The Twilight characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. I'm not getting any money to write this, I just want to play this out through Edwards POV, she owns the characters.

1. Bachelor Party

Bella and I were in her room, I was trying to psyche myself into going to a "bachelor party" my father and brothers had planned for me. This was really just a hunting trip, but since I was getting married for the first time they wanted me to have a party. Jasper and Emmett said they'd be by to get me so I could say bye to Bella, I wouldn't see her again until our ceremony. This was making me anxious, though, I didn't want her to know that. It still pained me to leave her for any length of time. I was seriously trying to get out of going as I wanted to stay this last night with her.

"Definitely staying," I murmured into her hair. Then I heard Jasper and Emmett before Bella did. They had heard me as well. "Oh, for the love of all that is holy!"

"What's wrong?" Bella asked with some panic in her voice.

I gritted my teeth, "Apparently Emmett and Jasper are not going to let me bow out tonight."

She reluctantly released me. "Have fun." Though I could hear in her voice that is not what she meant.

"No way, bro', you are NOT baling on us tonight." Emmett screamed at me through his thoughts as he scraped his fingers along the glass making it scream with him. "Jasper needs this hunting trip now more than ever. If you're going to subject him to a room full of humans we are taking you with us." I felt Bella cringe at that shrieking sound. I knew Emmett was right; however, I was saddened to not be able to spend this last night in Bella's room before she never slept here again. So much had happened in this room for me and I was hoping to relive it one more time. The way my whole existence shifted the first night I heard her mutter my name in her sleep. That alone still made my dead heart beat.

At that moment both of my brothers climbed in through her window. It was not lost on me that this was their first time in her room. "This is what a human girls' room looks like?" Emmett again, his thoughts were like loose canons, very random. "What's with that decrepit computer? And no wonder Edward never does anything but watch her sleep, who could do anything in that bed besides sleep?" Ugh, always vulgar thoughts in his mind.

I suddenly felt Jasper tasting the air. "She's nervous about tomorrow, not sure how much sleep she's going to get tonight. Hmm... bet with Emmett, will she fall down the stairs in a tired stupor before she makes it to Edward? I'm going to bet that she won't, Alice says to not underestimate her. Maybe I should suggest she take some sleeping, better not, maybe she will fall down the stairs then." I raised my eyebrow slightly at Jasper. Really? Was she nervous about tomorrow? Would she sleep when we left? Would she fall? Maybe we should do the vows on the landing instead of making her walk down those narrow stairs in heels. Would Alice... my thoughts stopped there, the calm coming from Jasper became stronger. Was that because of me or because of Bella? I couldn't be sure. The only thing I was sure of was that tomorrow, she would become Mrs. Edward Cullen.

"Go, before they break my house," Bella encouraged.

I rolled my eyes, kissed her forehead and put my shirt back on. "Get to sleep, you have a big day tomorrow," I said, trying to push out Jasper's thoughts.

"Thanks! That's sure to help me wind down," Bella said this with forced enthusiasm.

"I'll meet you at the alter," I teased her. I couldn't wait for that moment. I wished it were tomorrow already. Tonight was going to drag on forever.

"I'll be the one in white," she smiled at her blasé remark.

"Very convincing," I chuckled. I couldn't wait for her to walk towards me in her white dress. All three of us jumped out the window and landed perfectly on our feet, barely making a noise.

"You better not make him late!" We all heard Bella, though she never spoke louder than usual. She was getting very good at knowing how well we could hear.

"I'm going to go calm her down again," Jasper jumped back up, "Don't worry, Bella, we'll have him home in plenty of time." Even down here on the ground I felt him swirling calm all around Bella. I would definitely thank him once we were out of earshot of Bella.

I heard Bella ask him what vampires did for bachelor parties. Emmett and I laughed under our breath, like we needed to take Jasper to a club where scantily clad women and rude men would be everywhere.

