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Orihime Inoue resently found out that she was pregnant with ichigo's baby, but court him kissing Rukia! Tatsuki Arisawa, Orihime's best friend came round, to checked if she was ok and Orihime told Tatsuki about the pregnancy and what happened with Ichigo. So Tatsuki said that she would be by her side all the way.

Orihime stared at herself in the mirror infont of her.

"Okies, I get it, pickles are a no go!" Orihime stared down at the tiny bumb that was under her school jumper.

She has been pregnant for a month and a week. Yesterday Orihime and Tatsuki went to see the doctor (this doctor was an old, good friend to Sora, orihime's deceased brother) to find out how the baby is doing. The doctor did an altra-scan and said that everything is fine, and asked if she wanted a picture. Of course Orihime couldn't refuse, she couldnt believe it, that tiny little thing on the screen was her baby! She could hear Tatsuki whisper a silent "wow." Of course the doctor heared this as well and asked Tatsuki if she would like a copy, Tatsuki replied "yeah sure" trying to act cool, this made Orihime giggle a little. The doctor asked Orihime if she would like to find out, what sex the baby was but orihime kindly refused, but asked Tatsuki if she would like to find out the sex of the baby too. Tatsuki totally agreed to this and when she found out about the sex she had a gentle smile plastered on her face as they exited the doctor's.

Just remembering that made Orihime smiled, but she was going to be late for school and she knew that one step out of the bathroom she was going to be sick again.

Yep, right on que, she was sick again.

Tatsuki was waiting at there meeting point so they could walk together to school but notice that Orihime was running late and went to check and see if she was ok. Tatsuki started walking to Orihime's and evently started running. She was worried that something was wrong with the baby, or orihime fell over because she is so clumpsy. She ran up the stairs that lead to Orihime's house and knocked on the door, "Orihime.." Tatsuki called. She pushed the door a little to find it slightly open, she went inside and called her name again, only to hear vomitting noises. "Thank god!" Tatsuki said whilst she put her hand over her heart to stop it from pounding so much. The bathroom door opened and Orihime came out.

"Well, now I know that the baby doesn't like pickles!"

Tatsuki started laughing and went over to Orihime. "Go and brush your teeth and spray some deodorant on because you smell like vomit."

"Ok...Thanks Tatsuki" Orihime smiled.

"that's ok just hurried up were going to be late for school and we wanted to inform Ochi-sensei about the pregnancy too."

Karakura high school

Ichigo Kurosaki entered his school with his usual frown on. As he walked into his classroom, he saw Keigo who was talking to Chad and Mizuiro who was texting as normal.

"Heya guys, has Orihime or Tatsuki in because I need to talk to them?" Ichigo said with a confused look on his face.

"No we haven't?" Chad said.

"Why has something happened?" Mizuiro said still texting.

"well-" Ichigo was interupted by the school bell and The boys took there sits.

Ochi-sensei entered saying "morning, now be quiet whilst I call the names."

Ichigo was in a total daydream and was thinking why Tatsuki was being such a bitch to him, plus why wasn't orihime picking up her phone or coming into school. Ichigo's thoughts were interupted as the classroom door suddenly opened.

"Ah Tatsuki, your late and Orihime haven't seen you in a while?" Ochi-sensei said with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm very sorry about that Ochi-sensei but something happened and Orihime and I would like to talk to you about it after second period if that's ok!" Tatsuki replied.

Ichigo had his eye's fixed on Orihime. She didn't look very well at all, she was looking a bit pale and her hair wasn't down as it normal is. It was in a lose ponytail that hung nicely over her shoulder. But the thing that bothered him the most was that she wasn't even looking at him, it was like she was trying to ingore him, blank him.

"That's fine, we will talk about the matter like you said, now take a seat ladies."

Orihime and Tatsuki took there seats, as Tatsuki walked over to her desk she gave Ichigo the most scariest look, that if it wasn't him that person would literally scream and run away. That Left Ichigo twice as confused as before.

Orihime was trying her best to concentrate on the topic they were studying on but she could see from the corner of her eye that Ichigo was staring at her.

Why is he staring at me? Shouldn't he be thinking about Rukia? and why....OMG NOT NOW!

