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SPOILER ALERT: Some season five material thrown into the mix. All of it is fair game. You've been warned.

Booth stared down into his baby girl's beautiful brown eyes. "There's my girl." He cooed, as she reached her hands up to grab at nothing. "How's my little Sweetheart?" The baby cooed in response and giggled.

"How's my little Darla? Or my little Cordelia?" The names slipped off Booth's tongue as if he had been very familiar with them in a previous life. He continued to stare into his baby daughter's eyes to try and sense which name she preferred, but his all-sensing gut came up short.

"Booth, you still haven't chosen a name?" Brennan strode in wearing her lab coat.

"No." Booth sighed. "No we haven't, have we sweetie?" He cooed down at his daughter.

"Don't talk to her like that, Booth. You'll stunt her verbal development." Brennan scolded, taking the child from Booth's arms and rocking her around.

"Hey! I wasn't done with her yet." Booth crossed his arms and tapped his foot.

But Brennan was too busy swinging her giggling daughter in circles to notice. "You like spatial disorientation, don't you?" Brennan cooed.

"Oh, because she understands words like that." Booth scoffed, feeling petulant for the most part.

"She will if we keep speaking to her intelligently." Brennan said matter-of-factly. "She has great potential to be highly intelligent." She smiled widely at her beautiful baby girl.

Booth was still amazed. The sight of Bones being maternal with his kid was enough to bring a tear to his eye, coming directly from his sappy lion-heart.

Brennan placed the baby back in Booth's arms and headed off towards the forensic platform. He followed right behind her.

"When are you going to be done examining those bones, Bones?" He laughed at his own pun. "Little, er she's got a doctor's appointment at two."

"I know, Booth." Brennan called, swiping her card and stepping up onto the platform next to Clark.

"What have you discovered from the remains Dr. Edison?" She asked, all work.

A squeal echoed throughout the Jeffersonian.

Booth could barely suppress his groan.

"Auntie Angela is here!" Angela scooped the baby from Booth's arms and kissed her forehead. "God, isn't she precious Jack?" She turned to her husband who was right behind her.

Hodgins chuckled. "We'll have one of our own soon."

Angela gave him a look.

"Ahem, if you know, you want to. It's all up to you." He corrected quickly. What could he say, Hodgins was a whipped man, and boy did he love it.

Angela bounced the baby gently. "So, what am I calling this little bundle of joy?"

Booth shifted from foot to foot and cleared his throat.

Angela immediately threw him a perfectly practiced death glare. "You haven't named her yet?" She shook her head. "I swear to god, you two."

Angela shouted up to the platform. "Brennan you haven't decided on a name yet? The poor kid is going to have an identity crisis. She's already three months old. A kid this cute needs a name."

"I'm working." Brennan called down. "Besides, it's Booth's job to decide."

Angela rolled her eyes at her stubborn friend and glanced down at the beautiful babe. "Well, what's it between?"

"Uh, Darla or Cordelia." Booth replied.

"Oh." Angela cooed. "How about Darla for our little darling?"

Hodgins chuckled. "Where'd those come from man, the grave?"

Booth shrugged. "They're not ex-girlfriends names at least." He and Hodgins shared a laugh.

"When we have a kid, don't even think about it." Angela informed her husband.

Cam came up behind the bantering squints. "Seeley, did I hear right? Haven't picked a name yet?"

Angela spoke up first. "Nope. It's between Darla or Cordelia."

Cam grinned and glanced down at the baby. "I'm going with Cordelia. Has a nice ring to it."

"I agree!" Brennan called down from the platform.

Cam and Angela shared an eye-roll.

"I've got it!" Angela exclaimed. "We'll take a vote. That's exactly how we'll decide. I'll generate everyone's choice later on my computer. Sort of like pulling names out of a virtual hat." Angela exclaimed, heading off toward her office.

"Wait!" Booth exclaimed. "I didn't agree to this! Angela, wait!"

Cam looked after them and shook her head, scanning her card to join "her people" on the platform.

And Hodgins had gone off by himself somewhere, to toy with a very dangerous experiment in the making.

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