"Relax, we Cullens have our own version. Just a few mountain lions, a couple of grizzly bears. Pretty much an ordinary night out," Jasper reassured her as he pressed more calm around her.

"Thanks Jasper," Bella murmured. She was getting tired; I hoped she was going to fall asleep shortly. The last thing I needed was a trip to emergency room before she officially became my wife.

He winked at her and dropped back to the ground.

Soon we were running away from my heart, as I'd left it there in that room, but I knew it would be returned to me tomorrow evening. I remembered the conversation I'd once had with Bella and about the significance of twilight for our kind, so because of that we chose to exchange our vows at twilight. We were also afraid we might actually get a sunny day; we couldn't have that ruining a perfectly good wedding. We were probably the only couple in the world who would be wishing for an overcast day, but not rainy, for a wedding. Alice said it was only to be overcast, good thing, the reception and dancing was to be outside, the rest of guests would appreciate to stay dry.

"That kid's a mess again." I heard Emmett say in his thoughts. I tried rearranging my face to reflect the true hunter that I should be as I stalked a mountain lion.

Carlisle and I sat on a boulder after we couldn't possibly fill ourselves anymore. Emmett stayed with Jasper to make sure he was well fed. It was still hours before the day was to start. My thoughts were back in a certain girls' room back in Forks.

"Edward, she's fine, Alice is watching over her and if anything happens while we're here, she'll call," Carlisle reassured me. This sounded vaguely familiar. I thought of another hunting trip I had taken with Emmett oh so long ago. '"Alice is as crazy about this girl as you are", Emmett tapped the phone in my pocket. "She'll call if she sees anything."'

"I know, and really, that's not what I was worrying about actually."

"Oh? What are you worried about?"

"My marriage proposal," I answered, dejectedly.

"Your what? This ought to be interesting, this is the last thing I thought he would be worried about, tomorrow is his wedding night..." Carlisle was utterly confused, but not completely off base. I was worried about that, too.

"You only get one chance to ask for a girls hand in marriage, and I did it all wrong. The first time I asked her it was a condition, more like an ultimatum." I explained, sounding more pathetic as I went on. "Do you remember that night of the vote after we returned from Italy? That's how I got her to wait for her eternal damnation; I tricked her into marrying me. I then tried to make up for it by asking another time. It was in my room this time, I got down on one knee, I placed my mothers ring on her finger, but I really should have thought it out more. I wish I had planned on a more romantic place. Probably our meadow, with candles and a picnic dinner for her, something better than a condition on her soul, but I was so eager to see my ring on her finger..."

Carlisle put his hand up to stop me, "Edward, really, this is what you're worried about? Bella is so...uncomplicated, well other than the fact that you can't read her mind. But she's not into all that fluff, and you know it. Remember the "fit" she threw about her first prom? And it took her forever to work up the nerve to even allow Alice to plan her wedding. Do you know that Bella has to shut her eyes and 'go to her happy place', when Alice does a wedding gown fitting? Alice has told me this."

I gasped, I had no idea about that, but Alice had been doing her best to keep me out of her head when she's thinking of Bella in her dress. And I truly hadn't seen, I didn't want to, I wanted to be surprised on my wedding day as well.

"So you see, Edward," Carlisle continued, "despite all of that, Bella has still said yes to you, she's going to look absolutely radiant and she's been good for you. Esme and I are thrilled to see you so happy. And despite all of that, she's the one who risked her life to come save you from the Volturi, we will all be indebted to her for the rest of our existence and it still won't be enough."

I groaned, "I know, Carlisle, that's why I feel that I cheated her out of a really great wedding proposal, she's so selfless, I should have been more selfless. But instead I let me selfishness rule yet again. Will I ever stop doing that to her? She's so good, and I'm...I'm a monster! I don't deserve her, not at all!"

"Edward, enough! She wants you, she's enduring all of Alice's extreme plans to give you what you need, whether you realize what you need or not, so stop beating yourself up and appreciate Bella for who she is. She can read you better than you read yourself, which is why she's your match. Speaking of which, the thing I am worried about is what you should be most worried about: your wedding night."