Orihime put her hand over mouth knowing what exactly was going to happen but was praying that it would just pass.

Ichigo noticed this and was very concerned.

Is she alright...it looks like she's going to throw up.

Orihime rushed out of the class holding what was about to come out of her mouth. Which shocked everyone in the class. Tatsuki stood up and rushed after her, then Ichigo stood up and that sent him a piece of chalk at his head.

" Ichigo kurosaki, just because Orihime has left doesn't mean you can as well." Ochi-sensei said looking rather irraited because her lesson was disrupted.

"But Tatsuki left too, why didn't you do that to her?" Ichigo said rather annoyed.

"Oh Tatsuki left too, I didn't notice! Well she's on clean up duty and so will you, Mr kurosaki. Now sit."

This is stupid Ichigo thought and sat down with a loud thump and his face plastered with a deep frown.

Tatsuki was leaning against the girl toilet's wall, texting her boyfriend.

'hey I'm fine and so is Orihime, i'll explain everything thats going on! love Tatsuki xxx'

Tatsuki fliped her phone back and hit her head back on the wall, waiting for the vomitting sounds to stop.

"Orihime you finished?" Tatsuki asked waiting for a reply.

"yeah, I think so but I really need to lie down." Orihime said whilst walking over to the school taps to splash her face.

"Ok, i'll take you to the school nurse."

Nurse office

Orihime was lying on one of the beds and Tatsuki was sitting on the chair next to her.

"....mmm orihime?"

"yeah Tatsuki" orihime replied turning to her best friend.

"Is it ok, if a certain someone knew about this whole thing?" Tatsuki said looking up at the ceiling.

"I don't mind but who is it though." Orihime was hoping that certain person wasn't ichigo.


Orihime swore she could see a blush creep onto Tatsuki's face.

"I don't mind."

"Really?" Tatsuki said shocked

"But make sure Chad doesn't tell Ichigo....I think i'll have to tell him, when the right time comes." after Orihime said that she let out a big sigh, truly in her heart she wanted to tell him right this second. She thought it was stupid that ichigo didn't know and he has a right too, but she had so much hatred for him that if she talked to him right this second she would probably beat the shit out of him or do something stupid.

"Orihime don't you worry Chad won't tell ichigo! He knows that-" Tatsuki was interupted by a little cough from their Ochi-sensei.

"Ochi-sensei" Both of the girl's yelped.

"How long have you been there for?" Orihime asked her.

"For a while, so what is this thing you girl's wanted to tell me?" said Ochi-sensei as she took a seat on the bed next to orihime's.


Orihime and Tatsuki explained the whole story to their sensei about the pregnancy and everything else that has happened to them. They both knew that their Ochi-sensei wouldn't leap up saying 'congratulations' but by the looks of it she was taking the information in and nodding her head, she was pretty calm about it.

"and that's the whole thing." Orihime said with a sigh of relief at the end.

Both the girls waited for their sensei's reply, worrying about what she is about to say.

"Orihime, have you ever heard of a thing called contraception?"

"y..yes" Orihime said with a big red blush across her face.

"well you should of used it" she sighed, Ochi-sensei did not like being put into these kind of decision's with any of her students but she was shocked that this kind of thing would happen to one of her best students, well a least Orihime was a good student and knew she will do fine.

"Ok Orihime this is what I'm going to say, I will agree with this and I wont speak of this to the headmaster or any other teacher but I want you to come into school everyday and I want you to pass everyone of your exams, so a least that will help you in the future." Ochi-sensei push her glasses up to see better.

After Orihime heard this she leaped into her Ochi-sensei's arms saying "thank you Ochi-sensei, I won't let you down." Tatsuki started laughing because of the shocked look on her sensei's face.

Ochi-sensei told Tatsuki about her clean up duty's with Ichigo, but Tatsuki really didn't want to be in the same room as him because she knew there would be blood on the wall's but Ochi-sensei said if she didn't do it after school today she would have to do all the clean up duties until the end of school, so Tatsuki had to agree. Tatsuki also told Chad about the whole thing going on with Orihime at lunch time, with Orihime there as well. Chad replied saying "I'll also support you with this, if you want Inoue." Orihime thanked Chad and took the support he offered her whilst Tatsuki gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

Ichigo was in a different position, he was blanked by Orihime and Tatsuki the whole day. When he was about to grab hold of Orihime he swore he could hear Tatsuki growl, so that made him back away.

