The Ampharos of Lake Acuity Train (or the Ampharos Train) loved visitors. She rarely saw many people, so she cherished every visitor. Her favourite visitors were Ash, Dawn, Brock, Pikachu, Piplup, Happiny and Looker (however, she did overhear him say his name was Émile, somehow). She mainly remembers it (the most) because of what happened to her. Today, they had new visitors. She bleated happily to them, showing them to their seats. (This was usually the engineer, Dusty's, job but he was sick and in the very back of the train so he wouldn't infect anyone on the train).

The two visitors were trainers. One of them was a girl, she was short with brown hair, black shirt and jeans; she also had bright blue eyes (brighter than the ocean); her legs were long and her torso was short. She smiled brightly at her. The other was a boy, he was tall with black hair, green shirt and blue jeans; he had dull brown eyes; he had the same body shape as the girl. He seemed to be drowsy and dull, but nonetheless, he attempted to smile at her. The girl had a Buizel and the boy had a Mime Jr.

"Hey," Ampharos's eyes flickered. "I have to go soon, what are your names?" She asked the two Pokémon.

"I'm Jet," the Buizel answered. It was now a he.

"I'm Carina," the Mime Jr. answered. It was now a she.

"Come on, Ampharos," the conductor, Jerry called. Ampharos bleated a goodbye as she waved at Carina and Jet.

Jerry commanded her to use a Thunderbolt and the train slowly chugged away, into the distance…

A/N: Damn. Me and my ideas… I might actually make this into a full-length story! BTW, the engineer and conductor didn't have a name, so I came up with them myself. (After Stewie on Family Guy yelling "Jerry! Jerry!" and seeing the word 'dust' in one of my books! LOL I come up with the weirdest inspirations!)