Oh ho a third part to ignore. I suppose this one is rated on the 16+ side as there is more swearing and violence and general baaaw.

The ride back into town wasn't a particularly long one (for Sniper at least), although the Scout fidgeted and yammered on for a good hour before half-jokingly complaining he was restless. His mood seemed to have improved since the other day Sniper noted, in reflection he was still guarded, finding himself ill at ease with the younger man. It was when Scout really started to lay out the complaints about the lack of scenery "Oh, looky, anutha freaking bush. Jesus, I'm bored.", that Sniper pinched his nose and in a weak voice asked the heavens "Why me?". Scout's onslaught of complaints came to a halt, as he uncharacteristically quieted. Sniper felt the gaze of his companion piercing through the side of his head, taking his eyes off the road for a moment he stole a glance "Yeah? You got somethin' else to say lad?" Scouts expression was looking a little serious, perhaps mixed with trace amounts of incredulity "Why you? You ain't the one with all the problems pal. Shit, go fuck yourself." Sniper's eyebrows raised slightly at the Scout's sudden hostility "Sorry mate, I didn't realize that I was the one burdenin' you." Scout, petulantly, tore his eyes away from the Sniper while in the same motion gave him the finger.

A good five minutes passed before Scout groaned, kicking the dash board, reminding Sniper of a crying baby on a cramped plane, which essentially the Scout would be in little while. Scout spoke again, cutting through the dry silence " C'mon man, you were just as lonely and miserable as the rest of us were. I just freaking thought that...y'know that you figured I was too. It was you since the first time I ever really freakin' looked at ya...asshole that lead me on." Sniper sighed at Scouts awaited confession. Although the key words weren't spoken, and Sniper doubted they ever would be, the little speech was laced with a kind of tenderness he'd never received from anyone. He decided it was best they quit beating around the bush, even if it was obvious Sniper felt he needed the confirmation anyway, he wanted Scout to struggle "Yer really in love with me aren't ya?" Scout's eyebrows knitted together in some kind of internal fury, his voice was quaking "Yeah you god damn moron." whatever time was left for the rest of the ride remained quiet, the words resonating deeply for both of the men.

Since it was about mid afternoon when they hit town, Sniper felt it was best he at least drop by the grocery to pick up a few essentials,it'd been a long while and he was running awfully low on supplies. Scouts mood was becoming increasingly unpredictable, he went from sullenly silent to cheery when Sniper explained what they were doing outside the IGA. "I used to go shopping with my ma all the time back...home an'...stuff. Whateva." Scout's enthusiasm was cut short with a shrug, but his pace was still slightly sunny. Sniper dragged behind, mulling over in his head what kind of things he'd need for the camper. There was toilet paper, cereal, shaving cream,non perishables and decaf of course, all down the list he figured. Sniper felt uncomfortable having Scout hang around while he was doing something so benignly necessary, it was just grocery shopping but there was an awkwardness as he rarely indulged in the experience. Sniper preferred the bush to town any day, the store just wasn't his natural element. Grabbing a basket, he felt that his legs carried him quickly through aisles just wanting the whole experience to be over. Scout followed diligently behind, his voice inevitably found its way out of his throat again, talking about uninteresting anecdotes about his life back in Boston.

When Sniper stopped short to read the label of a sauce can, Scout eyed him up and down " Hey Snipes, you got a name?" Sniper felt his skin crawl, down his back straight to his feet. Of course he had a name, but admitting to that seemed just wrong in his books. That would mean letting Scout in on a personal level although, Sniper pondered for a moment, that would make it seem like he was treating Scout like nothing more than some sort of whore. He could use Scout all he liked, but it he expected no attachment, Scout should just get over it and leave him be kind of thing. Some part of him reasoned that would be perfectly fine, but he didn't want to come off as a total wanker. It was just his name, no harm "Aye." he managed to cough out as he slammed the canned back into the shelf unexpectedly. "Well..." Scouts mouth curled at the corners as he quickened his steps to match Snipers "What the hell is it?" Sniper stopped in the milk aisle, it was like a nightmare in which he was being chased through the store incessantly by something incredibly irritating. He didn't even need anything remotely dairy related, yet he was drawn here in hopes of shaking off that damn thing, his mouth felt dry "Iss Rob." that wasn't as bad as he imagined it. "Robert...Bob huh?" Scout replied airily, Sniper was feeling quite sick at this point, his was face paling and he felt jittery. Not wanting Scout to refer to him incorrectly as Robert for the rest of the trip, Sniper sighed "No... Look it ain't important what ya call me." beginning to feel light in the head. Not that he cared much, but after slightly collecting himself Sniper returned the question "How about you poesy?" Scout scoffed, sneering "None ya business tweety." dashing off immediately after to avoid the rage emanating out of the older male.