Later through the day, some people or shinigami arrived rather late for school and those people were, Rukia, Renji, Rangiku, ikkau, yumichika and Toshiro.

"why come to school so late?" Ichigo said in a rather annoyed tone.

"You could of come tomorrow, instead of this time?"

"well, we wanted to come into school we haven't see any of you guys for a while!" Rukia said with a quick kick in the shin for Ichigo.

"Plus, I haven't seen my darling Orihime in ages and we have to go shopping!" Rangiku said with sparkles in her eyes.

"Oh Rukia, do you think you could talk to Orihime for me, cause she's been ignoring me all day?" Ichigo looked at Rukia with eye's that say please do this or I might get killed by her guard dog.

"What did you do to her Ichigo?" Renji asked with a puzzled look on his face.

"I don't know, I truly don't?" Ichigo said with the same expression as Renji's.

The school bell rang and the group took there seats. As Tatsuki entered she saw the group and cursed under her breath, she knew that Orihime would not like to see Rukia at all, but she thought that Orihime might brush it off and ignore her the whole day, like she has done with Ichigo. On que Orihime entered to see the shinigami group there, and as she saw Rukia she had such shock and anger in her she had suddenly tightened her fists together and walked to her seat.

"heya Orihime" Rangiku shouted to her.

"heya Rangiku-san!" Orihime said with a fake smile, she was of course happy to see rangiku it was the person standing next to her she couldn't stand to see.

"Heya Inoue." Rukia called (which she shouldn't of had)

Orihime's eyes looked like they were about to pop out but she just sat down and ignored her.

Rukia looked at Ichigo with a puzzled look and shrugged her shoulders and sat down in her seat.

Ochi-sensei came in and started her lesson.

Not only Ichigo was being ignored though the day but so was Rukia. It was the end of school and Ichigo and Tatsuki were doing clean up duty.

Orihime told Tatsuki she would be in the school libary doing some revision for tomorrow's test. Whilst Rukia and the gang said they will be hanging about in school until Ichigo finished his duties.

Throughout the whole time Ichigo was Ignored by Tatsuki, she wouldn't answer any of his questions and he was getting pretty tired of it.


"I'M NOT THE ONE TO ANSWER THAT DUMBASS....i'm going." Tatsuki got her bag and left the classroom, to meet Orihime.

She saw Orihime and waved at her but Orihime stared at her in shock, because behind Tatsuki was Ichigo, Rukia, Renji and Rangiku. Toshiro decided to go off somewhere so did Yumichika and Ikkau, but keigo, Ishida and Chad were leaning against the school wall .

Orihime quickly turned around and started walking home, but Ichigo and Rukia started running whilst the other's started to jog up to them.

Ichigo called out "Orihime wait.." and as he court up to her he grabbed hold of her arm but she turned around and slapped him right in the face, you could probably hear the echo a mile away. Which shocked the whole group. But that made Renji go "ouch!"

"Don't touch me!" Orihime said with hatred.

"Orihime, what is the matter with you? why did you do that? plus why have you been ignoring us the whole day?" Rukia asked looking at her friend rather confused about what was happening.

"Stop being such a little bitch! You know exactly why i'm ignoring you!" you could hear everyone behind them gasping,expect Ishida who pushed his glasses up, by what Orihime said.

"I saw you too, sucking each other's faces off!" Orihime said with tears running down her rosy cheeks.

"WHAT!" was all the group could say, well most of them, the only one's who didn't was Tatsuki and Chad. Tatsuki had an angry look on her face whilst Chad was being Chad.

"Is this true?" Renji asked, you see Renji and Rukia have also been going out for a year too, of course byakuya wasn't expactly thrilled by this.

"Renji-" Rukia was interupted by Renji shouting.


Rukia looked down at the ground and stared back at her loved one.

"Yes it is, but it isn't what you think it is! please let us explain." Rukia, looked into Renji eyes only to see the eyes of pain.

