And so, I have decided to start yet another project. Perhaps I can actually finish this instead of leaving it to gather dust.

This time I am creating a Touhou/Neon Genesis Evangelion crossover. Given the ridiculous amounts of crossovers both these series have received, I'm surprised that I've yet to find a major story that crosses the two together. So I will do it. Only my story is not in anyway guaranteed to be major.

The setting here is Gensokyo and all of the characters are from Touhou. Only the general ideas, modified to fit with the Touhou universe; and the overreaching plot remain similar. I've tried my best to make character relationships somewhat fitting, but due to the ludicrous amount of characters the series has; this didn't pan out as well as I would have hoped. Except discrepancies. Many of them.

Rebuild of Touhou

0.0: You Can (Not) See

It had been eight years since the devastation that was Second Impact. All of Gensokyo was in chaos- Human Town had been completely abandoned and it's residents all missing or dead. The forests that had once been constantly illuminated by the activity of thousands of little fairies were dark and foreboding as they had never been before. The whole of Gensokyo was silent- horribly, horribly silent. Life was unspeakably quiet- from the tallest mountains to the floor of the deepest lakes and seas nobody spoke. Nobody spoke, nobody was seen. Except in one place.

Bishoujo Installation for Research and Defense. BIRD, founded by Rinnosuke Morichika; was a loosely collected group dedicated to the protection of Gensokyo from the chaos and devastation left in the wake of the Second Impact. What no member of BIRD bothered to mention was that they were directly responsible for the disaster, but none of the leaders felt that this was information that needed to be given to the public regardless.

They had yet to establish a permanent headquarters. As a stopgap measure; BIRD had fixed up the long deserted and dilapidated Scarlet Mansion, which now served as a bastion to at least 20,000 youkai and humans. The mansion, though unusually large despite outward appearances; was still close to it's breaking point. BIRD was currently in the process of establishing more permanent and secure headquarters; for now the masses would have to live in grudging peace while better lodgings were found. The halls were constantly crowded with all manner of fairies, spirits, and humans who conversed in subdued tones. The air was heavy; everyone seemed to be depressed by the horror of what they had just gone through.

Beneath the Mansion was an extensive set of tunnels where prisoners had once been held. The tunnels had been expanded and fitted with equipment, and the BIRD had laboratories. The Second Impact had had the unusual effect of dampening the powers of Gensokyo's population. Where they could once fly and otherwise break the laws of physics as they had seen fit; now even the greatest youkai had at best, the ability of a standard human. The populace was now helpless to defend themselves- even the agents of BIRD only had artificial emulators that could shoot only the meanest of beams that they had once been capable of firing without preamble. The now common folk were told that the laboratories were being used to develop the powers they had lost anew. In a way this was not a lie.

Iku Nagae, former mentor of Rinnosuke and adviser to the project was in a wing of these laboratories now; observing a rudimentary device that it's developed claimed could fire artificial beams at a rate of 12 per second- far higher than what current devices could achieve. After an hour of technical failures and blustering on the part of it's developers; Iku recognized the project as a lost cause and made her excuses. She departed, long flamboyant scarf that she had been famous for prior to the Impact trailing behind her as she made her way to the surface. She had reached a staircase and was beginning to ascend when she heard footsteps behind her. She turned to appraise them:

"Miss Nagae, I didn't expect to find you here!" A hat decorated with fake peaches and leaves perched on a blue haired girl in a pink frilled dress. Tenshi Hinanai; one of the few with sufficient knowledge of the 'outside' to work with technology, had been assigned to work with BIRD almost immediately after Iku. Having had a long and stressful relationship with Tenshi prior to the Impact; Iku had avoided Tenshi like the plague, but she supposed that such a charade couldn't last forever. Iku was actually surprised that she had avoided notice for as long as she had.

"Yes Tenshi," Iku grumbled. She turned her back to Tenshi and began to ascend once more, hoping that Tenshi would leave matters at that. Of course, Tenshi then proceeded to follow Iku; jabbering on about something or another as they continued to meander through the Mansion.

