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"Isabella Marie Swan!" My mom shouted. "Why in the name of lord are you doing this?" She asked, furiously.

"Mom, please let me go." I told her for like the hundredth time in the day.

"But Bells, why are you going to that lame town. Don't you love me anymore?" She asked, no pleaded me. But I was having a final decision about this and there was no way I was going to change it.

"No mom, that's not the point. I really love you but I need to be with dad too." I started to explain for the final time. She opened her mouth to interrupt but I raised one hand to silence her. "Let me finish. Its time for me to go to dad and spend some Father – Daughter time with him. This is my final decision and there is nothing you can do to change it." I said for the final time and she understood that the topic was closed. She huffed and went towards her room, I heard the door slam. Sometimes my mother can be just like a child, I thought.

In our relationship it was like I was the elder one and she was the younger one. Sometimes I do regret missing my normal childhood, but what could I have done, I had no other choice. But not anymore, now I am moving to my dad's place. My mom and dad got divorced when I was four. After that my mom bought me to Phoenix with her and my dad stayed in Forks, a small gloomy town in Washington. A few months ago my mom decided to remarry. So now I have a step dad, Phil. Phil is a minor league baseball player, so you can guess that he travels a lot to find a job. Phil always used to travel alone cauz my mom had to stay back for me, but I saw sadness deep down in her eyes. So I decided to go to Forks to live with my dad for a while. I know that I am not exactly the no. one fan of Forks but I could not see my mother like this. Since the time I decided to move to Forks to my dad my had mom had been begging me to stay, she thinks that I will kill my future by living in such a small town. Well who cares, there is still a lot of time to decide about future, right?

"Bella, give your mother some time. She will understand it." I was so dazed in my own thoughts that I did not see Phil coming. Phil always tried to be a nice dad, or atleast a nice friend. He understood me more than mom ever could.

"I know." I simply said. "I am going to pack my luggage." I said as I stood up and went upstairs to my room. I had decided to go to Forks last week, but I did not tell mom about it until everything was finalized so that she could not obstruct anything. I worked things out with dad and then it was only tomorrow that I broke the news to mom at dinner. At first she thought that I was joking so she started laughing but when she saw my face she sat there dumbstruck. It was since then she was pleading me not to go. Most of my stuff was packed. It would be around three days till I will be in Forks, I thought. I did not actually enjoy the idea of going to Forks, but there also I will not feel any difference cauz dad is just as pushy as mom or sometimes even more. At last I will be free of these duties. After packing the leftover stuff I went down to make dinner.

"No Bella its ok, we are ordering pizza today." Mom said as I started to enter the kitchen.

Mom and dad always used to argue with each other. When I was small, I used to hear their arguments all the time. After sometime they got divorced and mom got my custody, but every summer I used to visit my dad. It was like both of them where competing with each other. Even though my mom acts childish but when it comes to my future, she is pretty serious, like another side of her comes out. Mom wanted me to become a doctor, so since childhood she started preparing me for it, but dad on the other hand wanted me to become a lawyer. Mom was totally against it, every summer mom used to accuse dad of brainwashing me, and dad used to do say the same to mom. Sometimes they even got violent, but always used to stop before they got too far. My mom always wanted me to be the best, always first in class, perfect 4.0 grades and full scholarship, sometimes she used to give me medical journals to read as extras. During summer vocations, dad used to keep the reign tight on me with extra work besides my homework, restrictions, and along with that law books. In my whole life all I do is always controlled by either of my parents, I know that they want the best for me but that does not mean that they would treat me like a slave of their, but well what choice do I have. On the other hand, my stepdad Phil understood me perfectly, it always amazes me how totally he understands me and how easily I confide in him.

We ate our dinner in science and I went to bed early since I was in no mood to face my mom.

Finally, after avoiding my mom for tow days the day of my departure came. Mom cried, no actually thought those tears she wanted to beg me to stay with her but I quickly hugged them both and went. After the journey of a few hours I reached Forks. My dad was at the airport to receive me. He gave me an awkward one – handed hug and then help me with my luggage in his cruiser. Yep, that's right. My dad's the chief of police in Forks.

"So Bells, how was the journey?" Dad asked after we pulled off the airport.

"It was fine." I replied, trying to keep the conversation as small as possible. Just like me, my dad did not like an emotional display so the long silence between us is comfortable. Soon we reached home.

"Leave it Bells, you would be tired. I'll do it." Dad said as I came forward to take my suitcase out of the trunk. I nodded and went inside. The house looked exactly like I had seen it a few summers ago. A few years ago my mom insisted that I stay there and dad come visit me if he wanted to meet me, since she was thinking that in some time I would get attached to him and will leave her. I quickly went to my room. Just like I left it last time, I thought. I was exhausted from the flight so I took off my jacket and boots and went to bed.

It was around nighttime when I woke up, I hopped out of my bed and saw my luggage lying at my door. I took out some fresh clothes and went to take a shower. This house is small, so there is only one bathroom. As soon as the warm water touched my bare skin, I began to relax instantly. After a few minutes the warm water began to run out and so I stepped out of the shower, quickly got dressed and went downstairs to make dinner. My dad was a good father, but he was not at all aware of cooking at all. I walked to the living room only to find dad engrossed in the game. My dad is a sports freak.

"Dad" I called, apparently he was so engrossed in the game that when I called his name I caught him off guard and he jumped in his chair, I laughed. But my laughter made his angry.

"You are not supposed to do that, young lady." He said sternly, my laughter faded. Dad hated jokes.

"Sorry dad." I said, not caring. I did not want to listen any further so I went into the kitchen to save myself. I was really hungry and could not wait any longer so I just made mashed potato along with some salad. As I made dinner I drank down two glasses of milk, but that made my hunger grow. Gezz, since when did I eat like an animal? Dinner was prepared within fifteen minutes.

"Dad, dinner is ready." I called.

"Keep it on the counter Bella, I will eat it later." He answered. I did as he said and quickly ate mine. After eating two servings of mashed potato my hunger seemed to subside. I quickly scrubbed my my plate and and made my way upstairs.

"Bella?" Dad called.

"Yeah?" I came down and approached him, he muted the volume and turned towards me.

"I have enrolled you in high school which starts tomorrow, so don't stay up late and take full rest. Also, these are some brushers of universities lying on your desk. Take a look at them." He said and turned towards the television. I sighed and went towards my room, on the desk I found some brushers of law school. I took them and sat on my bed, after reading about three brushers I felt sleepy again. Wow! A plane ride completely wears you out, I thought. I lied down on my bed and after a few moments I fell asleep in the hope that tomorrow would be a better day.

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