Dean was once again at home, well what he now called home. Home was the rack that he only seemed to leave to rip people to shreds. He never in his life thought that this was where he would end up. After a life of hunting he figured he would die from some hell spawn, and then enjoy his afterlife with his parents. But instead he was in hell torturing and being tortured.

He had been in the middle of a long line of other souls, or as they called it the 'falay express', when they gave him a slim blonde woman and he froze. It happened every time, hell it's the only reason that he ever gets sent 'home' now a days. The second he gets a glimpse wavy corn silk hair his mind travels back to the real world. He remembers their one night together, he wonders what she's doing, if she's ok, and then he thinks of what she would think if she knew what he was doing to these people. That's when he freezes. He can block himself out when they send him back to work, he shuts down the real Dean and just follows his survival instincts, but those scared brown eyes shock him back every time. That's when he is sent to 'timeout' as he calls it. It's when they start all over again with his training. It took them years to break him, but he did break, and then after the first of the blondes, it took them almost a whole another year to re-train him. Now that time seems to get shorter and shorter.

While Dean was waiting for his usually punishment for freezing up again to start, he was going over every detail of the night with her in his head. He long ago forgot her real name and how he knew her, but he knew she loved him, and was pretty sure he loved her. He remembered they had fought, what she smelled like, what she sounded like moaning his name, and just how to get her eyes to light up with delight. That's when the dude in the monkey suit showed up.

Dean looked up when he felt he was being stared at.

"Hello Dean. I am an angel of the Lord, but you may call me Castiel."

Dean started to laugh.

"Really? An angel of the Lord huh? Well this is definitely a new one! So you gona get my hopes up then start the slicin and dicein?"

"I do not understand, nor do I have the time too. You must listen to me Dean."

"Right, why don't we just skip the bull and get on with it huh? I got a hair appointment in a couple hours."

"Dean, I am here to raise you back to Earth, but you must listen to me now, and carefully."

Dean was staring at the man as if he had sprouted another pair of arms. No it's just another trick; he's just full of it.

"Why should I believe you?"

"Because I know what's in your heart Dean. I know why you freeze, I know who you think of every time you're on the rack, I know what you have never been able to voice to another soul."

Dean narrowed his eyes at the stranger in suspicion. He had never told anyone why he froze, he had them thinking it was an act of defiance. He didn't know what to believe, his captures had never tried to dangle freedom before, but he wouldn't put it past them.

"Once again dude, why should I believe you? I'm kinda literally in the pit of despair."

"We do not have time for your lack of faith, you must listen. I can bring you back, but you must understand the consequences of your past. Your actions have lead to still unknown repercussions. Do you understand?'

"Ummmm big fat nope."

The man got a look on his face that if it was any other person Dean would have said it was anyonce, but on this 'angel' it looked as if he was trying to solve a rubics cube in his head. It was kinda funny looking.

"Dean I will return you to the living plane if you agree to atone for the situation you have had a hand in created."

"So you're tellin me that if I 'atone', whatever that hell that means, then I get to live again?"


"That simple? And I keep my soul?"


Dean stared at the man for a couple minutes, trying to decide if he was on the level. Then he thought of what he could do topside again. He could find her again; he could find the others whose names he had forgotten, all the while 'atoning'. Even if it is a trick, what else could they do to him?

"Alright deal. Now get me outta here."

"We must seal the deal, and no I do not wish to kiss you. A simple touch to the forehead will do."

Dean looked at the chains that held him in place, then back at the man.

"Well it ain't like I'm goin anywhere. Let's get this over with shall we?"

The man walked over and raised his hand but before he touched Dean he whispered almost too low for him to hear.

"Father forgive me for what I do in your name."

Dean tried to jerk back, but all he saw was a smiling blonde with a round belly, and then nothing for a bright white light.

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