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Athena PoV

Mt. Olympus

A boy of Poseidon. Tied. To my daughter. A girl of Athena. What. Is. Going. On. I need answers. Now. And I know just where to get them from.

~Some while later~

"My darling sister, ahem. Could you please explain to me WHY MY DAUGHTER IS TIED TO KELP HEAD'S SON?" I thundered, gray eyes flashing. Aphrodite jumped from her vanity, and whipped her mane of perfectly conditioned hair around.

Wha-wha-whatever do you mean, oh wise sister?" she started stammering. Pfft. I can see through that. I turned on Heph-TV, and pointed to a little scene at what I like to call, Aphrodite's Place of Evilness, otherwise known as the beach, where poor deluded heroes fall under her spell, and fall in love with other deluded heroes (of the opposite gender of course).And now Aphrodite's done it again. Annabeth Chase, my daughter, and Percy (hmmph) Jackson (double hmmph) were having a seaside picnic. Why? Because they can't sit at any of the tables, so Chiron suggested they eat at the beach of doom (triple hmmph). Their laces were tied together in that stupid knot, and Aphrodite was showing no sign of undoing it.

"Hehe, that, well, umm, lets see. I think your daughter, and Percy make the cutest couple ever?" she laughed nervously. I glared daggers at her.

"Undo it. NOW," I growled. She shook her head firmly, and blinked in surprise at her newfound courage. That made me even angrier. I glowered at her and spun on my heel. I guess I need to fix this myself.

Annabeth PoV

Camp Half-Blood

"Welcome back, children. I trust you had a, ah, good lunch?" Chiron welcomed us. I smiled grimly. Percy blushed and dragged me over to the kitchens where we dropped our dirty dishes.

"Should we tell him?" I whispered.

"What?" he replied dumbly.

"About, well, you know, our nap," I struggled for words. Percy shook his head.

"It's our little secret," he said, and smiled. I laughed. And then I laughed even harder. It just magically came to me. Why hadn't I thought of it before? It was so easy, the answer right at the tip of my tongue.

"You know, I don't know why I didn't think of this before, but can't we just take off our shoes, and get other shoes to wear?" I asked him, still giggling at my stupidity.

"Why don't we try?" he said, though he didn't seem too psyched about it. I wonder why...So anyways, we tried pulling off our shoes. It didn't come off. I started to panic. I knelt down and pulled with all my might. Nope. Percy tried, his muscles flexing. Nope, nothing, NADA. I began hyperventilating. Just then, we saw Beckendorf, from the Heph cabin walk by, whistling to himself.

"Hey, Beckendorf!" Percy called. He stopped whistling then turned to us. And then he started laughing-hard.

"Hahaha, laugh on," I snapped. "Listen can you help us? We're trying to take off our shoes, but they aren't coming off."

"AHAHA, okay, okay. Let me see what's happenin'," he played around with our feet a bit, doing stuff here and there. Finally, he stood up, exasperation etched onto his face.

"Magic. Most likely god magic, if you know what I mean," he said. "I'm presuming Aphrodite, and in that case, I'm sorry. Can't do anything. Anyways, gotta run, Selena's waiting." He jogged off.

"That was quick," Percy said, as he watched him go. I nodded in agreement.

" So, what now?" I asked him.

"I don't know! You're the wise girl!" he exclaimed.

"Well, what about, oh I don't know, cutting the laces apart?" that came randomly to me, too. We walked to arts and crafts area, and pulled out the strongest pair of scissors we could find.

"This is it. Good luck," I muttered. Please work, Please work! It...didn't. Crap. Percy looked at me, eyes begging for forgiveness. I smiled letting him know it was okay. This time I thought for answers.

"What if we cut the shoe?" I asked. Then I laughed. What a stupid idea. We were just wasting our time. Might as well get things done. But Percy had other plans, apparently.

"Hey Annabeth? Why don't we just take the day off? We could, well, walk and talk, or sit around, and play board games or something?" he suggested. I was kind of bored, so I went with the walk and talk. We went over to the beach again, but now the sun was setting, casting a slightly romantic aura throughout the area. There was a slight breeze in the air, my blonde hair waving at the wind's mercy. The sun cast a slightly pink color onto Percy's face, and his sea green eyes shined (AN: Or is it shone? I don't know, Word is not helping me out here :[) even more than normal. Slowly, almost robotically, Percy liked arms with me, and my head was pulled by an unknown force onto his shoulder. Though we didn't know what the hell was going on, I have to admit, we-at least I enjoyed it. It seemed Percy did, too. We walked like that for a while, then I got bored and said:

"Wanna play 20 questions?" Percy looked very taken aback, then smiled.