I groaned at Carlisle again. "Yes, I did promise her I'd try."

"You did what?" Carlisle asked in more alarm than I'd ever heard him speak.

By this time Emmett and Jasper had joined us on the grouping of boulders we were seated on. Emmett heard that last part of our conversation. He was having a great time of it, trying to picture Bella and I on our first night together.

I punched Emmett as I painfully said, "Please stop."

"How are you not going to crush her? Or poke holes in her?" Emmett guffawed at his tasteless joke.

I groaned once more, "I have no idea! I want to be with her, but I'm not sure I can be."

"Edward, you're very careful with her. I have seen you two together, it amazes me you can be that close, hold that delicate hand without breaking her fingers and, kiss those fragile lips and still not create bruises so deep that they take months to heal." Jasper said.

"That's because I'm in control and very careful of my actions. I'm afraid it's going to be like hunting, all my senses will be heightened and I'll move too quickly...Carlisle, I..." I suddenly felt very frantic and in need of his advice now more than ever, so much so, I couldn't even finish my thought.

"You're very careful, you love her enough, you've protected her enough, and you're not going to hurt her. You'd hurt yourself first, you'd hurt anything else first before you'd hurt her. This could be very dangerous for Bella, having you that close to her as you try to cage the monster that desires her blood, but I have faith in you." Carlisle reassured me.

"I don't deserve that faith. I just need to know what to expect."

"Well, I can't be completely sure, seeing as I'm not in love with a human," Carlisle smiled. "It's a very powerful thing; powerful emotions can alter vampires so completely. However, Bella has altered you already. I don't think there's another emotion that can affect you anymore."

"It's the most amazing feeling ever," added Jasper, as he forced a calming feeling on me. "You'll be holding her, wanting to get closer to her, even though you're already as close as you can get without sinking into each others' bodies."

"It's second only to drinking human blood, really," responded Emmett. "Just, please don't take down Esme's island house in your excitement. She would kill you for that."

"What?" I muttered in disbelief while looking at Emmett. I turned to look at Carlisle, "What's this about Isle Esme?" Carlisle glared at Emmett.

"We had been so careful to guard our thoughts and now Emmett..." His thought trailed. "Esme and I want to loan you Isle Esme for your honeymoon, take as long as you'd like, you know how long you have until school starts at Dartmouth, if you want to stay until then, it's yours. You and Bella don't get enough alone time, and it's going to be extremely difficult in a house full of us who have superior hearing and who don't sleep." He raised his eyebrows and looked at Emmett while saying, "I wouldn't want to make Bella uncomfortable in her first few months of marriage."

"What?" Emmett asked innocently. Sometimes he could be so clueless.

I was truly grateful, almost utterly speechless. I knew how I could make up for the botched proposal. "Please, no one say anything to Bella, this is going to be our family wedding gift to her."

"Already done," Jasper said. "Alice has seen this in her visions and Bella's bag is already packed and ready for the honeymoon she'll never forget. I wish Alice would have bought some of that stuff for herself..."

I blocked Jaspers thoughts, sometimes he could be just as vulgar, just not as vocal, as Emmett. I turned back to Carlisle, "Thank you, truly, and have I really been so focused on taking out Victoria, protecting Bella from werewolves, and planning this wedding that I have missed this conversation?"

"No, we're just that good," Carlisle added smugly. "But seriously, don't take down the house. She worked on that one for awhile. Furniture and linens we can replace, just please don't destroy the house."

The sky was turning pink at its edges. I sighed, looked up at the fading dark sky and realized that this day was going to truly be the first day of forever for me. I smiled, looked to the men of my family and said, "Thank you for a great bachelor party, I believe I am ready to settle down now."

Emmett and Jasper laughed all the way back to the house. I ran freer than I ever had. This was going to be an amazing day.