why? why do I do this? why to poor Lovino? I'm horrible!

I couldn't decide on a title so I went with both! =D

warnings: Lovino's mouth, GerIta, gay marriage, Italian...maybe OOC-ness? human names used

disclaimer: all of Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya, not me. The second title (wurst in-law ever) was from my friend Zoe. the first one is mine =3 the book Lovi is reading is my idea.

"Ve~, Fratello!" Lovino looked up from 'Sotto la Luce Della Luna' and quickly hid it under his shirt as his younger brother ran up.

"F-Feli! Ciao, what are you doing here?" Lovino asked nervously. Feliciano radiated happiness.

"I'm getting married, ve~!" Feliciano squealed, holding out his left hand so his brother can see the pretty diamond shining from the finger of commitment. "Ve~, aren't you happy for me, Fratello?" Feliciano asked, tilting his head to the side.

"We-ye-whe-who are you getting married to?" Lovino stuttered before finally asking the plaguing question. Feliciano was taken aback by the question.

"Beh~, I thought you'd guess. It's…well, don't be upset, Lovino, but it's…Ludwig," Feliciano looked up, watching Lovino's face for any hint of emotion. His eyes shone with hope for the emotion he wanted-approval. But this was Lovino, his protective, temperamental older brother. Approval was far from the emotion he got.

Lovino's face went deathly pale, and then quickly turned red. "CHE COSA?" he screeched. Feliciano latched onto his brother's leg.

"Ve~, don't be upset, Fratello!" He whined. Lovino tried to shake him off.

"Getroffme!" Lovino ordered. "I'm not upset, I'm pissed off! I'm going to fucking blow up that fucking potato-bastard!" Lovino shouted.

"No! Don't hurt him, Lovino!" Feliciano begged.

"You can't marry that bastard! That guy would set the record for the worst…wurst in-law!" Lovino snickered at his joke.

"Ve~, but its love! Amore!" Feliciano replied with a pitiful look. Lovino stomped his foot.

"You can't love that bastard! I don't want a Potato-in-law!" Lovino shouted. Feliciano was getting irritated, something that rarely happened.

"I'm happy with him, Lovino," Feliciano stated with a controlled tone.

"I don't give a fuck, you idiota!" Lovino retorted. "I refuse to let you marry him! I don't want to be related to that-" Lovino was cut off.

"Who said I wanted him to be related to you at all?" Feliciano sneered. Hurt flashed across the older Italian's face.

"You can't marry him, Feli," He whispered.

"I can and I will, damn it!" Feliciano shouted. Lovino's lips were trembling. "I'm marrying Ludwig and I don't care what you think! You don't even have to go, but I'm marrying him and that's that!" Feliciano gave him stubborn glare and crossed his arms.

Lovino sat down on the couch in defeat. "I'm losing you. Again. Chigi!" He whimpered. Feliciano hugged his brother.

"Ve~, it won't be all bad. I'll tell Ludwig not to have any wurst there, though I can't keep the beer from him," Feliciano explained with a small smile. Lovino nodded, and then Feliciano noticed the book. "Ve~, you're reading the book I gave you!" Feliciano cooed. Lovino glared at him and pushed the younger Italian away.

"Go away, Potato-bastard-loving idiot Fratello," He hissed half-heartedly. Feliciano laughed and skipped away. "I've lost you…for the fifth time," Lovino whispered, more to himself than to his previously present pasta-loving brother.

Lovi~! poor sad Lovi! im horrible!

che cosa-what/what did you say

Lovino's book translates to 'under the moonlight' and it was written by Feli and given as a present so Lovino didnt read 'Perche ti amo?' (why do I love you) again!