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Orlando put his marijuania blunt into his mouth, shifting through the pictures of young women. "It's not a lolita complex, and I'm not a pedophile...and she looks underage," Orlando dropped the picture onto the table and grabbed one of a little grumpy Italian. He knew that face...

"Lovino Va-...Carriedo, what a surprise..." Orlando chuckled, kissing the picture lightly. Lovino had to be with that...that...erg, Antonio! He had taken Belle from him, and now he had stolen Lovino too. Damn it.

Belle started to walk out, seeing her brother and quickly hiding behind the wall before he could see her. He hadn't. "Antonio, Lovino will be mine if I have to break you two up myself," He growled deep in his throat.

Belle let her short blonde hair fall over her eyes. Antonio, her former guardian, and Lovino, the little child who had a crush on her when they were both under Antonio's care, had grown up and fell in love and even gotten married! And now she was overhearing her brother saying he wanted to break up the happy couple...

What's a girl to do? She slinked away to find reception for her cell phone. Hoping Jose had his damn phone on him.

Lovino slumped upon the kitchen counter, his eyes fluttering to a close. "Lovi!" The Italian sat up quickly, glaring at his oblivious husband. "I got you a yummy tomato!"

Lovino snatched it from the Spaniard, biting into it. As he chewed, the amber-eyed man's expression changed dramatically. "Tonio, I-I'm sorry," Lovino sniffled.

"Why are you sorry?" Antonio quizzed, a small smile tugging at his lips. That smile instantly disappeared when Lovino burst into tears. "L-Lovi, it's okay!"

"ITS NOT!" Lovino screamed, throwing the tomato down. "I don't know what's wrong with me! One minute I'm fine, the next I-" the rest of the rant was just pointless blubbering.

"Calm down, Lovi," Antonio smiled, lightly hitting Lovino's chest. He watched the confused and pained expression on Lovino's face.

"OUCH!" Lovino kicked Antonio in the shin and stomped away, holding his chest tightly. Antonio held his leg in pain and watched the Italian leave.

Jose fumbled for his phone as it started to vibrate. His ringtones were kind of embarressing.

"Lonely nights, without my Belgian princess~! Wishing on a star for my Belgian princess~! Oh, how I lo-" Jose answered his phone, blushing.

"Belle? Hola, how ar-what?" Jose jumped to his feet. "Are you sure? Positive? We can't let him do that to Papa!...good idea, Belle. Si, I will. Adios," Jose hung up and turned around. The two citizens he had been conversing with were giving him raised eyebrows and smirks.

"Eh, she's a friend, I swear," He chuckled nervously, darting off.

Orlando had it all figured out. He would take Lovino to a restraunt and then text Antonio using Matthew's phone (he had stolen it when they were smoking marijuania together) saying that Lovino had asked Orlando on a date.

It had been about a week since Orlando first decided to break up his darling Italian and that asshole Antonio. Things were coming along quite nice, he had to admit.

Orlando checked how he looked in the mirror. Casual, but nice. His eyes rested upon the scar on his forehead and he scowled at it for a good few minutes. It didn't matter, he finally decided. Lovino won't care about the scar; he will love Orlando no matter what.

Far away, Matthew was searching for his phone. "Gil, you haven't seen my phone, have you?" he asked. Gilbert frowned.

"Not since your pot party with Orlando. By the way, it was so unawesome for him to touch you there," Gilbert frowned. Matthew rolled his eyes and turned to walk away. Gilbert grabbed him from behind, wrapping his arms around the blonde's waist. "I'm serious. Every part of your body belongs to me only," Gilbert added.

"Not yet, it doesn't," Matthew retorted. Gilbert brought the Canadian's left hand up to his lips, kissing the diamond on his ring finger.

"But soon," He purred. Matthew smiled softly at him, stealing his lips for a mere second.

Lovino heaved up his lunch in the toilet. It hadn't tasted as delicious coming up as it did going down, that was for sure. Lovino held his hand to his mouth and felt tears prick his eyes. He didn't understand! One minute he was terribly hungry and now he was barfing up the food Antonio made for him!

"Lovi, maybe you are sick. You have been going to the bathroom more often, too. And your sore chest!" Antonio called through the bathroom door.

"I suppose you're right," Lovino replied, flushing the toilet and moving to the sink to brush his teeth.

"Oh, and the mood swings!" Lovino's head turned sharply to the door.

"What do you mean, mood swings?" He demanded, though the toothpaste screwed up what would have been an ominious question.

"N-nothing!" Lovino washed out his mouth and sat on the floor of the bathroom.