"What? Going to tell us all how good it was!" Renji said whilst throwing his hands in the air.


"I know from the very beginning you had something for the strawberry, I'm leaving" Renji started walking away from the group. He didn't want to hear anymore of this.

"Renji wait please." Rukia started crying and started to chase after him too.

Ichigo couldn't believe it, everything around him was crumbling before his eyes! Poor Rukia didn't even get a chance to explain to Renji about it, he wanted to yell at Renji saying 'listen to her you pineapple' but he knew that would only make it worse!

"Oh and Ichigo whilst you were making out with Rukia. I found out-" Orihime was interupted by Tatsuki.

"Orihime, I don't think this is the time to say it!" Tatsuki said with sorrow, she was a good friend to Rukia too and just saw her fall apart infront of her.

"NO TATSUKI, HE NEEDS TO KNOW THE WHOLE REASON!" She shouted which cause everyone to glance back to Orihime, even Renji and Rukia who were quite far away.

"...I'm pregnant."

"That's right ichigo...after you had some fun with me, you also left me a remembering gift too!" Now everyone was in shock now, there was an akward silence until it was broken with Renji clapping his hands saying.

"well done Rukia, not only have you broken up TWO relationships but also a family!" Renji started walking on, totally pissed off with everything.

Ichigo came out of shock saying.

"your pregnant...how long have you been pregnant?" Tatsuki slapped her hand to her head thinking 'what a fucking dumb-ass.'

"Does it matter to you!" Orihime said with a hiss.

"OF COURSE, IT MATTERS!" Ichigo grabbed hold of her wrist.

"I'M THE FATHER, AREN'T I?" Ichigo shouted.

"WELL, WHO CAN IT POSSIBLE BE ICHIGO? THE MILKMAN!" Orihime shouted back, everyone thought to break it up because everyone knew Orihime was about to knee him in his manly part. Tatsuki and Rangiku grabbed hold of Orihime telling her to calm down because they stress could harm the baby. Whilst Chad, Keigo and Ishida started to pull Ichigo back telling him to chill.

Orihime shrugged off Rangiku and Tatsuki's grip and so did Ichigo with Chad, keigo and Ishida. Orihime turned around to head back home but stopped and said.

"I actually thought you loved me, I actually believe those words you said to me that night...only to find out that it was a lie! I'm going to keep this child, and gave it all the love in the world and I don't need you to be by my side!" A tiny tear drop sparkled as it fell from the aurban beauty's face.

Orihime started running to her house, her feet never stopped, she kept on running until she got to her house. She ran up her stairs, opened her door and slammed it shut and started crying.

Ichigo stood there and the only thing he could say was "...hime.."

"Is that all you could say?" Tatsuki said who was surpisingly crying herself.

"Why are you just standing there?"

"What?" Ichigo said whilst he turned his head to Tatsuki

"GO AFTER HER YOU IDIOT!" Tatsuki walked up to Ichigo and grabbed his collar, shaking slightly whilst shouting.

"YOU LOVE HER DON'T YOU! WELL GO, SHE NEEDS YOU THE MOST AT THIS TIME! TELL HER THAT YOU MEAN'T THOSE WORDS TO HER, I CAN'T STAND SEEING HER LIKE THIS!" Tatsuki's grip loosened, Chad walked over to her and put his hand on her shoulder, Tatsuki turned to see him and let go of ichigo's collar, she then rested her head on his chest and started to cry.

"Go after her Ichigo." Chad said with his normal expression on his face. Chad wasn't exactly happy by Ichigo's actions but he knew deep down inside that he would never hurt Orihime.

Ichigo looked at Chad and Chad nodded, then Ichigo turned to the little audience who was there as well. Keigo gave him a thumbs up, Rangiku gave him a gentle smile with a "Go get her tiger!" and then he stared at Ishida who said "I'll agree but if you hurt her any more I will have to kick your ass."

Ichigo stared back at Tatsuki who's cheeks were stained by her tears. He went over to her and gave her a quick embrace and said in her ear.

"Thanks Tatsuki." Ichigo started running towards Orihime's and it started to rain.



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