"I can't believe I've yet to see you until now; how did that happen?" Iku quickened her pace ever so slightly. "I mean, the Mansion is large and all- but you don't think that we could both be here for so long and miss each other!" Iku broke into a power walk. "Unless you arrived recently?" At this point, the two women were running; dresses fluttering behind them as they sprinted down the hallways of the mansion, past various people who looked after them with raised eyebrows as they thundered past. "Are you in a hurry Miss Nagae? Because if you are, then I really don't want to be a bother!" Iku continued to run in silence, Tenshi hot on her heels; until she turned a corner- right into a closed door.

Iku rebounded of the door with a grunt of pain; Tenshi gave a skip and thrust her arms out to catch her former mentor. Missing by miles; she hurtled past the falling Iku, who fell into an undignified position with her scarf twisted into a mass around her. Tenshi was immediately by Iku's side, apologizing and offering a hand to bring Iku to her feet. Iku took the hand, straightening up and pulling her scarf back into position.

"Hn. I don't remember Tenshi being this nice before- why did I want to avoid her to begin with?" Iku gave the obligatory gesture of gratitude; Tenshi waved it off. Iku smiled; Tenshi smiled back. Iku was beginning to reconsider her apprehension towards Tenshi, when a youkai with antennae and unusually masculine clothes approached Tenshi from behind with a sweet roll in her hands. She tapped Tenshi on the shoulder and asked of her in a quivering voice:

"Excuse me madame, but do you know where-?"

The rest of her sentence was cut off by Tenshi suddenly grabbing the sweet roll away from her. She knocked the girl back with her free hand and coldly replied, "Shut up, can't you see I'm talking here?" The abused girl staggered for a second, then ran away from the pair of them. As if nothing had happened, Tenshi turned to Iku and offered her the roll.

"Now I remember. She's a total jackass to everyone except me." Iku refused the roll and watched as Tenshi tore into it with little restraint. "Bad manners as well," Iku reflected as drool rolled from a corner of Tenshi's mouth. She wiped at it idly with a sleeve and continued to devour the roll. "In all, she was a total embarrassment to be around. And apparently, eight years have not changed that." Iku groaned, when Tenshi looked to her she passed it off as nothing. "But now that she's found me, I suppose that I really have no choice in the matter. There's no way to avoid her now." Iku continued to inwardly lament as Tenshi finished off her dubiously acquired food.

"Whats this then? A lady friend I've never met before, Iku?" The rare voice of masculinity and slow, deep confidence almost immediately identified the speaker. Iku turned to behold Rinnosuke Morichika; leader of BIRD and one of the smartest persons alive on Gensokyo. He had many years of experience with the 'outside', knew how to operate artificial weapons and his will; not fiery but rather tempered like iron, had earned him much respect amongst those he led. Iku considered him her brightest pupil; white hair, glasses, and bold grin now standing before the pair of them.

"Who is- who...-?" Tenshi had turned to Iku and Rinnosuke asking who had just spoken. She now froze in her tracks. Her eyes had frozen upon contact with Rinnosuke; she had stopped talking and seemed to be drinking in the sight of him. Her cheeks began to flush, Iku noticed a bead of sweat suddenly trickling down the side of her face. Iku rolled her eyes, the whole thing reeked of a bad shipping. Still it couldn't be helped- for reasons unknown far more men than women had died during the Second Impact. The few men left were mostly sequestered away for purposes of artificially insemination of the remainder population. Thus, most women had not seen a man for a long time. Iku supposed hormones would race very quickly in such circumstances. Though she had to admit that Rinnosuke was handsome by most standards.

"I think your friend here is having a bit of trouble speaking, Iku." Rinnosuke chuckled as he observed Tenshi; he nodded at her and offered her a warm smile.

"Iku... Iku... Iku..." Tenshi had grown slightly delirious, one could practically feel the heat radiating from her into the surrounding air. Iku stepped between the pair of them and spoke on behalf of Tenshi.

