Conflict of Interest

Sometimes Artemis waits until Jarlaxle slips into Reverie and watches him. Artemis doesn't think about it. It's just something he does. An activity. A waiting game. When he isn't tired, especially, even though seeing Jarlaxle sleeping makes him even less tired than he was before. He wonders what Jarlaxle dreams about, but that's not why he watches the mercenary.

He watches because it would be so easy to do something. Reverie is the only time Jarlaxle seems vulnerable. Approachable.

Then he thinks of his family, and his stomach turns.

What is the matter with him? Why can't he let it go? It's not like that and it never will be. Jarlaxle's not interested. Would never be interested in someone with sick urges. Not the homosexuality. That is bad enough, but that isn't it. Urges that keep Artemis up and make him watch his friend sleep. Those urges. The urges to take Jarlaxle in his arms and kiss the drow. The urge to pin Jarlaxle to the bed so he can't escape like everyone else escapes before Artemis is ready.

Artemis isn't ready. Every time he is, Jarlaxle looks at a barmaid with a gleam in his uncovered crimson eye, and Artemis knows he has suddenly ceased to exist. Again.

Jarlaxle likes women.

Artemis likes…Jarlaxle.