Sniper later found the Scout sitting on the sidewalk outside, Snipers anger and illness had passed, his stoicism thankfully returned as he exited the store. As they ventured to the camper, Scout muttered a resigned reply "Sorry 'bout callin' ya names, Snipes." and gave the taller man an apologetic punch to the arm.

Sniper pulled into a cheap looking motel, which had a sign advertising a pool, colour TV and computer access. Scout and the man at the reception were both surprised when the Sniper requested a single room, two beds. As they walked in silence to their accommodations, Scout wondered what exactly one room suggested, although he knew better than to get his hopes up with the way Sniper had distanced himself from him. It was all out of pity, these last few days he'd spent with Sniper.

Sure maybe Scout was loud and obnoxious, yes certainly obnoxious, not to mention he was hard to get along with at times because he was stubborn and foul mouthed, that and he was seemed way too young for the man- despite all the flaws that drew up the boy, he at least found himself worthy of Snipers friendship. But he supposed not even that was enough to persuade the guy into thinking twice about him. Not that he would admit it, but Scout just wanted the man to touch him again, he longed for the roughness of the Snipers masculine steady hands. Sniper broke Scouts train of thought when he stopped abruptly and the runner walked straight into his back. "Watch it there lad." there was slight annoyance in Snipers voice as he unlocked the door to their room "Don't get any funny ideas, it's just cheaper for one room. Just so you know before that head of yours gets all carried away, we clear mate?". Scout conceded "Yeah yeah, I know. I'm not about to go all faggy just cause we sharin' a room. Please don't feel the need to watch your fuckin' dick all night, I ain't gonna touch ya. Asshole, don't go assuming shit you have no clue about." he waved his arms around dramatically to further the point. Even though Sniper had guessed what he'd been wondering about , Scout still felt a pang of hurt when the Sniper shot it down completely. His emotions were getting pathetically worn about from the slivers of hope he kept instilling upon Snipers interest in him, there was no way it was going to work and it was getting painful.

Scout realized he was acting like a teenage girl over this guy, but the desperation had not only spawned from the attraction Scout had for the man, but also from the rejection he'd received from his family. Scout had reckoned that if this didn't work out for him, he'd never have anyone, and what a foreign lonely place the world would become if that happend. It was like all his logic, flawed, yet he took his idea and ran with it until there was nothing but dust left. Sniper flopped down onto his bed, letting out a low grown he reached for the remote and turned on the TV. Scout rummaged through his few belongings absentmindedly, finding a pair of extra boxers he figured he'd at least take a swim. "You should give yer mum a call while you're out. You booked a flight yet? Should let her know you're coming back." Sniper piped up as he saw Scout inching towards the door, the older man adjusting himself so his arms were behind his head. Scout nodded in a distant fashion " Don't worry about it Snipes. I got it covered." and slammed the door.