"Her name is Tenshi Hinanai; much to my displeasure she was once my pupil." Iku shot a glance back at the reeling Tenshi before continuing. "You'll have to forgive her; she doesn't seem to be herself as of now." Rinnosuke nodded and pulled Iku aside; away from Tenshi before speaking further:

"Right. I was just going to tell you that CAT has requested a conference with us." CAT, or The Cabal of Ambiguous Turpitude as it stood for; was an organization that claimed to act as 'government' of Gensokyo during and after the crisis. It's real influence had yet to be seen, as most of it's members remained ambiguous as their namesake. Most of the common population of Gensokyo were not even aware of CAT's existence- but CAT controlled most of the money that remained in circulation; thus BIRD was beholden to them despite their misgivings on the matter. "I'll be needing you to arrange a conference with them- as soon as possible if you can."

"I'm not available; I'll be on site at the Hakurei Shrine." Iku shrugged apologetically. "I suppose I'll have to get somebody else." A tap at her shoulder. Iku turned around, nearly ran into Tenshi's still outstretched hand.

"I'll do it." Tenshi sounded subdued, as if she was trying to make herself scarce. Rinnosuke turned to her; she edged back, startled. "Erm, yes... I'll meet CAT for you." She continued to mumble as she tried to avoid Rinnosuke's scrutiny; he nodded at her with yet another smile.

"Why thank you Miss Hinanai. Your offer is accepted of course- and I will be keeping an eye on you in the future. You show initiative that it is difficult to find in post-Impact Gensokyo. Iku, brief her if necessary and escort her to the conference room; I must meet with the human council to discuss the issue of their stay here." Rinnosuke extended a hand to Tenshi; she shied away from the proffered hand. Rinnosuke chuckled once more, nodded at Iku; and strode down the corridor, out of sight.

"You can stop being a fangirl now, Tenshi." Iku waited until Rinnosuke was out of sight before she began to heckle her student. "What happened to the bold and unstoppable Tenshi Hinanai; now reduced to a blubbering girl in love?"

"Who... who was he?" Tenshi felt lightly at her cheeks, still somewhat stupefied. Iku dragged Tenshi down the corridor and to a staff list posted on a door; she indicated Rinnosuke with a point to the list.

"Have you never been in love, lust, or whatever before?"

"Well, I felt this strange but pleasant warmth throughout my body, from my face to my-"

"Yes well," Iku hastily interrupted Tenshi's speech. "I suppose you are new to this feeling; given that you handled that situation with the same grace as would a schoolgirl. Scratch that, you handled it with even less grace and subtlety." Iku continued to lead Tenshi along, pulling her back into the underground facilities. Once they were safely underground, Iku finally stopped; turning to face Tenshi when she began to speak:

"Well, now what do I do?"

"You meet the leaders of CAT as you said you would," Iku responded. She indicated the corridor they occupied. "If you go behind me," Iku explained with a thumb jerk to emphasize her point, "Then you will find a sealed room at the end. You must say this exactly as I repeat it to you: NGC 7293, Eye of God."

"NGC 7293, Eye of God." Iku nodded as Tenshi repeated it to her. Iku was turning to depart when Tenshi caught her by the shoulder. Turning on the balls of her feet to face her student once again, she noted the sudden concern evident in Tenshi's face. "But Miss Nagae, what am I supposed to do once there?"

"That's something you need to figure out." Iku shrugged noncommittally at Tenshi; who raised an eyebrow. "Personal conversation is something that you need to know how to do- it can't really be taught." At this, Tenshi was crestfallen.

"Madame!" Her eyes began to shimmer with liquid; Iku rolled her eyes as she had seen this routine many times before. "How am I supposed to do such a thing if I've never done it before? Mr. Morichika is depending on me- I can't let him down!" Tenshi kept a grip on Iku's forearm; Iku sighed and figured she had to disclose something.

