to keep her in place, so she wouldn't roll off the seventeen year olds body. Quinn, having fallen asleep in the couch while Abby, the baby, was on the floor on a blanket with Rachel playing singing peek-a-boo. She woke up, startled to see her daughter not near her, not even a sound in the otherwise noisy house.

The blonde slowly crawled into the full sized bed with her girlfriend of six months and curled into her side, feeling safe when Rachel moved her arm and held Quinn closer, Quinn grinned, feeling good about her life for the first time in a long time.

The End

A/N: Okay, so it's short. But who cares, I got it typed up! Woo hoo for me! And I know the baby can't roll yet, but if she makes a sudden movement and kinda slips off of Rachel. Enjoy and thanks for reading, I really appreciate it.