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Chapter 40

When they arrived in New York, with Julie's help, Kyoko and Kanae easily found and made an appointment with a trusted OB/GYN for Kanae. Kyoko and Julie even made reservations at a high class restaurant with enough privacy for Kanae to announce the good news to Yashiro. But what the two lovers did not know was that Kyoko and Julie went with them in disguise about a table away from them to capture the moment of the turning point of two of the most important people in Kyoko's life. The three course meal went fairly quiet and well. But at the end, when Kanae finally shared the wonderful news, Kyoko had the time of her life capturing every emotion and color that passed Yashiro's face. With Julie's very expensive and pretty small to be discreet and handy digital camera, she captured every second of it on clear and hi-definition quality.

First, Yashiro's eyes went wide when the words reached his brain and then he looked like he was about to passed out. Kanae called his name worriedly and then his eyes lit up in pure excitement and he began to stammer. "I, you… you, pre-, I… I'm, I'm… wow. H-how did this happen?" He asked in complete wonder when he could finally form a complete sentence.

"Athens, remember?" Kanae reminded him sarcastically. She got irritated every time Yashiro acted wimpy. Yashiro turned red instantly when he remembered that night, but fixed his expression as he fully digested Kanae's news.

"I'm… I'm going to be a father?" He said unsurely in a breathy whisper as he looked at Kanae with an expression like a child who was given a new toy. Julie and Kyoko were having a hard time stopping themselves from having giggling fits. Then, Yashiro's manager mind kicked in and he started spouting things they had to get done and prepare for the baby. "Oh, we have to get you checked up by the doctor. I have to start looking for a house, buy a crib, paint the nursery. But where will I start looking for a house?"

"Yashiro!" Kanae hissed angrily to get his attention. Yashiro looked up but at that point he realized something.

"Ah! Before all that we have to get married first!" He exclaimed excitedly.

"M-ma-ma-ma-married?" Kanae stuttered in shock. "Yashiro, I just got over my denial that I'm pregnant! That I'm going to have my own clingy, monkey-like baby! And now you're talking about getting married?" Kanae shrieked at Yashiro. It seemed that she could not control her emotion with her raging pregnancy hormones. Thankfully, they were talking in Japanese so everyone around could not understand except for Julie and Kyoko, but that did not stopped people around from staring at them.

"What? You don't wanna marry me?" Apparently, Yashiro was more concern about that particular part than Kanae's hormonal panic and it seemed that that threw Kanae off for a second.

"No! I, I mean I don't know! I don't know anything anymore!" Kanae exclaimed at Yashiro with frustrated tears pooling in her eyes and slowly trickled down her cheeks. But Yashiro was not going to be defeated by tears, he looked at her in dismay and Kanae felt a little guilty. "I, It-it's just going too fast."

Yashiro looked deflated like a child who got his toy taken away for doing something bad. It went on for seconds that turned into minutes until Kanae could not take it anymore. "Mo! Alright, alright!" Kanae begrudgingly agreed.

Right then, there were three people who abruptly and noisily stood up and jumped in joy. Kanae and Yashiro were frozen as two strangers went to hug and kiss them, all smiles and congratulations. Only when they spoke that they recognized the strangers.

"Moko-san! Congratulations! I'm so excited!" Kyoko excitedly babbled on as she death hugged her best friend. "Oh, we can have a double wedding if you want. Right, Okaa-san?" Kyoko finally released her best friend and turned to Julie with eyes looking at Julie like a fairy godmother who was about to grant her wish. What else could Julie do?

"Yes! Of course. No problem." And her mind began turning and thinking of the changes and many phone calls she had to make.

The next day Kanae and Yashiro went together to Kanae's doctor's appointment. They found out Kanae was two months pregnant. They got to hear the heartbeat and saw him. They brought back Ultrasound pictures and DVD of the baby's heart beating. Everyone (Hizuris, Shirogamis and Takaradas) gathered to look at it and they all were excited for the two upcoming parents.

The next day, they started the filming the last and final part of the movie with the leads Hime and Kiri as Samantha Tyler and Jake Suarez. The two were in senior high school. They first filmed in a high school where they met which would be used as flashbacks later. Maria now permanently replaced the actress for the roles of younger Kanaes after that actress missed her chance at Mississippi. So, she was playing Zoe, Samantha's best friend. Kijema's younger character was played by Uesugi Hiou as Chris, captain of the football team. Apparently, the two adults, Maria and Hiou, were like cats and dogs, always at each other's throats. But it was because they are so alike that they metaphorically head butted each other when they are in the same room. Kuon and Kyoko knew that they'll be perfect for each other.

Few days passed as they continued filming and finally they were now at the American Museum of Natural history. Kiri was transformed into Jake Suarez with his dark curls and slightly tanned skin. Hime and everyone transformed into their characters. They already filmed yesterday the school bus scene on the way to the museum.

Samantha sat beside Zoe instead of his boyfriend Chris who sat in the back with his football teammates. Samantha was listening to her ipod and unconsciously and loudly singing along with the song she was silently listening. Zoe got her attention and they started talking about Chris. About Samantha breaking up with Chris because Samantha was interested in Jake Suarez and Zoe was making sure they were still friends if Zoe was going to hook up with Sam's would be ex-boyfriend.