Sniper smirked sleepily, running a rough hand over his stubble, it'd been a couple hours since Scout had taken a walk and he was rather enjoying the silence. It wasn't until Scouts visit that he realized how badly he'd been taking his long periods of solitude for granted. As if on cue, Scout immediately slouched into the room looking rather bothered and dejected. Sniper was also thankful for Scouts emotional turmoil, it kept the boy quiet albeit grouchy. Scout started toweling off, it was clear he was upset about something, Sniper had little idea "You called yer mum I take it?" but hit the nail on the head. "Yeah" Scout let out a nervous laugh,pinching his eyebrows together his his fingers " told me to come back straight or not to come back at all" The boy shook his head, his shoulders shuddering for a brief moment. "You booked anyways right?" Snipers gaze glued to the TV, uncomfortable to catch Scout in such a state, although he understood the frustration of family matters. Scout nodded silently, staring at the floor, clearly fatigued by the phone call. "I'm gonna leave at noon. Man, I never figured doing this would be so damn hard y'know? I ain't a kid anymore...can't expect to let other people run shit for me all the time. Ah whateva, you don't care." Scout spoke to the floor before leaning back into the mattress. No, Sniper didn't particularly care about that " C'mere, you look like shit, mate." he patted the empty place next to him on the bed. It'd be like old times, but something like guilt fluttered in the older mans gut as Scout sidled up next him. Admittedly it was comfortable having Scout next to him, his skin cool and moist from the pool, the boy smelled faintly of chlorine. Scouts breaths were becoming increasingly even as the minutes passed but his whisper was shaky " You don't gotta pretend like you want to do this.", but the Sniper could tell. Scout did want him to pretend, pretend and pretend forever at every expense. Sniper sighed, letting his arm rest behind the younger mans shoulders " I was awake that time you kissed me." he looked down to find that intense gaze Scout only directed at him, the one he'd been avoiding "I know." replied the boy.

Sniper couldn't figure why he did it, maybe it was just easier that way, the terrible feeling of responsibility and guilt washed away as he dipped his head in gently to close the gap between them. Scouts lips were soft, smooth and everything Sniper had remembered. Scout reached up around Snipers neck, letting out low needy moans as pulled himself onto the Snipers lap. The kiss was sweet and sloppy, the younger man clearly flushed from the sudden contact. Sniper could feel Scout beginning to shift his hips on his crotch, he could also feel something hot and hard developing in the boys pants. It was that that made the Sniper pull back in disgust, if not for half a second, but Scout caught the hesitant response and Sniper knew he was in trouble. With a frustrated cry Scout grabbed the mans ears roughly and proceeded to pound the head they were attached to into the wall "You fucking bastard!What the hell-" each word yielded another slam " I told you not to do this! I goddamn told you! Quit doing this shit to me!". It took Sniper a moment to regain some control over his thoughts as they were rattled around by the contact, with a hefty groan he threw the boy off of him like a bag of potatoes.

Scout tumbled to the ground, scrambling up to run as Sniper let out something comparable to a war cry, pure fury. It was a bad decision to head to the bathroom instead of the lobby, but Scout figured he could lock himself inside until the Sniper cooled down. He was quite wrong as the older man simply kicked in the shoddy door and grabbed Scout by the face, his hand gripping the boys cheek and jaw roughly. Scout let out a pained gasp as Sniper forced his skull into the shower tile, his legs and feet set off kilter by the rim of the tub. He could feel it crack on impact and a familiar warmness began spreading into and down his scalp. "What in the bloody hell made you think could work eh?" The hand lifted the head again and pushed it back into the tile, blood slightly splattering as the Scout choked a reply "Clearly I ain't much of a thinker Snipes...urgh...I'm just a fuckin' do-er". As the boys scrabbled to gain some balance, Sniper hissed "That was rhetorical question you little arse, aren't I a little too old to be going about abruptly changin' my interest in the opposite sex?", he smashed bone against tile one last time before tossing the boy into the tub and turning on the nozzle. "Wash yerself up, you smell like crap and chlorine." Scout remained splayed and confused a few minutes before stripping himself of his boxers, he could feel the blood leaking from his scalp but he'd had worse. Sniper plopped himself down on the toilet and had himself a smoke, they'd showered as a team so privacy was easily ignored, that and the door was broken so it didn't matter much anyways.

The rest of the evening remained uneventful, as the two retained resounding head aches. There was no meal or conversation shared, just a sullen strange silence. Somewhere in the fight a tension had broken between both the men and there was an understanding that followed. It was just best if they remained apart, for sanity's sake. There was no goodnight as Scout resigned to bed first, Sniper lazily watching TV until an hour later.

Sniper woke to the sun glaring at him through the window and thin curtain. He took one glance over to the other bed, which had been made no sign of Scout remained as even his bag was gone, and let out a terrible laugh. Scout was a moron, Sniper was a man trained in patience and tracking. Although, as Sniper gave a second thought, Scout had been trained in the simple act of running away; it was like they were made for each other. He felt guilty irony tingle his bones as he turned, pulling the sheets over his head, he figured there was nothing else to take care of that day.

Probably the end of this little thing, I'm sorry it ended so badly but hey.
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