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Where did this even come from?
I don't care much for slash anymore but I did this on a whim, since I think it is a relatively cute pairing.

"Speak of the devil" barely made it past the bar tender's lips when the Aussie had stepped out of the men's bathroom. There in the cantina stood a young man, wringing his cap nervously, glancing at the bewildered Australian's face, which was in

return was staring back at him. "Is at really you there, Scout?" the Aussie blinked twice, staring harshly at the Bostonian. Scout swallowed, Sniper really looked different without his issued RED shirt, instead he sported a plain white t-shirt , the

vest still in it's place. "Yeah it's me, one and only…kinda." Scout was beginning to blush under the intense stare of the Sniper, which turned into a venomous scowl "What the hell are you doing all the way out here?"It was a good question, why was

the young Bostonian all the way out in the bush of Australia, standing in a dusty run down cantina miles away from civilization? Scout stammered, "I was just here on vacation…thought I'd track you down Snipes…old friends can't visit?". Sniper growled,

storming past the younger man, grabbing his wrist on the way and pulling him outside into the intense heat of the Australian sun. "Old friends is fine with me, mate. We are not old friends, we were colleagues, and it is not normal for colleagues to

fraternize once the job is over, mate." Scout knew his lie was transparent, and of course the Aussie was smart enough to see straight through it, it was too long and expensive a trip just to see an 'old friend' so his underlying reasons were becoming

embarrassingly apparent. "I just didn't have anyone else to go to…", Sniper groaned loudly at the response "Always runnin' away from yer problems you scouts are. Dammit!" he turned away from the boy, a hand running over his face.

His past was coming back to haunt him, he knew that reaching out to others for any reason was a bad idea, but he had not foreseen this coming in the least. It wasn't like they had been lovers, far from it the Sniper thought,

but in desperate times desperate measures were taken. It had been many a night that the Sniper had invited Scout and the others over to his camper during a cease fire, and they would watch a movie on his tiny TV and joke and laugh. To Sniper they

had been good friends, and better colleagues for the experience. Eventually when the others had lost interest in his small collection of films, Scout had been the only one to repeatedly show up night after night afterwards. It was after a long while of this

that the Sniper began to pay notice to the Scout's small frame, his lean physique. To a hungry dog, alot can look like meat, and Sniper was yearning for a woman's touch. Sure Scout lacked defining hips and of course he had no breasts, but his small

stature was enough for the Aussie to reluctantly invite the boy onto his lap one evening. To his surprise, the kid had agreed and sat down awkwardly between his legs, letting the older man remove his cap and stroke his short hair. The Sniper

remembered bracing himself, closing his eyes and imagining a girl there instead, she just had a men's hair cut and an annoying American accent. He didn't think much of the embraces he often found himself locked in with the Scout, but it occurred to him

vaguely one evening, as the Scout had fallen asleep with his face nuzzled in the Sniper's neck, that the others gratification was probably coming from somewhere quite foreign to his own intentions. Surely a good man wouldn't enjoy being held by

another man, and Sniper was far from anything feminine, so what was the Scout getting out is these close encounters? An evening came (towards the end of their conflict with BLU) where Sniper had half heartedly dozed off on the bed, with the TV still

going, Scout wrapped around his mid section listening to his heart beat. He had been slightly roused when the Scout had murmured his name but he remained with his eyes closed and his mouth slacked open, he didn't care enough to bother

responding. Snipers features twitched in irritation when he felt his younger partner changing positions, but he stayed still hoping the other would settle down and he could go back to his belief that he was holding a female instead. The Sniper had nearly

jumped out of the bed when he felt Scouts hot little breaths tickling his lips, but the kiss came too soon for a proper disgusted response. He remembered that it was short, wet and desperate and that the Scout had left after it happened. The Sniper

made to sure to remain unmoved, the idea that this embarrassing moment could have passed through time without any awkward feelings on either end, could in fact happen, was enough to let the older man rest easy for the night. As far as Scout knew,

Sniper was none the wiser about his actions, and that's how it was going to stay. Now looking down on the frustrated little Bostonian, he couldn't help but feel a tad remorseful, he'd been a prick to ignore the lad's feelings and then leave two days later

without so much as a 'see ya' when the fight had ended. It was painfully obvious, poor Scout had too much pride to admit it to himself how pathetic his situation was, he'd been used and tossed away.

What had made the Scout fall for him would probably forever elude the Sniper, but at least he could make some amends so the kid would leave him be. "Look here mate" Sniper tried hard

to soften his expression, but the desperation in the other's eyes just made his warning signals go off. Scout hadn't just fallen for the Sniper, he'd fallen hard. "I don't think its yer best idea to be stickin' around me; I don't usaully take kindly to weakly

little rabbits such as yerself." It didn't come out very nice, and he continued his onslaught "You best just buy a ticket home and not worry about me, hell I'll pay for yer ticket if that'll make you leave any faster. No hard feelings, I'm just a solitary man, you

understand that right?" Sniper nearly choked when the response was squished ruddy expression, the kid was holding back tears. Sniper didn't even vaguely care what had brought the kid here; he just wanted him out, no mess, or crying for gods sakes,

involved. "Yeah I get it Snipes. S'all right, I just thought I'd say hello if anything." The Scout wiped his face with his hand, his eyes and cheeks clearing up "Nice to see you doing well." The Scout laughed heartily, "Worst part about tracking down a guy

like is you is that the rides only come out here when they damn well feel like it." Shrugging off the silent response from the older man he continued "I guess I could run back if I felt like it…not like it's that far." The Scout kicked a bit of dirt and wiped his

nose, the Sniper swore he heard a tiny sniffle as he stood there dumbly, waiting for the kid to leave. "…nice talking to you too buddy." With that, the Scout turned his back and began heading back in the direction from where he presumably came from.

The Sniper watched the kid he had just outright denied trudge slowly down the long road ahead, some fuzzy sense of guilt churning in the pit of his stomach "Hey Scout, wait up a minute alright." The Scout turned his head to look at the man who'd

rejected him, "What's it Snipes?" Sniper scratched the back of his head, "Look here…I just got a couple of new movies in the camper, I don't think they're worth watchin' without ya." As the life in the Scouts eyes lit up intensely, the Sniper reasoned that

it was an awfully long trip from Boston anyways, and he may as well make it worth the kid's while, despite everything else.