And now the scenes in the museum… When all of the students got out of the school bus and into the museum, Sam asked Chris if they could stay a little behind from the rest. Chris already guessed what she wanted to talk about and they went their separate ways in good terms. All of her classmates quickly disappeared and she was left alone to wonder where they quickly disappeared to. Then, she saw Jake standing alone admiring a mural. She excitedly went to him and struck a conversation. They headed towards the Hall of Gems together where they think everybody disappeared to. On the way, they talked about college applications where Jake told her that he got accepted to the Pace University Theater Department. He even got a scholarship based on a screenplay he wrote that was set during the Salem Witch Trials.

Kuon and Kyoko watched on the sidelines as their two beautiful and talented children used that talent in their loved jobs as third generation actors. They could not helped but feel proud and the luckiest parents in the world as they watched them.

Samantha suddenly felt dizzy and they went to sit on a nearby bench. She encouraged him to continue telling the play he wrote which got him a scholarship.

"Anyway, she doesn't know that the sailor has come looking for her. He gets there too late to save her, but sees the earrings there in the ashes of the fire and knows she was wearing them at the stake as a sign of her love for him. He gets the earrings out of the fire and throws them into the Atlantic Ocean."

"He came back for her and she didn't know it?" Samantha asked and felt like crying. "That's the saddest story," She said.

"I know." He said. "The saddest part to me is that she died not knowing he had come looking for her. The sailor feels horrible, like if he'd only gotten there sooner he might have saved her. He blames himself for the rest of his life." I know the feeling. I felt like that when I thought I lost Kyoko forever. Kuon thought at Kiri's line.

"He shouldn't have," she said. "He tried his best."

"He should never have let her go in the first place. He was an idiot," Jake said passionately. "He deserved to be miserable for the rest of his life." Why do I get the feeling that Kiri's saying that to me? Kuon thought as he watched Kiri.

"You're too hard on him." Samantha said. That's my girl! Kuon grinned like an Oya-baka.

"He's my character. I can be hard on him." Jake stated. And I'm your father! Kuon thought angrily as a vein popped on his forehead.

When Samantha felt better they proceeded to their destination, the Hall of Gems where their most of their classmates disappeared to. There, they saw all the "Famous Emeralds of The Ages" and glimpses of their past lives. After that they hurriedly went to watch the IMAX movie: Comets - Crashes and collisions. The theater was already dark and they only found one seat available. They economically shared the seat pressing against each other's bodies and they knew that they knew each other all their lives, literally.

They looked at each other. Their silhouette slowly inching close to each other as the screen behind them brightly showed the earth and the vast, fathomless universe - the mysterious green jewel spinning in the darkness - all there for them to share, as it had been from the start.

"I knew that this was the beginning of the rest of my life. My life would be with him from now on. We would never be apart. Ever…" Samantha's thoughts as voice over.

(These are Kyoko Kuon now. Not Hime and Kiri. No incest.) Their lips met and the scene changed as everything brightens. The two people just parted from their kiss and they smiled so blissfully at each other. The camera zoomed out to show what the couple were wearing. The woman donned a simple but beautiful wedding dress and the man wore a classic tuxedo. It continued to zoomed out to capture their fantasy like surroundings as it slowly fade too black.

When the movie would come out, the world would never know that they just caught a glimpse of one of the world's famous Hollywood actor's wedding. We'll not really the real wedding ceremony but it was film a day before their double wedding and the costumes were not the real wedding dress and suit. But the settings were the ones they used the next day. It was a garden wedding at the backyard of the Hizuri's Malibu property, overlooking the beach. There were rows of white chairs and the rolled out red carpet led straight to a rose vine decorated arch, big enough to shelter two couples. On each side of the aisles were flowers and butterflies (substitute for fairies). Up over head were Japanese paper lanterns suspended in wires with paper butterflies flocked to the sides.

Julie made her changes and additions to the preparations on time, since Kanae had no objections to Kyoko's theme and designs for her wedding. It's not that she did not care, it's just that Kanae was not really into that thing. It was Kyoko's thing and she was happy to just get over the celebrations a lot sooner with no stress of preparations and being the only center of everybody's attention.

The guest were all family and very close friends and the rest of the crews and staff of Reincarnation who traveled with them. They were indebted to them because if it weren't for them all, who worked hard and put up with all their craziness, all of them would not be there celebrating that special day. Yashiro and Kanae's family flew up there to attend the wedding and to meet their would be in-laws. And not to forget Kyoko's beloved big brother who was in tears as she gave his precious little sister away. The bride's maids were Maria and Hime. The groom's men were Hiou and Kiri. The flower girls were one of Kanae's new nieces.

It was surely a blissful, wonderful and magical day for all. It was the day of the turning point of all their lives… because the next day would be the first day of a new chapter of their lives, where everyone try to fulfill and achieve the new hopes and dreams in their hearts starting the following days… and through the years…

The two now finally married couples (Kanae and Yashrio, and Kyoko and Kuon) could not erase the smiles pasted on their faces. It was more than a dream come true. It was surely a rocky and bumpy ride to get where they were but it was surely worth all of it. Now that they finally realized it, they best kept in mind not to waste another minute of the rest of their lives.

And they all lived happily ever after… What else can I say? ^_^

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