"Fine," Iku began as she tried in vain to wrest herself from Tenshi's grip. "If you are so 'desperate' then I will tell you something." Tenshi perked up at this, she moved close and Iku offered her a grimace. "Their leader is not a 'person' in the sense of the world; but an aggregation of the desires of the true leaders of CAT. 'Her' name is YuugenMagan; I have met her several times and she manifests as a female made of pure light or whatever the substance is. She respects those who remain respectful, but willing to interject and take initiative if she has made a mistake." Tenshi stood there for a second, drinking in the knowledge while Iku continued to try and jerk her arm away from Tenshi.

"Makes sense madame!" She relinquished Iku's arm; before Iku could say anything Tenshi was speeding off down the corridor past her. Iku continued to rub at the now sore patch where Tenshi had been clamped onto her as she watched her pupil vanish around a bend.

"Doesn't even thank me..." Iku continued to look down the corridor; she sighed and shrugged to herself inwardly. "I know that she means well however. At least, I hope she does... oh!" Iku suddenly recalled that she had a task to do. "I had best get going to the Hakurei Shrine." Iku wondered how her pupil would do meeting with YuugenMagan. "It would behoove her not to do anything dumb- or worse, be herself." Iku involuntarily shuddered at the thought of her student getting on YuugenMagan's bad side. "I hope she knows what to do."

Tenshi stood before a plain steel sliding door emblazoned with an unusual symbol. It was the drawing of an eye, enclosed in a triangle with beam like projections from each of it's sides. The corridor terminated here; Tenshi assumed this had to be the conference room. It was secluded, the walk here had taken her past most of the used areas of the underground facility and into some of the desolate and unused portions of the facility.

Tenshi was still confused over what precisely had happened there; she would rarely consent to do anything for anyone besides Iku. The strange excitement that she had felt upon her notice of Rinnosuke had been something she had never felt before; energy that made her unusually but wonderfully tired, she desired to so something or another with Rinnosuke that she couldn't quite put her tongue on at the moment. All she knew was that this feeling had inspired her to actually be a helpful person, which worried her more than anything else.

But now what she had to worry about was not screwing up. "I don't normally care about what others think about me... but now I care about Rinnosuke's opinion. And to be in his good graces; I have to be in the good graces of this YuugenMagen." Tenshi snickered to herself at this. "What kind of name is YuggenMagen anyways? Pretty strange if you ask me." Tenshi cleared her throat, knocked once at the door. When nothing happened; she spoke the password:

"NGC 7293, Eye of God." Almost immediately the door sprang to life; smoothly and silently sliding open to reveal the room beyond. It was unusually dark; only a single flickering spotlight shone to reveal a simple wooden chair that had been placed into the room. The light only barely illuminated the walls of the room, large by normal standards; and seemingly bare of everything but the chair. Tenshi took a tentative step forward into the room. When nothing occurred; she quickly crossed through to the illuminated chair and took her seat.

Tenshi nearly jumped from her seat when the doors slid shut with a crisp snap behind her. She quickly readjusted herself; smoothed out her hair and dress before sitting with both hands in her lap. Again, she noted how she had actually taken pains to care about her appearance and mannerisms before this person. All things she had rarely done before. For a minute; she remained alone with her thoughts.

"Hm? They've sent a new representative?" Tenshi gave a curt nod in response to the question; she glanced about her for the speaker. Seeing nothing, she deigned to look up and see if there was a speaker or something along those lines that she had missed.

And she screamed; jumping clear from her chair and scrambling into the darkness until she found herself against a wall. Massive eyes had materialized onto the ceiling. Five, to be exact; enclosed by crackling purplish and golden light and bronze discs that glared at her in an extremely unsettling manner. For several tense seconds; Tenshi remained pressed against the wall; fearfully considering the eyes that glared, unblinking back at her. And then a chuckle, high pitched and clearly defined.

"Miss Nagae didn't tell you about our methods? She seems to love doing that to those she sends to us." Tenshi wearily considered the noise; in the center of the room a vaguely shaped female had formed of golden threads of light. Similarly colored beams of electricity connected the five eyes to the girl. This then, was YuugenMagen.

