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Kyoko (19) known for her roles as Mio in Dark Moon, Natsu in Box-R and other 10 other dramas and 5 movies; the latest was her role of Detective Kuzoki in "A love To Kill" with Tsuruga Ren. Our sources says that she was in flight 182 going to Thailand to film her next movie when the plane crash due to a volcanic eruption near the plane's course. There were no survivors in the plane crash.

This was the Headline of all the news papers and magazines all over Japan the following day the air plane crashed.

The morning after the plane crash…

Ren was sleeping soundly in his king size bed when an annoying sound woke him up.

RRiinnngggg…. Rriinnnggg… Rrrriiinnnnnnnnggggg…

His hand clumsily searched for his phone on his bedside table with his eyes still close. He answered it without bothering to look who it was.

"This had better be something important." He hissed to the phone.

"REN! S-S-S-SOMETHING BAD H-HAS HAPPENED! KYOKO… S-SHE… JUST TURN ON YOUR TV TO CHANNEL 5!" Yashiro shouted in an ear spitting sound.

When Yashiro mentiond Kyoko's name, Ren sat up swiftly and was wide awake. He bolted to his living room and turn on the TV. The only thing that registered to his mind was "flight 182 crashed with no survivor." No survivor. No survivor… they phrase keeps going on his mind. He turned white as sheet as he sink in he's sofa, unable to think or feel anything and unable to move anymore.

"REN? REN?" Yashiro asked through the phone but Ren couldn't hear him anymore. "Ren, I'm coming over there." Yashiro said as he panicked.

Ren felt cold inside. The love of his life was dead. It was like someone blow the light of the candle and once again he was enveloped by the darkness of his past. Tsuruga Ren was nowhere to be found.

One month passed after Kyoko's death…

Ren woke up with a hangover. His head felt like splitting into two and his body felt as heavy as a lead. He rolled over to lie on his stomach. He heard his phone ring. It's so damn annoying! He thought as he pulled the pillow to cover his ears. He felt something in hand. He picked it up and examined it. It was a piece of paper fold in half. He opened it curiously.

Dear Ren, Kuon or Corn,

I'm sorry I found out about your true identity. Don't worry, I won't tell any body about your secret. To be honest, I kind of felt sad and a little angry for being lied to. But after thinking a lot about it I realized why you didn't tell me. Why would you tell your kohai about this important secret of yours? I felt kind of stupid too, after realizing you're not really a fairy prince. But I was so happy that you can now freely fly to the sky as Tsuruga Ren. Tou-san must be very proud. I hope that someday you can really freely fly and live your life as Koun and not behind the mask of Tsuruga Ren. I'll do the best I can to support you in your fight for your freedom just like director Ogata. Gambatte Kudasai! I know you can do it.


Kyoko Mogami

P.S. Don't forget to eat all your meals or else you will get sick again and that's very unprofessional.

After reading the letter, everybody who knew Ren was suicidal because of Kyoko's death was very shocked, especially Yashiro and the President. Ren continued working and eating properly. He was just like a shooting star rapidly rising to the top of the world. He became a Hollywood actor in no time. After co-starring in a movie with his father, he won an Oscar award. Upon receiving the award, he revealed his true identity as Koun, son of Kuu Hizuri, proudly to the media.