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Fighting for Her

Mr. Shue was whistling when he started to walk to his Glee club. He was in a good mood, Finn and Puck forgave each other for the most part about the baby gate, Rachel let someone else take a solo without arguing, Quinn was going to have her baby soon, and even though most of the adults hadn't agreed with her, she decided to keep her. Everyone in Glee jumped at the chance to help her. All was good.

So you can imagine his surprise when he walked into the choir room, and everyone is in a circle, surrounding Puck and Santana who were punching each other, shoving each other into things, such as the piano, the drum set and random chairs scattered about the room.

"Hey! Hey! Stop it, now!" He shouted and the Glee kids parted letting him through to separate the fighting teens. "Puck, Santana!" He yanked at them, effectively pulling them apart. Puck and Santana growled, narrowed their eyes and glared daggers into each other. The mow-hawked teen whipped some blood off his lip with the back of his hand, while the Latina spat bloodied saliva from her mouth.

They both had little cuts all over them, Santana's uniform was ripped from where she hit the lid of the piano and Puck had a cut down the side of his arm where he was slammed into the drums. Puck's eye was clearly blackened as it was getting darker and started to swell.

"What just happened?" Mr. Shue asked, his voice demanding. Neither answered, just continued their glare off. "Hey, guys! We aren't going to get anything done until you tell me what happened."

"We were just sitting in here, Mr. S, and she came in here and went psycho on me." Puck pointed offhandedly to Santana who crossed her arms.

"Santana?" She said nothing, but he saw her eyes flickered over to her usual companion, Brittany who looked like she might start crying any second.

"He called Brittany stupid. He said she belonged in a Special Ed, and he knew she was standing just a few feet from him. So please forgive me if I don't feel sorry that I did it. The bastard deserved it." Mr. Shue understood where she was coming from, she was Brittany's protector, she was Brittany's superhero, she made sure Brittany didn't see the bad, even if it tainted her because that was Santana. Letting out a disappointed sigh and nodded.

"Go to the nurse." Brittany, still a little teary eyed, automatically stood and took Santana's arm in her own. Both walked out with Puck trailing behind them.

"How long do you think its going to take them to come out?" Rachel asked, breaking the tension considerably.

"Who knows," Quinn shrugged, "Look how long it took us."

The End

A/N: So it was suppose to just be Tina saying who knows and the fic would be over, but when I got to the end, I couldn't resist the bit of Faberry at the end. ; )