"Sure, why not? I go first. Did you or do you love Luke," he said thoughtfully. Oh, he hit my soft spot.

"Umm," I thought for a while. "No, actually, I didn't, and I don't love Luke. I guess I might have had sibling-like affections, but never like that." I didn't know where that came from, but it was 100% true. Now, I think he's a butt, and even if he became good, I would turn my back on him. Percy also looked shocked at my reply.

"Okay, my turn," I said cheerfully. "Have you ever liked a girl, or gone out with one?"

Percy was baffled. "Uh, yeah, in like 5th grade, but like, I didn't like her, she did, and like told me."

"What did you say?" I inquired.

"My turn now, smarty. What do think of Andrew from the Apollo cabin?" he smirked. "I saw you checking him out the other day, when he was talking to me."

I blushed. "I was actually staring at you Seaweed Brain," I mumbled. "I don't give a crap about Mr. I Think I'm So Sexy But I'm Actually Not."

"Wait, so you do give a crap about me, right?" Percy laughed. He started tickling me, for no reason.

"Maybe, aghh! Stop it!" I laughed, and tried to run away, but I couldn't. He grabbed me by the waist, and we were laughing harder than ever.

"Its, ahaha, my, haha, let go, turn!" I couldn't stop laughing. We fell onto the sand, and sobered up. We sat there, his arm still around my waist, pulling me closer to him. We just sat there watching the sun.

"Percy?" I asked cautiously.

"Hmm...?" he said, still transfixed with the sunset.

"I-I-I have a question," I mumbled.

"Mhmm," he replied.

"Do you-do you," I hesitated. "Do you like anyone?" Percy was caught off-guard. He thought about it.

"Y-Yes, I believe so," he said, staring at me with his sea-green eyes. My feelings swelled inside me. "Annabeth, I think-no, I know. I love you, Annabeth." I looked up at him, and said, with all my courage, "I love you too Seaweed Brain." And when his lips crashed onto mine, I felt utter bliss. We broke apart and smiled

"So, are we, like, going out now?" Percy said.

"I-uh, if you want to," I hesitated.

"Annabeth, I love you like hell, of course I do," he stated, staring into my eyes. I threw my arms around him, burrowing my head into his neck. He ruffled my hair.

"Is that a yes?" he whispered into my ear.

"What do think, Seaweed Brain?" I mumbled. He laughed, and kissed me once more. At that point, our shoelaces magically unraveled and tied onto their appropriate shoe. Suddenly, my (cue scary music) mother shimmered into view. We both guiltily jumped up, and brushed ourselves off. My mother regarded us both with a cold look, and my heart dropped. She would never accept our relationship. She opened her mouth to speak, but then Aphrodite also tagged along.

"Yes! Yes! I did it! I'm a genius!" Aphrodite sang.

"Annabeth, my dear. Do you care to explain to me what it going on?' she said slowly through clenched teeth. I was ready. I've been waiting for this moment for many years. No matter what, Percy and I will be together, even if I have to defy my mother.

"It's actually quite clear, mom. You see, Percy and I love each other, and we want to be together," I said, defiantly. Athena was taken aback.

"My dear girl, I would watch your mouth if I were you," she warned. My muscles tensed, but Percy rubbed my back consolingly.

"Lady Athena-"Percy started.

"YOU! You don't deserve my daughter. You're a coward, a dud, and you're Kelp Head's son!" my mother ranted. That got Percy mad.

"Just 'cuz he's my son doesn't mean he can't be with Annabeth. Look at them, they're meant to be. It's only fair," Poseidon came into the picture. Now I was really confused. All I wanted was to be with Percy, why did the gods have to interfere with our relationship. You don't see them doing that with anybody else! I guess Aphrodite was, like, reading my mind or something, because she piped up," What did they do wrong? This is your fight; they have nothing to do with it!"

Athena sighed. I could see the gears in her head running. Then suddenly, out of the blue, she said, "Fine, I give you one chance, Perseus Jackson, and if you blow it, mark my words, you'll never live to see daylight again." And with that, she disappeared.

"Congrats guys, you really are the couple," Poseidon patted Percy's back, and also vanished. Aphrodite had run off to tell her kids about some new Gucci thing or whatever. It was just me and Percy left on the beach. He looked at me and smiled his goofy grin.

"Some day, huh?" he asked.

"Yep, what a day!" I replied, and kissed him on the lips. He responded and placed his hands around my waist, pulling me closer. I ran my hands through his luscious black hair. It was perfect, complete, and utter bliss. We broke apart gasping for breath. He kept his arms wrapped around my waist, and I threw my arms around his neck. I rested my head on his chest, and we stood there, forgetting everything else. Finally my wish had come true.

"I love you, Seaweed Brain"

"I love you, too, Wise Girl"

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