"You scared me there; could you watch it in the future?" Tenshi clapped a hand over her mouth; only seconds in she already feared she had gone too far. YuugenMagen however, merely shrugged.

"I'll make a note of it. My counterparts will be intrigued to note the shift in representatives; normally Iku herself speaks to us." YuugenMagen pointed out the empty chair; Tenshi cautiously approached it while keeping an eye directed at the eyes at all times. Tenshi seated herself, smoothed out her dress once more and began to address YuugenMagen in earnest.

"Well, Miss YuugenMagen she would have; but she had important matters to attend to today."

"Please call me Yuugen." Tenshi nodded, she was sure to keep her tone polite and her actions subdued. "Here in CAT we believe in maintaining a degree of intimacy with those we work with. What may I have the pleasure of addressing you as?"

"Tenshi Hinanai, madame." Tenshi began to relax; Yuugen seemed to be nice enough and was actually smiling at her. It was a creepy, smug sort of smile accentuated by the dark reddish tint of her eyes; but Tenshi figured that Yuugen had been built to look like that. Tenshi slouched slightly in her seat as she continued, "I volunteered to take Iku's place when I learned of her departure."

"How forward of you; I like that." Yuugen circled around Tenshi's chair as she spoke. "Well this shouldn't take too long. I only need to inquire as to the progress of Project Wadjet." Tenshi raised an eyebrow; she had never heard of such a term during her stay at the Scarlet Mansion. "Oh yes, that is a classified name." Yuugen groaned to herself. "I really shouldn't have told you that; but it's too late to change the fact now. Have you been trying to develop new emulators that will copy the spell cards we could once use?" Tenshi nodded; she had been involved on one of those projects previously. "That is the gist of Project Wadjet."

"That I know," Tenshi nodded to Yuugen. "We have been doing well: we're very close to developing the Evil-Sealing Circle- months ahead of schedule I might add. The bullet and beam emulators are on track; and so are the spell card emulators themselves." Yuugen nodded; she closed her eyes for a second. Tenshi looked up and noted that the eyes had sealed themselves as well; purplish eyelids closing over the cornea. When they opened their eyes Tenshi looked down; indeed, Yuugen had opened her eyes as well.

"Thank you for that- the masters are quite pleased with your progress." Tenshi acknowledged the information and began to fidget; she wasn't used to sitting still for long periods of time. Yuugen didn't seem to notice; she plowed on without preamble. "Have you been given any news as to the establishment of permanent headquarters at the Harukei Shrine?"

"None, madame." Tenshi rubbed wearily at her eyes; she felt slightly worn out and longed for a few minutes of slumber.

"That would be classified then. I will call a meeting with Iku later then, I am sure she can make the time." Tenshi shrugged noncommittally; Yuugen looked at her and nodded. "I see that you are wary and require rest; I do believe that this is all for now. You may go." Yuugen made a gesture at the door; which slid open as if actually sensing her intent. Stretching in her seat; Tenshi slipped in her self-control:

"Finally, that was a bore to plow through-" Tenshi suddenly clapped her hands over her mouth as she became aware of what she was saying. She looked around, wildly expecting to get struck by lightning. A full scan of her surroundings made her aware of the fact that she was alone in the dark room. She looked to the ceiling; the ceiling was bare and void of any unsettling eyes. She was alone; fortunately for her they had seemingly disappeared before catching her slip up.

Breathing a sigh of relief Tenshi departed. As the door slid shut behind her she noted the eye symbol that had been placed on the door. "Given how Yuugen manifests I'm not surprised. I should ask Iku about it." Yawning, Tenshi took off down the corridor.

"Rate of energy conversion consistently approaches 100%. Ladies and gentlemen we've done it." Iku stepped back amidst cheers and clapping from the gathered crew; beholding their test subject. A room, sealed off from them and with a thickly reinforced view port; had char marks burned indiscriminately into it's walls, floor, and ceiling. They had successfully tested the final prototype of the Evil-Sealing Circle; a powerful bomb designed for conventional usage. One of those clapping was Rinnosuke; eyes still slightly wide from the impressive display of the bomb.

