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The character list of DOOM from the last chapter:

Renji, Kira Izuru, Gin, Zaraki, Yachiru, Byakuya- Bleach

Master Tulii (AKA Durzo Blint)- Dark Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks (book)

Saito Hajime, formerly of the Shinsengumi- Rurouni Kenshin

Yamazaki, Hijikata and Sougo Okita of (a different) Shinsengumi- Gin tama

Zura/Katsura- Gin tama

Havoc and Mustang- Fullmetal Alchemist

Kabuto and Orochimaru- Naruto

Tatawaki Kuno, Saotome Ranma, Ryoga (P-chan)- Ranma 1/2

Isley, Jean, Ophelia- Claymore, with references from Life Sucks, a fanfic by UsefulOxymoron

Nina and Lloyd- Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

McGonagall and (Ron) Weasley- Harry Potter

"Shire, Senbonakura."

"Shitshitshitshitshit SORRY Taicho! But I wasn't buying sunglasses, so what did I do wrong this time?" Renji's yells could be heard even over the conflagration of mass destruction consuming most of Rukongai at that point.

"You called me gay. And Senbonzakura still wants to castrate you."

"But, but, but that was 120 years ago! I'm sorry. Really though, why?"

"I'm bored. The author has had us on hiatus for more than a year, and our manga has gone to the dogs. I am sending you on a mission to retrieve the author's muse from Hiatusland. (cue Mission Impossible theme music)

"Seriously? Are you just trying to get rid of me? No one comes back from hiatusland! You might as well just send me to hell…"

"That is where you will go, if you don't retrieve the muse. Now go, before I give Senbonzakura what he wants."

*squeak* "Yessir."

And so began Renji's next and greatest adventure to the FInal Frontier, where No Man Has Gone Before…

"CUT! Wrong line from the wrong show, people! Plenty of men GO to hiatusland. None return, is all."

"The FUCK? Is my internal monologue talking back to me?"

"Who you calling a monologue, bub? You want a monologue, you must be the wrong kinda Shinigami. My buddy Ryuk's got connections, if you're looking for a Dramatic Internal Monologue!"

"Um, okay. Soo… who are you then?"

"Ooh, I'm just…your target! I am the MUSE! (cue 'Supermassive Black Hole' by MUSE) You'll never find me!"

At this point, Byakuya and Urahara got tired of listening to Renji talk to himself, and shoved him through a swirly portal of doom, hopefully never to be seen again(though Urahara with his SOD knew it wouldn't last…). Then they began the tedious process of having other people rebuild the blown up, melted, and overall ruined Rukongai. Perhaps they should have waited to get rid of the pineapple, then they would have had one more manual laborer…

Tee hee, filler chapter! I'm hoping this will get my partner off his butt and make him send me the chapters he has on his hard drive *cough*hint*cough*

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