Keep This Time As Silent As It Shouldn't Be

She shattered skins and battered bone. When each cry turned to blood curling screams, she was bound to stay again…

He whispered foul truths in my ear, his voice smoother than nails. I nodded "yes" to everything he said, numb from feeling. His eyes screamed warnings, but I never listened. Instead, I followed, like a lost puppy looking for love.

"Now, Bella, what have I told you?" the creature asked in a degrading tone.

I couldn't find the voice to reply the dreaded sentence I have had to repeat again and again: Rag dolls are no fun; rag dolls must and will be punished. My voice had died away long ago with the screams.

"What a shame," he crooned with a malicious Cheshire grin that exposed his blood stained teeth after a beat of my silence. He closed in on me.

I took it all, every unjust act, and I gave up on trying to stop it. I felt the familiar burning hitting my veins, but I couldn't scream. I writhed in pain hearing his laugh fading in the distance.