"I just don't understand. It was happening yesterday too. I barf in the morning, stuff my face throughout the day, go to bed crying, and then it repeats." A sudden nausiating thought hit Lovino then. He got to his feet, legs shaking, and stumbled out of the bathroom, grabbing a pair of shoes and his car keys.

"I-I have to go somewhere," Lovino mumbled.

"Lovi, mi tomate, you are sick. What if I come with you and-" Antonio started.

"No! Don't follow me, Idiota," Lovino snapped.

"But mi amor-" Antonio started to protest.

"Ti avverto, Antonio!" Lovino slammed the front door as loud as he could. Antonio sighed, then heard the door creak open again. "Tonio? Ti amo."

"Te amo, Lovino," Antonio chuckled.

"Oi! Belle!" Belle shushed Jose and then smiled at him. "Mattie, my hermanos, called me on his boyfriend's phone to ask if I had his phone. He suspected Orlando took it," Jose explained.

"That's probably how he will tell Antonio that Lovino is 'cheating' without it seeming strange. Come on, let's go to the resturaunt. We'll head them off," Belle suggested.

"Si, great idea, linda chica!" Jose praised. Belle raised an eyebrow at him. "I-I mean-"

Orlando smirked as he saw Lovino's car in front of a random store. He leaned against it, jumping back when the alarm went off. Lovino ran out, glaring at the person before noticing it was Orlando.

"Oh? Orlando, what are you doing here?" Lovino asked.

"Come to lunch with me," Orlando stated. Lovino sighed

"I'm not in the mood. I-I...oh, well, I guess. I'm pretty hungry," The Italian sighed.

They walked to a nearby resturaunt, where two suspicious people walked in first, hiding behind a waiter. Lovino shrugged, following the blonde Dutchman to a table.

"So how have you been?" Orlando asked. Lovino shrugged again, putting a hand on his stomach.

"I'm sick," He admitted. Orlando raised an eyebrow.

"Oh? Did Antonio give it to you?" He asked. Lovino hid his face behind the menu.

"Kind of." Orlando pulled out Matthew's phone, realizing there was a text on it. "its matt, im gonna rip off ur dick." That wasn't ominious at all. Orlando texted Antonio. "hey its matt. i herd lovino ask orlando on a date. they are at that italian resturaunt by the park. arent u 2 married?" He smirked. "What are you doing?"

"Huh? Oh, nothing," Orlando lied.

Jose nudged Belle, pointed at an angry Spaniard stomping towards the resturaunt they were in. Belle nodded, and the two snuck up on the table. "Hey! Sorry, Jose made us late!" Belle laughed, taking a seat in between Orlando and Lovino.

"Um...yeah," Orlando glared at them.

"Belle; Jose! Its nice to see you!" Lovino laughed. Antonio burst into the resturaunt. He stared at the four for a few minutes.

"That's not a date," He frowned.

"Date?" Lovino asked, his own lips turning down into a frown.

"Si, I got a text from...uh...Matthew, saying that you asked Orlando on a date," Antonio explained.

"Really? Matt told me today that his phone was stolen," Jose explained innocently. Belle gave him a praising pat on his upper thigh, causing his cheeks to go red.

"Orlando...?" Lovino turned to the Dutchman.

"I'm confused..." Orlando lied. Just then, another helper stormed in. Three more, actually.

"The hero has arrived to help!" Alfred announced. Matthew pushed him out of the way. "Hey..."

"Give me my fucking cell phone!" He demanded. Gilbert glared daggers at the blonde. Orlando reluctantly gave up the phone.

"What's going on?" Antonio asked.

"Orlando wanted to break you two up. He wanted Lovino for himself," Belle added smugly.

"You little bitch," Orlando growled.

"Don't you dare call her a bitch!" Jose shouted, jumping to his feet. Belle smiled at him.

"What makes you think that Lovi wanted to be with you?" Antonio demanded. Orlando backed up from them.

"Antonio is the only man I'd bear a child too!" Lovino shouted. Everyone froze, slowly turning to him. His face went red. "Yeah, so I'm pregnant! Fuck off!" He snapped.

Belle shrieked in happiness, hugging Lovino tightly. Matthew ran up too, and both plauged the Italian with questions.

Orlando took that moment to escape. "The Hero will get him!" Alfred proclaimed, running off. Antonio picked up his conquistador battle axe.

"I'll help," He growled, storming off.

"Tonio didn't even react," Lovino sniffled, tears welling in his eyes.

"Aw, don't worry, Big Brother!" Jose smiled.

Antonio suddenly ran back into the resturaunt. "Your pregnant?" He screamed. Lovino nodded. They watched as he swayed...left, right, left...and then passed out.

"Idiota," Lovino scoffed.

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