"I have to hand it to you; you are a genius Iku. As are you Rikako." A purple haired girl in a pink lab coat and glasses; Rikako Asakura, head scientist of BIRD. Rikako inclined her head at Rinnosuke before returning to her computer monitor. "And I see that the child is coming along as well." He indicated Rikako's distended belly; she had been one of the latest batch chosen by lottery to be artificially inseminated- eight months ago. She was due for maternity leave in a week; a fact that slightly irked her, since she would have rather remained working.

"Yes, the child should be due within a month. An inconvenience; but it will be nice to have somebody to pass my knowledge onto." Rikako continued to type; shifting her glasses as she did so. "Computers make science so much easier- I wonder why we didn't use them prior to Second Impact?"

"Because we had no need for them," Rinnosuke coolly responded. "What do you plan on naming the child?"

"It depends on whether it's a boy or girl; I've yet to make a concrete decision. I do know that since the father is unknown that I am allowed to choose the last name. I think I give him or her the last name of Knowledge- to pass on my hopes and desires to the baby."

"A fine choice," Iku smiled slightly at Rikako. "If a bit challenged in creativity." Rikako swiveled in her chair and shot Iku a dark look before returning once more to her work; Iku's smile widened. She was still smiling when she felt that now familiar tap at her shoulder.

"Tenshi," Iku turned to regard her pupil as she stood; having made the unusual choice of going out with her night clothes still on. Iku covered her face with a hand and shook it slightly as she groaned through her palm, "Tenshi, that's really not socially acceptable you know. How the hell do you get away with this sort of thing?"

"She's brilliant enough to put up with despite her lack of proper manners." Rikako spoke up, back still to them as she continued to elaborate. "I've had her in my team for two years now; developed half the program for the Yin-Yang orbs herself."

"So she was here for two years and nobody deigned to tell me?" Iku grumbled under her breath as she continued to consider her pupil; now quietly admiring Rinnosuke from the entryway into the lab. "Forget it, what did Yuugen want this time?"

"She just wanted an update on our progress," Tenshi responded without removing her gaze from Rinnosuke. "By the way Miss Nagae; in the future it would be nice if you told me that people manifested in a crap load of creepy eyes so I don't get scared witless upon meeting them..."

Iku shrugged under the scrutiny of her pupil. "It slipped my mind." Tenshi rolled her eyes before she began to depart.

"By the way master, Yuugen wanted to know how we're doing with the Harukei Shrine. Obviously, I wasn't fit to provide that information." Iku nodded, she excused herself from the laboratory and made after Tenshi. Tenshi held the door for her and the pair of them continued on their way.

"I'll tell her myself- I need to tell CAT that we finished the Evil-Sealing Circles already." Tenshi nodded with an arrogant smile; she had contributed extensively to that project as well. "Now we can shift our resources to other divisions of Project Wadjet; we'll be finished far ahead of our projected time rate." Tenshi remained beside Iku; she caught Iku's eyes and asked:

"By the way madame, I found this weird little mark on that weirdo Yuugen's door; what the hell was that supposed to be?" Iku remained silent for a few seconds, trying to recall that particular sight before it came to her with a snap.

"Oh yes. The Eye of Providence." Tenshi raised an eyebrow at her teacher, Iku continued to explain, "The leaders of CAT seem to have a fetish for references to eyes; and they included this in their symbolism. The Eye of Providence is a religious symbol from the 'outside' that marks the idea of an omniscient god looking upon his people."

"So it's ego-stroking?" Tenshi asked bluntly.

"In a way, yes." Iku laughed. "But on a more serious note, you must really learn to restrain yourself in public. We got complaints from the parents of a 'Wriggle Nightbug' who you apparently hurt at some point previously."

At this Tenshi herself laughed. "We'll see madame. We'll see."